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Rebel :

I have just taken a lovely grey New Forest pony on loan, partly to give my husbands horse some company when my mare has her foal later this summer, I have been driving the pony and although he's green he's willing and going very well. I know the person well who I've had him from and he's told me that he's done nothing over winter at all. Now this is what is puzzling me, where I live it is very hilly, so even on a short drive the pony has to work quite hard, and as yet has not broken into a sweat....not even warm !!! this is after doing an 8 mile drive with some very very steep hills, I have had quite a few horses over the years and have done these same drives and I have never seen anything like it, is this a trait to New Forest pony's or is this just one cool dude !!!! ????

mafioso :
"The New Forest are well known to be tough and hardy,have good stamina and endurance,and also have very good temperaments...."
vegetarianponylover :
"This is a hardy pony,the new forest is really hardy as most of his relatives were probably wild.This breed is VERY strong ."
Aimee L :
"my friend has a lovely new forest mare, and when my cob breaks in to a sweat often she doest so i might just be that either he/she has't lost any muscle power over the winter or they are just very fit."
fuzzyginger :
"Having used a couple of NF's in a riding school my experience is that they will go on and on and still be happy to do it again the next day!"
tradcobdriver :
"All of the above. They can carry great weight for their size and go all day. Brilliant at endurance. Nice to see someone else who drives too, i have friesian stallions i drive as a pair. Have you thought of doing some long distance driving with him?? that's great fun. go on the BDS website and click the link to long distance driving and it gives you all the rules and regs. Enjoy him!"
yaff :
"It is amazing at the stamina these little ponies have. Thats why they make great Pony Club and competition ponies. He will quite happily go for a 20 mile drive."
SweetiePie23 :
"New forests are exceptionally hardy. Think of an arabian crossed with a tb mixed with a morgan. There ya have it."
ice queen :
"hi i live in Hampshire and own a new forest pony,and have 17 ponies running in the new forest,this is not unusual for a forest pony,they are bred to be sturdy ,sure footed,and have the most amazing stamina,in the new forest where i live the new forest ponies are rounded up at various times of the year,and broken new forest ponies are used to round up the wild ponies,ready to be sold on,the broken in ponies are just so fast and work hard rounding these ponies up,and many other breeds of horses round up the ponies as well but cant keep up with the stamina of the new forest pony. new forest ponies were bred to be hardy living all year round in all weathers on the forest,and are very sure footed, every winter we have a point to point over the forest,competing a certain course,my new forest pony competes and he never breaks into a sweat,he is semi fit but not up to full fitness in the winter,"
jamla :
"i had a new forest pony yes they keep going all day if wanted . loyal and loving , i could leave him not ridden for 6 months / just groom and looked after. get back on like I've ridden him yesterday. hated being stabled, kicked door down. hated rugs (Rambo top of range) shredded in minutes. liked to live out. until he was 24 then after much persuasion was happy to be stabled and rugged . loved jam sandwiches and lived to 35 years. bless"
Cheryl J :

i am trying to find a really nice car park/ view points/ area of forest in the New Forest Nationsl Park for a picnic in a few weeks. Have looked on internet but cant find a map with the car parks on and cant find our hard copy of a map at home... can anyone else find a map of the car parks in the new forest as i really cant!!!! :) Thanks

hasicit :
"try google earth--nasa can download route from site.hope this helps have a nice day."
Encantar :
"My wife and I have a favourite car park. At one time you could drive right out into the forest. We used to camp out at nights. It is in the village of Emery Down near Lyndhurst. If you are travelling from Lyndhurst in the direction of Bournemouth you will come to Emery Down. It´s off on a side road on the right of the Bournemouth Road. The area is beautiful. I now live in Spain and miss the New Forest so much."
Rebel :

Who ownes the ponies in the New Forest ? Are they classed as wild or do they have an owner ?

