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DemographicsIn July 2007, Munich had 1.34 Million inhabitants, 300,129 of whom did not hold German citizenship. The city has strong Turkish and Balkan communities. The largest groups of foreign nationals were Turks (43,309), Albanians (30,385), Croats (24,866), Serbs (24,439), Greek (22,486), Austrians (21,411), and Italians (20,847). 37% of foreign nationals come from the EU.With only 24,000 inhabitants in 1700, the population has doubled roughly every 30 years. For example, it had 100,000 people in 1852 and then 250,000 people in 1883; by 1901, the figure had doubled again to 500,000. Sinc

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dt_aiying :

I'm having a month's trip to Munich in August. To best utilize my time there, I'd like to know what are the best places to go ("cannot-miss" places) in Munich including historical sites, what food / delicacies to try there in Munich and what I can do in Munich. Would appreciate some details on the estimated prices as well. I'm a Charismatic Protestant Christian and would also like to go to visit a church (preferably Charismatic Protestant / Lutheran church) there. Please suggest where I can find such churches in Munich. Also, can I find historical sites of Martin Luther in Munich? I would like to visit other European countries during my weekends there in Munich, probably by train with my other friends. What are the best and most affordable way of transportation from Munich to the United Kingdom? More details, please. =) What are other options available for me to visit other neighbouring European countries from Munich? Also, where are the best places to find good souvenirs from Munich?

Joseph :
"Munich is a lovely city. I have been there often. August might be a bit hot, this year more so. It is very difficult to give advice on what to see, what is a must, as every person has a different taste, and what is a "must see" for me might be a total bore for you. I do strongly recommend that you look at several sites the most important one is this: Its the tourist info of Munich. You must decide yourself what is of interest and what not. If you click google or yahoo you'll find also all the churches you are looking for. Here is another sightseeing site: As to a trip to the United Kingdon if you book a train in Germany as early as you book the cheaper you might get seats. You can buy a seat also on like at this site: :& Sometimes its cheaper to fly, like with Easyjet or other charter companies, who really have great deals. Again it take time to search the web. Have a great vacation in Munich, I love this city."
tgva325 :
"About train travel: Here there is the timetable for the best trip from Munich to London, night train to Paris (saving an hotel night) and Eurostar to London. You must purchase the Munich-Paris and Paris-London trips separately, the first one from and the other from Perhaps if you are interested to trip a lot by train will be better for you to purchase the Eurailpass. It is a lot cheaper, despite you will need to pay for high speed trains and sleepers a suplement. Check here for Eurailpass, there are several options: "
Ina :
"Hi there, Munich offers many things too see, like museums, churches, castles and other historic sites. I'm though not sure if Luther ever visited the city. What is definately correct is, that he went to a town close by called Augsburg. This is the city were the big trial against him was held. This is why one of his most famous writings were called the Augsburg confession. More towns were you could find more about Luther are in the former East German part of Germany and really worthwile a visit. I recommend Erfurt, Eisenach and Wittenberg. Ina"
andras_8 :
"As everybody told you what to see... I will tell you what to eat ;) MUST: (maybetake a copy with you ;) ) Weißwürste mit Hendelmeier Senf Breze und Weißbier (Before 12 o`clock) It's called "Frühshoppen" Krustenbraten mit Kartoffelknödeln und dick Soße Could Presssack mit Senf (DOnt ask what it is, just try ;) ) Haxen Restaurant Tantris. Johann-Fichte-Str. 7; 80805 Muenchen (The best restaurant but not cheap!) Augustiner Keller (cheap good and much food ) Landsberger Straße 19 , 80339 München only an example... Just eat there were many germans eat ( not in them who look modern!)"
susisspam :
"I would strongly recommend going to the "Deutsche Museum" (German Museum). It is a huge museum with exhibits of all different kinds of science. (Also, there are lots of buttons to press, ;-) ) I agree with above: You MUST have "Schweinebraten mit Knödeln" (pork roast with potato dumplings) and some traditional "Butterbrezeln" (Pretzels with butter). A nice town to visit while in Munich and not too far away (it's an easy day trip) is Regensburg (about 110 km north-east). It has a very famous cathedral (Catholic, though, as most Protestant churches in Germany are rather bland compared to Catholic ones) and if you manage to come early enough on a Sunday morning you can listen to the famous "Regensburg Sängerknaben" (a boy choir affiliated with the cathedral). Other than that it's just a very nice old city with a lot of Roman history (they do English guided tours, try contacting the tourist info) on the river Danube. If you are there you have to have "Bratwürstchen" (sausages) at the "historische Wurstküche" on the bank of the river right next to the "Steinerne Brücke" (stone bridge)."
Paris Hilton :
"3 good weekend trips are 1. the disneyland like castle which i can not spell-- Neuswanstein and the Weisse Kurche (white church) 2. Prague 3. Vienna or alternate #1 Salzburg if you are a Mozart fan.. If you are going to the UK-- go by air. You don't sound like a bier drinker so I guess the 7 breweries tours are out...You can spend weeks in the altepinoqotech and the Deutsches Museum, Castle Nymphenberg, Englisher Garten,Terressa's Meadow, BMW Museum, the University of Munich, Olympic grounds and Churchs all over town --take a walking or bus could spend a life time there...It is a great city...good shopping to..."
mybluemax1 :
"You must go to the Hofbrauhous for a drink and great buffett german food and dance. Hit the Marienplatz where you will see the giant clock. German in known for it's Cukoo Clocks and Music boxes. If you buy any of these make sure you buy German, Italian products are more resonable-- Just remember to keep your mind open to all kinds of new things. Try to skip to McDonald's, etc which you can get here in the states."
jadestarshine :

