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Montevideo (IPA: ) is the largest city, capital and chief port of Uruguay. Montevideo is the primate city in Uruguay, the only city in the country with a population over 1,600,000. Montevideo has a privileged harbor, one of the most important in the Americas. Also, it has beautiful beaches, like Pocitos, Buceo, Malvín, Playa de los Ingleses, Playa Verde, Punta Gorda and Carrasco. Many monuments and museums cover the city, as well as historic buildings and squares. The city's mayor is Ricardo Ehrlich. According to the Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Montevideo is the Latin American city wit

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Is Montevideo ,Uruguay the most economically stable city in South America?

alicias7768 :
"to me Brazil"
homeless :
"Montevideo and Antofagasta, Chile"
Uruguay traveler :
"Uruguay in general is suffering a bit of an economic downturn. Their economy is closely tied to that of Argentina's, which is somewhat stagnant right now. If you're planning to visit, you can find good deals on lodging and food. You can go anywhere in the country on their bus system, which is very clean and comfortable, for next to nothing. Taxi rides in Montevideo are pretty inexpensive. Durable goods are more expensive than you would find in the US."
Gustavo CL :
"Yes, Montevideo is very stable, since 1970 nothing changed in the city! Ha haha ha! The cars and the buildings, nothing changes! The South American Havana!"
Lizzie :

My husband has been transfered to Montevideo. Any suggestions on neighbourhoods?

umoanev :
"I have been three times to Uruguay and I would suggest you look for a house in Carrasco which is a very nice and up scaly neighbourhood in Montevideo. Once living there, dont forget to visit Colonia de Sacramento, a very nice town which is the last Portuguese settlement in America. And of course visit Punta del Este every summer if you can!"
Lizzie :

I have 3 children, ages 6, 12 and 14. I would like a school in Montevideo where all of them can attend together. Preferably american or british?

umoanev :
"I just answered your question on neighbourghoods in Montevideo. In Carrasco, there is the British School of Montevideo which I have visited twice for work. It goes from Kindergarten all the way up to IB. It is a British school, lovely facilities and to me, it's the best school in Montevideo. Very good world test results in PYP, MYP and IB. They offer a variety of extra curricular activities too. Visit their web page ("


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:42:14

Plot Tracer Investigates the Luna Box Collective...Krisp and Laura asked me to meet them on their Red Boat on their island of Montevideo. ( )

Date: 2008-02-05 16:42:14

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY and SANTA ROSA, CA (Oct 23, 2007) -- Coca-Cola and alternative transportation pioneer ZAP (OTC BB:ZAAP.OB - News) announced that they have signed an agreement to use ZAP vehicles i

Date: 2008-02-05 16:42:14

MONTEVIDEO (AFP) — Uruguay on Thursday became the first Latin American country to recognize gay civil unions, after President Tabare Vazquez signed a law granting certain legal rights to cohabiting couples of any gender.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:42:14

The first ever trade agreement between Mercosur, the South American trade group led by Brazil, and a country outside of Latin America was signed this Tuesday, December 18, in Uruguay, with Israel. Israel's Deputy Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce Eliyahu Yishai traveled to Montevideo for the event.

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