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Ian w :

I will be in south-east asia and I heard about Nha Trang in Vietnam. If I went I would also go to Siagon and take the train north. Is there a better place to go than Nha trang if Nha Trang isn't the best? Oh, and by the way I will be going in mid March '08.

little_ximuoi :
"Yes, it's worth for a trip with a nice long beach and vary tourist services, from backpacking to deluxe. IF you're tired of massive tourists all around, you can try Con Dao island. It's quiet island, you can visit there by helicopter (round trip about 90$) or by boat. Con Dao is my recommendation, since it has beautiful and virgin beaches, along with forest and line near smaller islands Google it for more details. I'm looking for some friends or companies to come back their again. If you're interested, plz buzz me."
ong jon :
"..i guess it depends on your "taste" but generaly nha trang is a must for the 1st time visitor to vn..and because of its location and available logistics, it is a great "stageing for other incountry destinations.. i cant immagine going to vn as a tourist and not going to nha trang 3nights minimum..."
serious :
"Nha Trang is one of my favorite cities. The beach is beautiful, the water is warm, and the people are tourist-friendly. It's great for relaxation. Dalat is my other favorite in VN if you want a cooler climate. Nice place to take pictures (especially nature scenes), wander around the night market, and buy lots of souvenirs. Everyone loves Saigon but personally, I find the air too smoggy. However, it's the best place for clubbing, partying, and nightlife."
Ng A :
"Phan Thiet would be less developed therefor less touristy and some what cleaner cheaper. Last time I was in NT I find the main beach litter with trashes ( used condoms and dirty needles soo sad !!) This was 3 years ago. It might have been cleaned up by now, but I'm not going to risk it."
Ginny Jin :
"I went there because the travel agent promised it would be relaxing. The beaches had so much washed up rubbish so we couldn't swim and there are loads of mosquitoes. There are no cultural attractions so when we left the hotel we just walked around aimlessly looking for something to do. We didn't have that issue elsewhere. I loved Vietnam but not Nha Trang."
l d :
"What really matters is what you want. I think there are better beaches than Nha Trang, and there are better cities. But it is convenient if you are coming by train. Good food, good facilities. If beaches are not a high priority, there are better places to spend your time. How long you coming for? I would rather go to Sapa than NT. Hoi An is more interesting than NT, but NT has a better beach (I am not a "beach person"). If I had to choose between NT and Ha Noi, I would take Ha Noi (where I live). If I had to choose between NT and HCMC, I would probably choose HCMC (which I haven't really visited yet). What do you like to do? That is critical!"
Pinki Y :
"Nha Trang is not the only place to visit in Vietnam, i would suggest you visit Hue as well if time permitted, there are a lots of historical spot that might attract your attention."
(F)emale (B)ody (I)nspection :
"sure.....more money to vietnam...go for it"
Christiano N :
"YES, worth every penny"
Traveler :
"If you like 10 story high rises on a dirty beach Nha Trang is the place for you. Really, the town is alright but just not to my taste. Its a fairly good party town with some half decent clubs, but if you are interested in the beach its certainly not the best. I have personally talked to two individuals that have been drugged and mugged in Nha Trang but I talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. Many people seem to love it there as well. I think that it will probably be worth checking out for you. Give it a couple of days and if you like it you can always extend or run for Hoi An."
drinksglue :
"yes you smelly jerk. Saigon is smelly, like you!!!"
Anna H :
"Yea it is worth the trip I went to Vietnam in July 2007 and i also went to Nha trang its very beautiful there and the water is sooo pretty you should definately go there its totally worth it"
lotus :

I was in Nha Trang in 2005 and saw many constructions/development at the time. What is it like in Nha Trang now? Would there be a lot of changes since then? are there many new attractions?

smiler :
"I was also here in 2005 and i now live here,i would say no change,there is still quite a lot of development[probably same sites you saw,but now a lot higher].Around the main tourist area all the pavements have been re-laid,the Louisiana,a large bar on the sea front has been refurbished,its all pretty much the same as 2005,the one thing you would notice if you came back is how much busier it is. There as obviously been massive changes to NT over the years,but as your question asks since 2005,not a lot."
viet_forever_more :
"Do you see many red flags around? = A real eyesore."
ong jon :
"... there is a saying in nha trang, "go to sleep , wake up and your in a new city" for 40 yrs i considered nha trang my home. i go back to nha trang every six months and each time i feel like "the new guy in town"... it's very depressing what they have done there and what they continue to do... the reason people came to nha trang was its natural beauty... and now it is all gone [ hon chom area even worse]... how ironic... you should have seen it 40 yrs ago... i know , "thats proggress"... on the contrary... thats not progress at all........thats greed and rape."
MojaveDan :
"If you want to know about Nha Trang, you need to remember two words: ONG JON One of these days, Ong Jon is going to move to Nha Trang permanently and probably become their mayor. Pick him for the best answer and send any further questions to him by private message."
ScubaSteve :

If you had to spend 2 days at the beach in Viet Nam, would you choose Nha Trang on the west coast or the southern island of Phu Quoc? Price isn't an issue. Thanks!

sexyvi3tgurlz :
"i would go to NHA TRAng cause I havent go to PHU QUOC yet lolz.So you going to Vietnam this summer.Well, if you are you lucky cause i want to go so bad this year.Im Viet so yea"
Khang N :
"nha trang is incredible . i do go there every year . u'd love the beach . ..."
dani ng :
"Nha Trang, that is a great place"
Sender :
"The diving at Nha Trang is alot nicer that Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc is having growing pains. They just don't get the fact that they are going to have to clean up the beaches and harbors. Really filthy. If the wind blows from the wrong direction on long beach you will have a foot of plastic on the beach. You can tell it will be really nice in the future but its not real nice now. With Nha Trang you have High rise hotels on the beach. The night life is good. The Islands off shore are where the good dive spots are. You might want to give Hoi An a try. The diving there is great and the town is much mellower. It's not just a huge city on the beach. And the beach is 40 K long with white sand and fewer people. The Cham Islands have great diving and it is all relatively close and more cozy. Some good clubs have just opend up in town. Zero Semile at the beach and the Sleepy Gecko on Cam Nam Island which is real close to "old town" the center of the Hoi An area. Two completely different bars and both great. Hoi An is really a beautiful area and my favorite town and beach in Vietnam. Have fun what ever you decide. Vietnam is the place to go right now!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:18:06

Vietravel, a Vietnamese travel agency, will organise an underwater wedding for up to ten couples on Valentine’s Day. The mass wedding will take place in Nha Trang in the Khanh Hoa province. This isn’t the first underwater wedding Vietravel has put together. Last summer, an Australian couple wed underneath the waters of Nha Trang Bay.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:18:06

New train service up and running taking travelers from Nha Trang to HCM City. Great srvice and really comfortable! Great new addition to the transport network of Vietnam.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:18:06

Besides swimming and sun-bathing in Nha Trang’s world-famous bay, you can also explore Phu Vinh, an old village on the city’s outskirts.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:18:06

For Vietnam’s national holiday, September 2, tourists tend to book short, relaxing tours to beaches and highland areas. As a result, there has been a slight boost of five to ten percent in tour package prices. Phu Quoc Island, Da Lat, and Nha Trang are among the most popular destinations.

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