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BiographyPark, No-Ja (Korean: 박노자, Hanja: 朴露子, 1973 ~) was born to a Jewish family in St. Petersburg, Russia. His Russian name is Vladimir Tihonov but after immigrating to South Korea in 1999, he changed his name into a Korean-style name, Park No-Ja and became naturalized as a Korean citizen in 2001.Fascinated by Korean movies and classical literature during his high school days, he decided to study Korean history. In his 16th year, he entered the department of Korean studies at St. Petersburg National University of Russia, and he made his first visit to Korea as an exchange stud

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Date: 2008-05-24 14:20:35

Introducing the yogurt spoon. Always hate when there's that last drop of yogurt at the bottom of the container that you gust cant get because the spoon is rounded at the end? Check out this new invention from Nojae Park! Brilliant!

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