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Coordinates: 43°42′10″N 7°16′09″E / 43.70278, 7.26917Nice (: ; Niçard Occitan: Niça or Nissa , Italian: Nizza or Nizza Marittima, Greek: Νίκαια, Latin: Nicaea) is a city in southern France located on the Mediterranean coast, between Marseille, France, and Genoa, Italy, with 1,197,751 inhabitants in the 2007 estimate. The city is a major tourist centre and a leading resort on the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur). It is the historical capital city of the County of Nice.(English) & (French) Team Côte d'Azur The Economic development agency(English) & (French) N

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♥♥♥♥♥ :

are you having a nice summer??? mine is ok i guess. aww...kit7kat7 i sowi my bro did that before.. i have sum you can have!

Golfsweetie92 :
"mine's not bad...except i hurt my back..."
pookiesmom :
"It's too hot!!"
dawnjohnson_4 :
"Yes..if I could only heal from my c-section. And thank goodness school starts soon.... Nice of you to ask."
Shakebear :
"i am :) !"
Alexa :
"I am having an okay summer because I haven't seen any of my friends becuase they are in Europe. But I just went to six flags with my boyfriend so that was nice. Plus I have 4 projects to do over the summer because I am taking all honors classes."
✯εïз Hєℓℓσ Jůℓí εïз✯ :
"OK i think ; )"
Maggie :
"I am! A very busy one though. Got a boyfriend at camp, you know, the usual. :)"
*~Lori~* :
"omg im sooo happy for you i hope you enjoy the rest of ur summer sweetie! mine has been great thanks for asking! :-]"
kit7kat7 :
"its kinda boring and my bro stole all the chocolate so the next few days are gonna be miserable for me....ugg"
♥kaitlyn♥ :
"ummm i guess it is alright i broke my leg 2 days before school let out and couldn't walk for 6weeks.Luckily my mom bought me the waterproof cast!!!"
bethy :
"mines awsome i have gone to camp, my bffs lake house sc all over"
nicole ♥ :
"nahh.pretty boring!"
katizzzle :
"this summer seems especially boring, nothing is really happening lol."
Maryem :
"good...but ill be glad to see my class again wen skool starts"
IAmYourDoG :

I made a new tea drink out of random liquids and plants and it tasted like orange. Its nice, and the ingrediants are all natural, but the drink smells like poo. What can i add to make it smell nicer?

overanxious_neurotic :
"smell and taste are linked, somewhat - you can't really find something that has a smell but no taste."
Woman_Tamer :
"Red Bull and some vodka comes to mind to make it not only smell nicer but feel nicer too. Good times!!!"
Dufus :

I am visiting hyderabad, and am planning to take my girlfriend for lunch at a very nice place near hi-tech city. My budget is around Rs. 5000. Could you please suggest some nice hotel around that area within this budget. It shouldn't be too crowded. I am not too constrained by the budget. So, any better suggestions with a higher cost are also welcome!

Sunil N :
"1) Oris Banjara Hotel (Banjara hills Road No12) its one of the good hotel and its near by also 2) Ginger Court (Hitech City,Madhapur,Opposite Syndicate Bank, Madhavpur, Hyderabad - 040 23113731) both the hotels are good,, and its comes within your budget"
hyd :
"DUDE I WILL TELL U THE BEST PLACE IN HI-TECH CITY AND I BET U NO ONE CAN CAN BEAT ME IN THIS AS UR BUDGET IS HIGH I PREFER : NOVA-TEL its rated one of the best hear is the link click on dining options u can reserve ur table online too its a beautiful place have a good time"
princess vidya :
"Southern spice - road no 3 banjara hills ohris -at banjara hills"


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Nice (IPA: ; Niçard Occitan: Niça [classical norm] or Nissa [nonstandard], Italian: Nizza or Nizza Marittima, Greek: Νίκαια, Latin: Nicaea) is a city in southern France ...
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