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Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός – mystikos, an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries; μυστήρια – mysteria meaning "initiation") is the pursuit of achieving communion, identity with, or conscious awareness of ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, or insight. Traditions may include a belief in the literal existence of dimensional realities beyond empirical perception, or a belief that a true human perception of the world goes beyond current logical reasoning or intellectual comprehension. A person delving in these areas m

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Iwant2know :

First time visit and not sure what area in Mystic/Groton is safer for tourist travelling alone. Groton hotel is slightly less than Mystic but safety comes before cost. IE: Mystic Econo Lodge lodge is next to cemetary - not appealing but $200 Marriott when all I need is a safe bed to sleep not that appealing either. What local restaurants (aside from Mystic Pizza) is recommended ? No preference between hole in the wall and high end - as long as it a local gem we can't get elsewhere. Would you see Mystic in the daytime and go to Foxwood at night? If compared to Las Vegas, which is better (excl. the entertainment/show factor). Any suggested tourist spot within New Haven/Mystic is appreciated! I have 1 & 1/2 day for trip.

autumnshadz :
"Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun are great places to stay. Mystic is nice, but you can see everything in one day. The aquarium is fun, but not huge. The Seaport is a ripoff IMO. Overpriced and not that exciting. If you choose to stay at one of the casinos, you will pay a good bit of money, but it's worth it. The night life is great, the restaurants are AWESOME, and you can party all night without having to worry about driving. Obviously there isn't going to be as much to see as if you were in Vegas, but still great entertainment. Here's a list of shows they're having. If you really want a great pizza, go here (New Haven) Mystic Pizza is overrated and not the same place it was when they made the movie. Yes, it is safe, but I would do Mystic during the day, and get to the Casino by dark if you are traveling alone. Staying there would probably be your best bet, you can still go out and have a good time and not worry about safety."
Rob :
"Groton is pretty safe - not a whole lot of crime around here ( I live in Groton about 1/2 mile away from most of the hotels in town) In fact while trying to remember the name of the restaurant inside BW called Flanagan's - another good one - I found the Best Western site that has some good tourism info: North End Deli is awesome, about a mile away from most of the hotels. I take my wife to breakfast and luches once a week or so. Mystic Pizza is a tiny little place - not like the movie shows. There's a great steakhouse Steak Loft next to Mystic Village. There is a regional bureau called " Mystic & More" you can see their website for some great info at: You definitely want to make Mystic a daytime event, as that's when the bulk of things happen. They have an affiliated local newspaper/flyer ( geared to tourism and local goings on, no real news) you will find handy and is usually found anywhere tourists might go, grocery stores, some banks, etc Take a look also at the local newspaper New London Day; they often have upcoming events, restaurant reviews, etc - it's a regular "news"paper with the usual stuff you'd expect, for whenever it is you will be here: Foxwoods is a go anytime thing, more goes on at night though, check their website for whatever bands. Personally I like Mohegan Sun better ( not much farther away) overall. Aesthetics were a major factor there, whereas Foxwoods is kinda "generic" is the best I can think to put it. If you would like more info I'll be glad to try and help, just mail me at tickwolf ( I don't use messenger)"
FineWhine :
"Hi...first of all, I would STRONGLY suggest taking the approx extra 10 min and going to Mohegan Sun instead of Foxwoods. Is is SUCH a better casino on all levels....much better free entertainment, much better pay entertainment, it is one of the most stunning buildings I've ever been in, it is high class high energy, and much better restaurants. Foxwoods tends to attract more Senior bus tours and folks who don't know better. Ironically the only time I went there was when a very large group of my friends who live all around the country went on vacation together in Mystic. For whatever reason they got it in their head they wanted to go to Foxwoods so I figured WTF I go to Mohegan Sun all the time, although I let them know my opinion and they all agreed in hindesite. One friends hubby went for a few hours on his own the next day and announced to everyone after that they should have listened to me and told them how amazing a place it was. And to answer you question, I'd say Foxwoods is on a par with Atlantic City. Mohegan Sun, isn't exactly Vegas as it has a VERY unique feel, but it is a much classier, cleaner casino. Ya know, if Vegas had an Indian themed casino Mohegan Sun would fit right in!! Take a look at least and see who's in the Wolf Den..that's always free and they get some big names there! Now let's see what I can recall about was the action packed weekend. We ate at Mystic pizza. It was ok...nothing I'd jump over the moon about. But I think if you go to Mystic you should go there cause well, it's part of the experience. I'm not sure when an earlier poster went but they expanded to a 2 side restaurant, so while not huge, it's not tiny anymore. I didn't go but a few friends went to a rather high end restaurant in Mystic that they raved about (this was the nite I was at Foxwoods choking down trash at the Hard Rock). If you don't mind spending big bucks I could find out the name for you. The best food we had was at a catered meal we had for the group. No clue the name of the place but I could describe it's location very easily. And in doing so make 2 more suggestions. We stayed in I think it was a Best Western (felt like one) that was right across the street from a shopping village, think it's Olde Mystic Village Shops or something like that. One of those modern ones built in old style with a bunch of charming specialty shops. A lot was overpriced but some stuff was great. And some so specialized I got some gift shopping done. And the general store had some simply amazing things and probably the best fudge I had in my life! And if you like Angels there is an AWESOME store. We ate at Ten Clams as it had a lot of hype. It was ok, but not great at all. Truthfully I missed most of the good food there that weekend except for our group private dinner that was out of this world. The restaurant was farther down on this stretch, near the Aquarium (I think it was before it) on the right, if the shopping center and Aquarium are on the left. Wish I could give you a name but don't think I knew it then. Looked it up, this is Coogan Boulevard. Also Mystic is broken into areas...when you go to Mystic Pizza there is a main shopping drag (a few great stores are on that stretch, and that great restaurant is on the corner leading into it). Then there is the area near where we stayed, with the Seaport down on way, our hotel the other, and those shops and the Aquarium across the street. This brings me to the Aquarium. For years I heard it was just the most amazing one in the world. It was was ok, but I had a choice (as time was limited) of either going to the Seaport or the Aquarium and wish I went to the Seaport, as while it was an ok Aquarium, I wasn't all that impressed. I kept expecting more. But then again I get to compare it to the Boston one etc. One more thought...on that stretch opposite that shopping village, down by that restaurant that hosted our very very yummy dinner, are some factory outlets...smaller ones but worth checking out if you are there. I can't answer about Groton as I never stayed there, but if I was alone where I stayed in Mystic I would have felt quite safe. And I would def do Mystic by day and the Casino's by night. But I'd go early as you can, cause there is so much to do/see etc, not to mention some lovely albiet pricey stores to poke around in. But their old general store is a hoot and I think the shop with the doorway arched aquarium is nicer than anything I saw in the Mystic Aquarium!!! lol"
Kat :
"I was there yesterday. Stay on the water on the edge of mystic. I reccomend the inns there. The shops in downtown Mystic are fun to walk around in. There are a lot of ice cream shops too. I reccomend the small seafood restaurants downtown. There sre so many you can take a walk and choose which one appeals to you. Don't lodge downtown, there are very steep prices and lower quality. Stay on route 1 on the edge at a nice inn and you'll love it."
beachgirl5628 :
"Stayed in Mystic at the Steamboat Inn. Was FABULOUS! Caanot wait to go back. Such a quaint little town with neat little stores and cafes and pubs. The Steamboat is right in town and on the Mystic river, each room has a fantastic view. The breakfasts were good and the staff friendly. You can walk to everything. We rather enjoyed Mystic Pizza, thought the food was good and the place was cute. Do some research on other pubs in the area. You will not be disappointed staying in Mystic. It to me is what you think of a New England town. Do check out the Steamboat Inn. It has gotten great reviews on"
kellyconn7997 :
"They are very close to each other and both very nice, easy to get around by car!"
Bradyy :

