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LandmarksPetros the Pelican - An old celebrity of the town's waterfront, "Petro" has been the official mascot of Mykonos for over 50 years.Windmills - From as early as the 16th century, they are one of the most recognized landmarks of Mykonos.Little Venice - Here the buildings have been constructed right on the sea's edge with their balconies overhanging the water.Paraportiani - One of the most famous architectural structures in Greece. Its name means inner or secondary door which it was to the Medieval stone walls which encircled the area.Archaeological Museum - Houses marble sculptures, ce

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msigue1 :

My boyfriend and I are planning a week long trip to Greece in April during the Easter Holiday and just following it. We were hoping to take in the sites at Athens and Mykonos. However, due to the time of year we are curious whether or not it would be worth going to Mykonos. We have heard wonderful things about it and would love to make the trip but the weather at that time of year is an obvious concern. Any insight one could provide would be greatly appreciated!! We are also curious how to get to Mykonos from Athens. Any thoughts? Thanks!!

sandysn :
"I went in March and was told that it gets crowded around the Easter Holiday bc Europeans travel and Greece has become a hotspot in recent years. When I went, it was pretty quiet. It takes 3 hrs to get to Mykonos via a high speed ferry. I think it's 45 min by plane. I took the ferry. There's a slower ferry that takes 5 hrs long. Definitely go to Mykonos though. It's absolutely gorgeous. It will be a little cool in April, even a possibility of showers. Probably not beach weather. Since Easter weekend is a big traveling weekend, make sure you book everything in advance (even for the ferry ride). I just dropped by a travel agency office and bought tickets on the spot. It might not be the same case in April. Also, you might want to check out other islands. There are a lot of combination fares via the ferry. I went to Santorini, Athens and Mykonos. Enjoy your trip."
emiliosailez :
"April is a great time to go if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauty. If you are into socializing, discos till 6 am etc then July and August is the time to go. I would not personally go in the peak months. The weather is fickle in April. Could be warm 70s or chilly 50s so do take some jackets with you just in case. If you can coincide your visit with Greek Easter that would be a plus, as Easter in Greece is the most glorious of all celebrations. You can fly to Myconos from Athens in about 20 minutes or you can take a ferryboat from Pireas and see Tinos, and Syros from the deck as well. With the HIgh Speeds you could be there in 3 hours. Keep in mind that Myconos is expensive. I would also recommend Santorini if you have the time, a magical landscape indeed."
cpinatsi :
"It willbe lovely, and in the spring it is generally not too crowded. Just keep in mind that it will be around Easter, so there will be more people than usually at this time of year, so you must have a booking at the hotel. Do go to Delos, the sacred island of the ancient Greeks, on a day trip from Mykonos. The sea will still be very cold. You get to Mykonos from Athens by ferry from Piraeus, it takes 4-5 hours or by highspeed ferry 2,5-3 hours."
Pepinos :
"Depending on the weekend, you may find mykonos extremely crowded. Students make short (spring-break style) excursions to mykonos and you could be surprised by the amount of people in the island. On the other hand, if the weather is bad, Mykonos can be really empty. Admittedly, the beaches are nice and the island is quite beautiful, but its true appeal is the wild night life. There are much better beaches to be found in less well known or quieter islands (e.g. Elafonisos, Milos, Koufonissia). In addition, if you're a couple, Santorini or Milos can be more romantic, unless you have an "open" relationship and want to meet the local "ξέκωλα" for extra fun. Standard way of getting there is from Piraeus, with a ferry boat. You can also get a plane, but considering the check-in/baggage claim procedure and a possible flight delay you won't be saving much over the 2h fast ferry ride (also bear in mind: the ferry docks at the port in the center of mykonos, while the airplane lands a bit further and you'll need a cab from there to the center). Going to mykonos from the port of Rafina is also an option. Be sure to check for ferry tickets in advance. The fast ferries may not be available then but the slow ones make it in about 4 hours (08:00 to 12:00), which is fine--and the price is exactly half, approximately 20 euros per person."
Jorge S :
"If you want to go to Mykonos, just take a ferry from Pireas, the port of Athens. It's easy and cheap, that's how most people visit the islands. Anyways.... Mykonos, despite its nice houses et al, probably isn't the very best place to visit for it's very expensive and not that interesting. If you want that kind of an island (white and blue houses, etc.) I dare you to try Santorini - much, much better and you'll even get Minoan ruins. If you just want an interesting island, Crete and Rhodes are the best in my opinion - big, beautiful, with a history and plenty of things to do. As for the weather around Easter, even though it can be unpredicatable, I'd guess it'll be nice and sunny, with plenty of flowers in the country, although probably not fit to go swimming and sun bathing. If you want a personal opinion, that may be in fact the best time of the year to visit Greece."
carms :

Hi could someone advise me the best way to travel from Mykonos to Santorini please? I want leave Mykonos on the 29th July. Are there any websites anyone could reccomend? Cheers carmen Thankyou so so much to you all for your information, I cannot pick a best answer as you all guided me in the right direction. A friend mentioned to me to fly from Mykonos to santorini it costs 75 euro each and is only half an hour, but none of you recommended flying. So maybe i should go by ferry as its the most popular answer. Thanks :) :) :)

dhcurtis :
"We found that the ferries that go between the islands the best way to go, it is a paarty on board. It might take awhile but definately worth the trip!!!!!!"
islasdelegeo :
"there are your routes you can also check the routes to the greek islands from Piraeus port (the main port of Greece) in"
fragi :
"the best choice is FLYING CAT 4, departing from Mykonos at 14.20 and arrive at 17.00 If you are interesting to book hotel, take a look at this =-829276;class_interval=1;offset=0;ss_all=0"
zigzag :

Do you know a good hotel but economic in Mykonos island?iam going in july and dont know the cost. Thank u guys

hard_n_tender26 :
"Welcome to our beautiful country! Some cheap hotels in Mykonos, the jewel of Cyclades: Olia hotel Eva hotel Marios hotel (gay flag) Hotel Petinaros Hotel Madoupas Dont forget to visit Paradise and Agrari beaches, they are my favorites, Super Paradise is nice too but there is too much noise (nudists, parties, loud music etc). I prefer quiter posts."
dvatwork :
"If you want economy, don't stay near the port. How about someplace like Ornos Beach? It is in a bay, much quieter than some of the more "popular" beaches... Have fun!!! While you are in Mykonos, why don't you take a trip to Tinos, too? It is very close."
gary h :
"See what these say about them"


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:08:28

Your search for a perfect vacation spot does not need to be a Greek Odyssey. Paros, located in the group of Greek islands called the Cylclades, is a ferry ride away from the main port of Pireaus or a quick flight from the Athens airport.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:08:28

Bear with me a moment. Sometimes, it takes me a little while to warm up. Besides, I'm not even packed, and we leave Mykonos tomorrow, with heavy hearts, after a three-week stay. Heavy hearts, because we leave

Date: 2008-02-05 17:08:28

We're a failed species. Those who know me also know that this is my four-word mantra. If the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart have any influence at all on the burgeoning reality..

Date: 2008-02-05 17:08:28

CDC is trying to reach the people who were on planes together with the patient of XDR Tuberculosis , from USA to Paris, from Athens to Rome, and from Rome to Montreal. But there is a "hole" of information involving his trips in Greece and mainly his move from Santorini to Mykonos. Did he move by - the crowded this period with tourists - boats?

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