I have only 2 and 1/2 days to explore Munich and the Romantic Road. I will be starting from Munich. My plan is as follows: Day 1 - (Only a half day because I don't arrive in Munich until noon). Spend the day exploring Munich. Day 2 - Get up really early and drive down to visit Schloss Neuschwanstein (1 and 1/2 hour drive?). Then drive back up the Romantic Road to Munich stopping at any towns of interest on the way such as Fussen and Pfaffenwinkel. Then spend the rest of the day exploring Munich (if any time is left?). Day 3 - Leave Munich. Drive North up the Romantic Road, stopping at Dinkelsbuhl and Nordlingen, ending up at Rothenburg. Spend a few hours exploring Rothenburg. Continue on to Stuttgart (1 and 1/2 hour drive?) where I will be spending the night. (Will I have time to stop at Dinkelsbuhl and Nordlingen or should I skip them?) My main concern is that driving times will be much longer than they appear due to traffic. Should I be conerned about this?

DeSaxe :
"I have done the route only in the reverse order. On day 2 I would consider staying over in Fussen rather than driving back to Munich. The Neuschwanstein castle tour may take a few hours. Traffic on the side road is much slower than on the Autobahn, and the road is not as direct.I think you will be fortunate to keep your schedule. Enjoy and good luck"
nutwpinut :
"If Heidelberg is on your route, don't forget to stop there. There is a lovely castle there and it is considered the romantic city of Germany by Germans."
john b :
"It is 220 miles long. Averaging 30 miles per hour it will take 7.5 hours non stop. - I don't think your idea is practicable."
letzter_wolpertinger :
"First, I´am from Munich and I made all the trips you are planning. 1st. day (and 1/2): there is quite a lot to visit in Munich an you should make a good plan. the Munich castle (Nymphenburg) with its parc is beautiful as well as the Marienplatz (centre). Use the public transportation and you will be able to visit a number of sights in town. 2nd day: Depending on the season it´ll take 2 or 3 hours just for visitig the castle. If you also want to see all the towns on the south romantic road, this will be a very long day for you. When the weather is fine, Pfaffenwinkel and Füssen are beautiful, if its raining, you better drop it. So, if you get up early you can do it. You will return to Munich late. 3rd. day: I made this tour in one day including the return to Munich. So you can do it, too. I´d suggest you to rent a horsewagon and make a guided tour through Dinkelsbühl as i think it is mor beautiful than Rothenburg. Do not spend too much time in Nördlingen. And get up early. Consider that driving on the Autobahn (highway) is much faster as there´ll be not too much traffic and you can drive much faster."
kengoller :
"It's a rush, but it could work out."
Wyatt Billingsley :
"A quick answer for you..sorry but getting late here. You will find your itinerary quite hard to accomplish due to the slow route to Neuschwanstein. I live 2 hours north of Munich and the castle is an all day trip for me. You will, however be able to drive there from Munich and back in a relatively short amount of time if you elect to bypass the tour of the castle. Remember that the castle is perched atop a mountain that takes some time to scale. With your plans to do Rothenburg and Stuttgart in the same day may prove to be a bit of a stretch as well unless you are driving a BMW or Mercedes of some sort. I mean the drive is quite feasible but actually having time to see the sites in these two great towns will be quite a feat indeed. I think your best bet would be visiting the castle on day two and then driving from there to Stuttgart that same night and finding a hotel. The next morning you can see the major attractions there before heading off to Rothenburg. From Rothenburg you will still have time to visit Nurenberg for a evening walk in the old town before heading back to Munich. Its a nice easy circle that will allow you the best opportunity to see some great things. Hope that helps!"
paulinari :

Hello! I need some help:)! What is the cheapest train ticket from Munich to Nijmegen for 2 persons?? We' ll start on Saturday 29th of December from Munich and we plan to go back to Munich on Wednesday 2nd of January... So i was already searching a little and it seems that the cheapest option would be to take a Happy-Weekend-Ticket for the way there..., and Länder-Tickets for the way back ( i think that we would need 3 Länder-Tickets???) + a ticket from German border to Nijmegen and back! Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

Uli :
" (or similar you have checked, I suppose, because you are that far. But watch out, if you are allowed to use IC or ICE trains with the weekend ticket!! Same thing for the Laender ticket!! If not, the journey will last forever. check also and or nl, they might have some specials."


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Date: 2008-02-05 17:07:39

McCain hopes to solidify his spot atop the Republican presidential ticket when voters in more than 20 states cast their votes Tuesday. If he manages to sufficiently squash Mitt Romney's White House aspirations, McCain will head to the Munich Conference on Security Policy in Germany.

Date: 2008-02-05 17:07:39

Remembering England's brightest star, who many say would have gone on to be one of the all times great but perished in the Munich Air Disaster

Date: 2008-02-05 17:07:39

InferMed Ltd, the leading global provider of advanced decision support and data capture solutions for clinical research and practice, today announced that they have successfully completed the first year of study in conjunction with Siemens AG and researchers at the Technical University of Munich that enables an immediate, scalable method of...

Date: 2008-02-05 17:07:39

Manchetser United play Arsenal at Highbury. This was United's last game before their fateful journey to Belgrade to face Red Star in a European Cup Quarter Final, which resulted in the Munich plane crash

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