I have the TY Beanie of Mystic the Unicorn Mystic, mine has the iridescent horn with a fluffy mane. I was wondering as I've heard some versions of Mystic are quite rare. Does anyone have any info/values? Thanks in advance. Eener- There are different editions, that is probabaly a later one, mine is a few years old.

MR. T. :
"Yours is the rare one, very valuable!"
Eener :
"Try looking at this site that sells BB's to get a feel of the resell value of yours. It doesn't seem that any of the unicorns are pricey. The iridescent one does cost $2 more ..."
beachgirl5628 :

Anyone ever been to Mystic Pizza in Mystic CT? We are staying in Mystic next week and I wanted to try this pizza place if it is any good. Any thoughts? Nipper, your answer is not funny! Grow up!

OnE GiRL :
"You should try it just so you can say you did.."
Crooks Gap :
"Have only seen the movie, and THEY said it was the best pizza in the world. I don't know that the place really exists though, guess you'll just have to try it and find out! Have fun!"
SuzieQ :
"I've been on the boat from Mystic Pizza, it is up in Lockport NY on the Erie Canal and you can take tours on the canal on that boat!"
markus :
"Lucky you.........Mystic is a great place to visit. Mystic Pizza....."Forget about it" ;>)"
Nippler :
"I did. They had a good special on for a pizza. It was really good, it's called the: poop in your anus pizza. :-)"
old school :
"I have. It is OK at best. I would look elsewhere."
Penguin Gal :
"I was there about 10 years ago--basically a tourist trap, the pizza was not that good---did you know only the exteriors were used in the movie, not the interior"
Tommy :
"yeah, i saw that movie. wasn't julia roberts in it?"
nova_queen_28 :
"I've been there. If you want to be able to say you ate there, then go. If it really doesn't matter to you I suggest you skip this tourist trap."
NYman :
"Didn't have the Pizza, but was in Mystic a couple of weeks ago. You have to check out the little town outside of Mystic called Stonington. Beautiful old homes, and a great lighthouse. We got sea food at a place in a small town called Noank a few miles out of Mystic. It was on Pearl street as I recall. It was super and right on the water."


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