barn owl :
"I think that they are all owned but greaze on common land like the sheep on dartmoor"
Dogsbody :
"There are still wild horses on Dartmoor, but not many. They are the responsibility of the local authorities. Oops, New Forest too!"
"History of the New Forest Pony The New Forest Pony is named after the New Forest - that lightly-tamed area of old England between Southampton and Bournemouth in Hampshire. The New Forest isn't pure 'forest', rather it is today a huge tract of open country including forest and is hugely popular with the general public, as well as being a managed, farmed and working area of the countryside. The New Forest Pony is a recognized British Isles breed but has an unusual background for a native pony breed. They have existed in the area for over a thousand years with attempts to standardize to a 'type' since the late 1920s; our lovable New Forest Pony is really the outcome of the interbreeding between the different bloodlines of the ponies that have been turned loose in the New Forest Commons over the years, giving wide variation from pony to pony. Origin of the New Forest Pony The earliest record of horses in the New Forest dates back to 1016 when rights of common pasture were granted to the people living in what was a royal hunting ground. Since then, either as specific attempts to improve the breed or just as part of the normal ebb and flow of life and trade in the New Forest, many outside breeds were turned over to roam free and pasture on the commons. Notable blood lines introduced by this method were Welsh, Arab and Hackney. Later, another concerted effort was made to improve the New Forest blood and other British Isles pony blood-lines were introduced to achieve this, including Fell Ponies, Dales, Highlands, Dartmoor and Exmoor. Right up to the present day, each New Forest Pony, even though privately owned, roams free in its natural and original environment. Even though owners pay for grazing rights their lives are relatively unhindered by man except during the autumn round-up when ownership of that year's foals is established and breed stock selected by the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society. Height of the New Forest Pony New Forest Ponies range in size from 12 hh to 14.2 hh, and although there is no official lower limit, they seldom go below 12 hh. Colour of the New Forest Pony The most prominent colours are bay, brown and gray followed by chestnuts, roans and blacks. Limited white markings are allowed on the head and legs. Characteristics of the New Forest Pony You can identify a New Forester by its free, even movement, plenty of frame, muscular hind quarters, good depth of body and a sense of solidity in the frame. The head should show pride, the shoulders should be well sloped with deep reach, the quarters, strong and well muscled, the body is deep, and the legs show an even line with strong joints and stolid hooves. Temperament of the New Forest Pony They are noted for friendliness, intelligence, strength, versatility and are nearly always willing-to-please. New Forestors are amongst the most approachable of all the native British pony breeds, perhaps because of their history of frequent contact with man. Uses of the New Forest Pony The New Forest ponies most endearing quality is their inbred, gentle nature. Their calm temperaent naturally recommends them as an excellent choice and an ideal mount for families seeking a horse suitable for both children and adults. They have long been raced locally and are surprisingly fast, especially over rough terrain. They are suited to many social activities from Pony Club to Polo, Driving to Dressage, and they are naturals at jumping and gymkhana and are successfully trained to carry handicapped riders. All in all, the modern New Forest Pony is an exceptional all-round pony, with a definite character taken from its environment. Interesting Facts There is no question that the New Forest Pony has been improved as a result of outside blood, but it has also brought about a pony whose type is not always readily distinguishable. Some 'improvements', although refining the pony, actually created problems for those horses not being able to cope with the sparse winter food. In 1765 an attempt was made to improve the New Forest Pony bloodline with the use of a famous thoroughbred called Marske. In the late 1850s Queen Victoria lent an Arab called Zorah to feudal caretakers to help strengthen the bloodline. New Forest Pony Society In 1891, the 'Society for the improvement of New Forest Ponies' was founded to offer Premuims to suitable stallions to run in the Forest. In 1906 the 'Burley & District New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society' started to register mares and youngstock and published its first stud book in 1910. From 1914 to 1959 registrations were recorded in the National Pony Society's Stud Book. In 1938 the two local Societies amalgamated and no outside blood has been permitted since the mid-1930s. In 1960 the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society started to publish its own Stud Book and has done ever since The notable features of New Forest Pony breeding of recent years have been the increase in the numbers of New Forest Ponies bred in private studs outside the New Forest and in the numbers pf ponies exported. There are now flourishing studs of registered New Forest Ponies not only in the UK but all over Europe and as far away as North America and Australia. New Forest Pony Grading In 2002 the Society began Grading Schemes. Ponies can now be examined and Graded for Performance and for Conformation . It is hoped that these schemes will encourage the keeping of better ponies and will enable people to see which bloodlines are preferable."
ice queen :
"i live in Hampshire in the new forest i own 5 new forest ponies which run on the forest. the new forest ponies all have owners,the verder which over sees the ponies is responsible for the cattle and pigs that roam the forest,and if a pony gets knocked down the brand mark on the pony along with the tail which is cut in different ways tells the verder who owns the ponies. we have to pay a yearly cost that allows our ponies to run on the forest,my ponies are tame,a lot of people bring there ponies in from the forest during the winter to build them up and then let them out in the summer back onto the forest. mine are out all year round i just feed them hay in the winter. once a month starting from April the ponies and foals are rounded up and put into pens for sale ,the owner dictates when there ponies are rounded up to whether they are sold.this is called a drift,a technical term for rounding up the ponies. i have just bought 6 more ponies which are now running on the forest,the ponies tend to stick to one area and the owners check them regularly"


Comments on New Forest

Date: 2008-02-05 17:12:47

Now the smallest of our National Parks, the peaceful atmosphere of this wonderful 220 square mile landscape has remained largely unchanged and the area is shaped and preserved by its unique traditions. The New Forest includes 26 miles of coastline. There are more than 7,300 ponies, cattle, donkeys and pigs and deer grazing on the Forest.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:12:47

Only 12 miles from Salisbury, Bramshaw is a delightful village with many ponies, donkeys and pigs wandering the lanes. Nearby Brook is a chocolate box village with a stream running through it. Nomansland is so called because during the 17th century no one was sure whether it was within the New Forest or not! Services and business directory.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:12:47

No information on the new forest would be complete without a mention of the stunning Isle of Wight. A county in its own right, the Isle of Wight, and in particular The Needles, can be seen from many shoreline vantage points in the New Forest. Yarmouth & The Isle of Wight services and business directory.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:12:47

Lying on the southern edge of the New Forest and 3 miles north west of Lymington is Sway. Its southern skyline is dominated by the Peterson Tower, standing some 218ft high. The tower was built of unreinforced concrete in 1879 and took five years to construct. Sway Tower as it is known locally stands on the Arnewood Estate and is privately owned.

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