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b_iceman2001 :

I am going to be staying at the Sandals Resort in Nassau in a couple weeks. Has anyone else been there? Is it nice? Thanks,

Maris :
"You'll have a great time here! The weather has been perfect and the Sandals resort is just beautiful."
breevanazzi :

My parents and I are probably going to move to Nassau and we've heard from a friend(that never went thare before) that it's a very violent place and there's lots of crime for a island as small as it is. I'd like to get the opinium of someone who has been there before for at least 2 months... We've heard that until now there has been 71 murders this year, is it true? Isn't it a little bit too much considering it's a small island with a not so large population? When you answer, can you please estate in your answer how long have you been in Nassau? Thanks

Sylvia C :
"I have only visited there for 3 days almost 6 years ago. The only theing that I can tell you is research "crime in the Bahamas". That should tell you enough!"
bethel :
"You have to be careful in Nassau...try to avoid going out late at night and avoid isolated spots....houses should be secured with burglar bars or wired with alarm can live in Nassau but you have to be careful.....I am a native of the country...."
Shelley L :
"Keep up with things by reading the newspapers. or join a locals forum like Yes, there's lots of crime, and murders are on the rise. (mostly drug related). I live in nassau and am considering moving to one of the out islands."
justinh1516 :
"Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and is quite a big city actually with around 300 000 people crammed in. Yes, there is some crime in Nassau like in any big city. However there are many things taken into account to ensure your safety. White citizens tend to fare better because most are considered tourists, and criminals know better than to attack a tourist--SEVERE CONSEQUENCES for criminals who harm tourists. PARADISE ISLAND IS EXTREMELY SAFE unless you're walking alone past 1 AM on Paradise Island Drive--there are numerous areas for crooks to hide. Otherwise until midnight there are frequent patrols by the Paradise Island Security Force as well as the Royal Bahamian Police who actually take the time to scan the bushes with bright cop lights. Nothing to fear on P.I. if you don't do anything crazy like jog at 2 AM, but in Nassau there are some dangerous places. Stick to Lyford Cay if you're moving there, but be warned that residential community comes at a very very expensive cost of living. Best of luck."
*:.Ojos Verdes.:* :

My family and I are going over cruises to go on this upcoming june. There is this one trip which is on the carnival valor. One of our port calls would be at nassau,bahamas. I was speaking to my trave agent and she told us that in nassau we could go to atlantis, I always thought atlantis was a resort where only the people staying in the hotel could go in. but she told us it was kind of like a theme/water park. My question is how much would it cost to get to atlantis from where the ship stops and how much would the entrance be. Also, if not atlantis what do you recomment to do at nassau

J<3R :
"The ship that you are sailing with will have some different types of excursions. And they should have an atlantis one, you can usually check them out and look at the prices on whatever cruise line your sailing withs website. They should also have like other different excursions, like romantic rides, history of bahamas, ect. I have always gone out on my own though and done just light duty free shopping."
gfdgirl :
"If you want to go to Atlantis, you can certainly book that through the cruise line. While a lot of people like to book excursions on their own, that leaves you unprotected in the event of a delay. If you've booked through the cruise line, they'll actually hold the ship until all excursions are back. Whatever you do in Nassau, DO NOT do the Yellowbird tour. It's a party boat but is over crowded, has terrible service, and spends about 15 minutes on a crappy island. It was the worst shore excursion we've ever done!"
PH :
"Went on the Valor in November on the same cruise you are going on, Eastern Caribbean with stops in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. You'll have a blast! They are ALL great ports. As far as Nassau and Atlantis; you will be actually porting right across the waterway from Atlantis (across and down a bit actually, but pretty much right across). When you are docking, go out on the Lido Deck (the deck the pool is on) on the left side of the ship and a little forward and there it is. It's on Paradise Island which when docked, if you have a good baseball arm, you could throw a rock from the ship and hit Paradise Island. Trust me, you can't miss it, it's that close. And yes, your travel agent is correct, you can go to Atlantis even if you aren't staying there - many, many do from the cruise ships and did from the Valor. You will notice when you are docked that not far ahead of the dock is a bridge. That bridge goes across the waterway into Altantis. When you get off the ship you'll go down the dock, through a building to get out into the main part of town. Right in front of the building will be taxis lined up. Ask one of them how much it cost to go to Atlantis and they'll tell you. If you are real early, there are a couple of shuttle buses that go there too. It's only a 5-7 minute drive from the dock to Atlantis. NOTE: Check about prices with the taxis before getting in. Altantis is a hotel resort. However, there are many parts of it that are open to tourists, with the main parts being the huge aquirium (Atlantis Dig) and water park. There is also a casino and shopping court. The most noticable features, the big twin towers with the arch between them, isn't open to tourists, just guests. I can't remember what it cost for the taxi, so I won't even try to give you the answer so not to throw you off, but it's not that much. There's a shore excursion to Atlantis, but it's more a "tour" and time limited, so if you want to just see Atlantis, go the taxi route. What I would recommend if not going to Atlantis (if you just want to see Atlantis, trust me, you'll see it from the ship and from the port just fine) is to snorkel at Pearl Beach. The water is beautiful and lots and lots of fish. As far as shopping, downtown is right there when you exit the deck (literly, as in cross the street and you're in downtown with tons of shops). One little travel tip I might pass along is that we did the shopping and taking pictures in Nassau (yes, took lots of pictures of Atlantis) and did the snorkel excursion in St. Thomas on St. Johns Beach. Beautiful, super clear water, pearl white fine sand beach and tons and tons of fish and coral. So if you are looking to snorkel at sometime, St. Thomas is your best bet for a great snorkel time. St. Maarten/St. Martin (by the way, St. Maarten is the Dutch side of the island, St. Martin is the French side) has great beaches and good snorkeling, but St. Johns and other islands around St. Thomas are a bit better (my opinion of course). If you want to see how close Atlantis is to the ship, go here and see the picture I took of Atlantis from the dock standing in front of the Valor (also some other pictures from the cruise are there too under "My Photos");"


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The Islanders were founded as a result of the NHL’s decision to put a hockey team in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The New York Islanders started playing in 1972. If you are an Islander fan and want to watch your favorite team play, it is a good idea to buy the tickets early.

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