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amandajeanus :

Has anyone been to Montreal. I am applying for the university but I have never been. What type of city is it? I love a lot of diversity. The more races the better. I love arts, theater, dance, music, food, and traveling. Does Montreal sound like a good place for moi?

Stace29 :
"Yes!!! It's one of my favorite cities. I would love to have gone to University there."
counterstrike_czer0 :
"if uve eva been to places like new zealand, it exactly like that. Great place for music, travelling and theater. not the best for the othas"
chancetaker/heartbreaker :
"I visited Montreal over the summer with some of my friends. It is definetely a fashion city, it has many boutiques with expensive name brands and just regular stores. There are many many many cute little restaurants/cafes that I loved eating at. They had amazing mueseums, I went to the museum of modern art and it was so cool!!! There isn't a lot of differnt races though, but it's not like they were unaccepting to others. The only downside was that it was a little dirty in some parts, but I guess that comes with any city. I think you will love Montreal because after visting there, I was considering college too (oh, and I hope you know french...parce que ils parle francais beacoup!)"
Evan :
"I went to Montreal at the end of last year and hated it."
Elise B :
"I live close by Montréal. The city has great universities (McGill and Concordia among others). Most people are French-speaking but Montréalais come from all over the planet. As you love it, there are plenty of theaters, dance and music shows and futhermore great restaurants. Montréal it's an American city with the French joie de vivre! The best of both worlds!"
DS Aviation Services :
"I live in Montreal. Its a great city, lots of diversity for sure, not just the people but also the food and activities. Food near downtown is just wonderful and during the summer, theres the jazz festival, different dance shows and art expos. Transport is also rather simple. Pick from the bus, metro, train, bike, walk or car. Downtown, the only thing I'm pissed about is the parking meter fee which is damn high."
Molly :
"I live in Montreal and find that if you speak French it is fine. As for going to school here be aware that if you do not pass French after all your years of study you will not receive any papers no matter what your other marks are. I am aware of students who come here for the good education but do not speak French. They do fine in their courses then arrange to transfer to another province for their final stage so their final marks do not include French!"
Krysia K :
"Montreal has been voted the best city in Canada for shopping(theres a huge underground mall that goes on for blocks) food (there are many ethnicity's and different foods and restaurants to please them all) and partying ( for university age try Mad Hatters, Brutopia, Hurleys and Mckibbins. there is also Les foufounes electriques but it has a french crowd)"
Marie :
"Montreal, unlike the rest of Quebec, is tremendously multicultural and full of immigrants. It is one of the world's great cities for performing arts and museums and music, and, not withstanding that it does not have a decent BBQ and the Quebec taste is toward the sweet and so many Szechuan and Thai restaurants will pull punches on spiciness and sweeten dishes too much unless you tell them you want true authenticity, Montreal is one of the world's culinary capitals."
liztruch :
"Montreal is a fantastic city. It has a very European feel to it. It is more laid back with a larger focus on social life and living rather than work work work (like Toronto). Please disregard the person who said you have to pass French for school. There are strict regulations regarding immigrants with regards to PRIMARY or HIGH schools, but none of these apply to university. If you are going to one of the English universities you do not need to be able to speak French at the end of your degree. Unlike the rest of Quebec, Montreal is very bilingual. Unless you go far east on the island, you will find most people speak both languages. Montreal has the most restaurants per capita of any North American city and was voted as having the hippest neighbourhood (the Plateau) by the Utne Reader a few years back. Montreal is still a very cheap city to live in and so the arts and artists tend to flock there and flourish. I would recommend a visit to the city before deciding to move there. I agree some people do not like it - but then again, Montreal doesn't like the 18-year old American Frat boys who come to drink, and act like assholes on all the American long weekends either. If you haven't read about it yet, check out the Montreal Mirror or the Hour. They are the two free English weeklies and are a good guide to the arts, theatre, dance, music, food etc. in Montreal. Montreal is a fantastic, beautiful, diverse city and if you have the opportunity to come up here for school I would highly recommend it. It is a unique city in North America. Once you fall it love with it...nothing else will do!"
Upstate :

I'm planning a group trip to Montreal and I want to find a hotel that is near the best night clubs in the area but is also close to other things to do during the day. Any suggestions?

Alpine Alli :
"If you like more mainstream dancing, and shopping, you'll probably go for Crescent Street. Stay at the Hotel du Fort, Novotel, or the Chateau Champlain if you can afford it. Hipper clubs are further east, St. Laurent, Rachel. You could stay at the Hotel du Parc, pretty easy walk."
Kyle S :
"Anything in St. Catherine's - especially near Peel St. will give you good access to the main stream clubs. If you want something near the University, look for any hotel near the Beri-UQAM Metro station. The University area is much more charming - and feels much more European."
Sixty45 :

Hey, I'll be in Montreal on Sunday and Monday night. I'm looking for a club to go to, so please give me some suggestions, especially if you are a local. Tokyo Club is out, because I am 20 and I hear they are 21+. Thanks for suggestions!

Lolita :
"Just take a leisurely stroll down Crescent Street or Sainte-Catherine Street West AND East and see for yourself! Good luck and enjoy your two nights out!"
Sadie M :
"tokyo rarely cards so you should be fine. i don't even think that they are 21+ sunday night you can go to club opera. sunday is their best night and they have some really good djs."
Jennifer S :
"You are aloud to get into any club if you are 18 years old or older As stated before, Crecent street is full of clubs. Walk around that area and you'll find plenty to get into"


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Date: 2008-02-01 20:32:34

Washington Capitals Left Wing goal scoring machine Alexander Ovechkin played through numerous injuries last night to lead his team in a thrilling overtime win against the Montreal Canadiens, netting 4 goals, including the overtime game winner, and 5 total points.

Date: 2008-02-01 20:32:34

Canadien hockey great had a warrant out for his arrest. Lafleur testified his son was home during curfew but really he drove his 22 year old son to a local motel so he could have some intimate time with his girlfriend. Dad are you reading this?

Date: 2008-02-01 20:32:34

Ovehckin broke his nose and scored 4 goals and added an assist in a 5-4 win over the Montreal Canadians. Ovechkin is a stud … what else can you say. He is the most dynamic scorer in the NHL since Pavel Bure in my opinion. He leads the NHL with 43 goals and is on pace for a 60 goal season

Date: 2008-02-01 20:32:34

Alex Ovechkin is a ridiculous human being. Showcasing skills that seem to have become a nightly highlight, Ovechkin led the on-fire Washington Capitals past the Montreal Canadiens with four goals on Thursday night.

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