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The City of Monterey is located on Monterey Bay along the Pacific coast in central California. As of 2005, the city population was 30,641. The city is noted for its rich history of resident artists beginning in the late 1800s and its historically famed fishery. Monterey is home to the Naval Postgraduate School, the Defense Language Institute, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the former Fort Ord, part of which is now the site of California State University Monterey Bay; Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Monterey American Viticul

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Stepped_On :

In 1993, the City of Monterey Planning Department made a huge mistake by granting the Ryan Ranch Children’s Center a use permit for 116 children and 25 employees requiring only 19 parking spaces. The City of Monterey Planning Department completely ignored the employee parking requirements. I used to believe that the omission of the employee parking requirement was a simple oversight. I believed that if I would explain and document the daily parking problems and traffic congestion problem with various City of Monterey officials, the problem would be addressed and corrected. I was wrong. According to Rick Marvin, Senior Planner for the City of Monterey, “The City of Monterey Zoning Ordinance establishes a parking standard for Day Care at 1 per 6 children, maximum enrollment. The Use Permit for the day care was approved on 9/14/93 and it established minimum parking spaces as 19 and maximum students as 116.” Rick Marvin claims that “Both numbers are consistent with City of Monterey Zoning Ordinance requirements”. He further states that “Plans on file with the Building Division show 19 parking spaces are provided and there is no information provided to document that the Ryan Ranch Daycare is exceeding the allowed capacity. They (Ryan Ranch Children’s Center) are operating within the boundaries of their approved Use Permit.” Mr. Marvin refused to address my concerns about employee parking. The City of Monterey did not consider where 25 employees would park or what affect the 25 employees would have on neighboring businesses. Over the period of several months, I noticed that City of Monterey employees who offered to help suddenly withdrew their help. A police officer told us about a city-sponsored program involving several different agencies in the problem solving process. We wanted to participate in this program, however our phone calls and e-mails have not been returned

charlie w :
"I have never seen a city yet that is not corrupt. i live in pompano bch. , fl. they are the worst in the u.s.a."
gecko1644 :
"If they met the parking requirements of their 1993 zoning code, you have no leg to stand on. Todays code may be more stringent, but it wont take effect unless the daycare one day decides to to do major renovations or an addition."
karen F :

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mendoza4057 :

lm reclassing to 21Y (supply) and the only reason lm reclassing is to be able or have more open options but shit when l signed my contract they didnt put it in writing [lm talking about the place where l want to go which is Presidio of Monterey in California] l still need to go to AIT but shit l got orders alrady to go to fort polk [ louisiana] its almost impossible for me going to any post other than Monterey because l have my house there, my wife makes good enough money to pay the house. lm wondering if there s anything l can do about it. l called S1 in monterey and they have an opening for me but l dont hold the mos yet so... l called branch manager, they told me same thing, looks like lm stucked there my friend told me that once l finish my AIT go straight to monterey without orders and tell them that l lost my orders and they inprosses me there and l can stay... u think this might work? what u know about this? l've been in the Army for two years already so l had to reenlist in order to reclass, my retention NCO told me that it could nt be in writing because l didnt hold my MOS yet that l had to wait untill l was close to graduate but boom, the next day DA send me orders to go to Polk... now branch says that my retention Nco is who has to fix that, and he says that is DA who gave me orders but he says l have to wait untill finish Ait so l can request to go to Cali. l dont know, lm confused, lm afraid that if l wait it could be to late. l dont know what to do and they know the only reason l reup is cause been supply clerk l could go to Monterey.

wsulliva :
"Get through your basic and AIT, first. Stay in touch with Branch, as well as that S-1 shop at the Presidio. The whole shop, not just the officer -- the bum might get transferred out before anything happens. You have just learned your first lesson about the military -- if it ain't in writing, it ain't. The next thing you have ot learn is, " bloom where you are planted" , i.e., where ever you are, do it now, and do it top-notch. Good luck with the rest of your career! wsulliva"
abouch66 :
"I'd wait untill I got to ait and then recontact your branch manager and the s-1 in monterey and see if you can get your orders changed. They should be able to pull some strings to accomadate you. I wouldn't just show up and try to inprocess. Yes they probably would inprocess you, but I'd guess that'd you'd be listed as awol at polk, and that'll throw up some red flags. It all just sounds too shady, I wouldn't do it."
Shari :
"It strikes me, that if you went anywhere other than to where you have orders to go, you'd be classified as AWOL. You don't mess with the military and have them see things your way. This 'friend' can't be much of one, to try to get you into trouble. Usually they never want the service member to get assigned to where they came from. They'll send you as far away as possible instead. And you will be at Ft Polk. I'd advise you just to wait for your annual leave and go home for a visit, and stay out of trouble. If you were thought AWOL they can put you in the brig and let you set the rest of your time out there. And you wouldn't like that. So be practical, wait til you get the right MOS and the papers to prove it, before asking for a transfer and a different job than what you have or will be doing at Ft Polk. This is sound advice coming from a former member of the army who got listed as AWOL for something I didn't know I even did wrong. And spent weeks with extra details. That was no fun at all. I learned to never assume, after that."
sddp05 :
"i think you should talk to the people that out process you in ait"
joby10095 :
"You have been in the military two years and haven't figured out that if it ain't in writing, it ain't true? You should know this by now. Never trust career planners or recruiters. And if you are stupid enough to pull off the trick your friend told you, you will wind up in deep s***."
D. M. :
"Its not McDonalds or Burger King! YOU can't have it your way all the time! suck it up, drive on and enjoy Ft. Polk, Louisiana! Showing up in Monterey w/o official orders and try to inprocess will get you into deeper SHYT! Leave your wife in Monterey and go to Ft.Polk alone! Go home when you can! Nothing else makes you happy, just GO AWOL! FYI: Needs of the ARMY has priority as far as assignments go! Hooah!"
Mrsjvb :
"you cannot get station of choice when reclassing. just because there is a slot open for you now does NOT mean there will one open when you graduate school. and showing up to POM without orders will only get you in serious trouble for being UA from your real duty station."


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:57

The TED lectures are taking place in Monterey, California in March. Don't have $6000? Well, apparently, there is an interesting and informative alternative called BIL taking place at around the same time and it is for free!

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:57

Goran Visnjic had agreed to pay $1,800.00 per month in child support to a Croatian woman who filed a suit against him in Croatian court. Visnjic originally contested her claim that he was the father of the child, who was conceived in 2006.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:57

California agricultural authorities have decided to stop spraying the moth pheromone sprays Checkmate OLR-F and LBAM-F over Monterey County and other regions - for now.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:57

Thunderous rumblings reverberate from a taiko drum the size of a Honda Civic. The instrument, which sits near the exit of the new Shin-Sen-Gumi in Monterey Park, signals each customer's departure. "Dewa mata nochi hodo!" ("See you later!"), bellows a pack of black-clad employees in unison, bowing low as people leave.

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