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A Monte Carlo method is a computational algorithm which relies on repeated random sampling to compute its results. Monte Carlo methods are often used when simulating physical and mathematical systems. Because of their reliance on repeated computation and random or pseudo-random numbers, Monte Carlo methods are most suited to calculation by a computer. Monte Carlo methods tend to be used when it is infeasible or impossible to compute an exact result with a deterministic algorithm.The term Monte Carlo was coined in the 1940s by physicists working on nuclear weapon projects in the Los Alamos Nat

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Victor G :

I have a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo LS i cant find any hi output alternators for it does anyone know of a site or place i can get one from?

hartnessracer :
"Check with stinger or a reputable rebuoilder for a high output rebuild kit."
Li-Li :

I am into all monte carlos and I want to know whats the best one to get this would be my very first car. Should I get a classic or get a newer model help me PLEASE!!!!!

Bumbles :
"Well I like them all too!!! I am partial to the mid 80's SS models. My Dad bought an 87 Aero Coupe and had a frame off restoration done. The interior is mint, he just had a Jasper carte engine (350) with 300 HP installed. All he needs to do now it get tires. It is white with the red SS on the sides. I like the new ones too."
de bossy one :
"get a classic. it will be easier to work on, has fewer "NEW" gadgets to go wrong and cost a fortune to fix and the insurance is lower since most will only provide liability on an old car. however, if you do get an old one, make sure the motor gets rebuilt, the tranny gets rebuilt, and it has a good body and interior. if you put money into it, many insurance companies will increase the types and amounts of coverage, especial;l if it's liscenced as a classic or antique car. also, you'll be ablt to sell it to a collector for top dollar."
Kalighe :
"Go for the older mid 80's Monte Carlo's. Aim for an SS. The true SS have a great resell value, are cheap to repair and they are awesome to drive. I owned a 86 SS T-tops and this was probably my all time favorite car. Good luck with your search and have fun with your car!!"
rockintrain397 :
"I would recommend getting a 1970-77 Monte Carlo, my mother used to own a '76 Monte Carlo and it was a very reliable car and it had alot of miles on it when we've owned it."
alk99 :
"AHHH,,, A 1972 Monte, jet black with stock chrome rally rims, 350 4-barrel and swivel bucket seats and tinted windows. A ride with style and attitude :) :)"
Chris :
"The classics are always better.. new cars are not made like the classics.. plus computer engine controls suck."
ynot67212 :
"I would prefer a new one to an older one. One of the reasons why is because if you are not mechanically inclined it will nickle and dime you to death.A new car although more expensive to buy done come with a warranty. The older cars around the mid west are prone to rusting / body rot."
vinniemyvinn :
pygmybilly :
"Ultimately, YOU are the only one that can make the final decision. You say that you like all Montes. So any way you go, you are going to be proud of your car because it is YOUR car. We can each give our own input as to the year that is the "best". As you can see, the choices vary as much as the people do. First of all, look at your pocketbook or the pocketbook of the person paying for the car. That will give you an idea of the range of years you can get. Secondly, look around your area to see what is available. You've probably heard this more than once: "don't buy the first thing you see". To some degree there is truth to this. However, you may be driving along and see one and you just "know" that is the car meant for you. In conclusion, regardless of the year Monte you get, you are going to please some people and not please some people. Just read the other answerers and you will see this. Get what YOU want. Not what someone else here WANTS YOU to get. Happy motoring!"
Don E :
"Newer Models will save you more money."
Maverick :

General Motors has confirmed production of its Monte Carlo coupe will end early this summer. The last orders will be taken in early May, and assembly at Canada's Oshawa plant will stop on June 20th. Thanks to a model update and new V8 engine, sales of the front-wheel-drive Monte Carlo were up slightly in 2006, but fell significantly early this year (down 60 percent in January). GM expects the 2008 Malibu to cut into potential Monte Carlo sales further, making now a good time to axe the coupe. While GM hasn't commented on the future of the nameplate, product chief Bob Lutz said in March GM's new rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform would be used for a new Monte Carlo, along with the upcoming Camaro, Impala, GTO, and Buick Statesman (now believed to be on hold). At the time, Lutz also said a new El Camino was possible — a proposal that is gaining steam, according to recent reports. >

brite tiger :
"The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is an American mid-size car. Originally introduced by Chevrolet for the 1970 model year (as competition with the Ford Thunderbird), it has gone through six generations to date. All Monte Carlos to date have been two-door coupes, closely based on a contemporary mid-sized sedan. From its inception, the Monte Carlo also has been one of GM's biggest successes on the NASCAR stock car racing circuit. However, in 2007, GM will phase the Monte Carlo out in favor of the Impala. Based upon the above statement of idling of the Monte Carlo at Oshawa, and no announced plans to continue production elsewhere, it appears the Monte Carlo will go on hiatus after the 2007 model year. GM has confirmed that the Monte Carlo will end production on June 20. Trivia The Monte Carlo has the most wins of any car in NASCAR history. In the 2006 film Cars, a stock car racing announcer known as Darrell Cartrip appears to be a 1976 Monte Carlo. The character is based on former NASCAR champion Darrell Waltrip, who provides his voice in the role. A piston cup racecar sponsored by Leakless Adult Drip Pans appears to be the same model. In the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace Ventura drives a beat-up blue 1972 model. In the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, character Roman Pearce (played by Tyrese Gibson) participates in a Demolition Derby with a 1970 Monte Carlo. Upon leaving the competition, he walks back to his residence and a 1972 Monte Carlo that is presumed to be his, can be seen. In the movie The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, character Sean Boswell drives a heavily modified "sleeper" first-generation Monte Carlo at the beginning of the film. It sustains heavy damage during a race with a 2004 Dodge Viper and finally rolls at the end of the race. In the 2002 movie Training Day, Denzel Washington drives a black 1979 Monte Carlo. In the first episode of The O.C. Dawn Atwood drives a beat-up first-generation Monte Carlo. In the movie Collateral starring Tom Cruise, Mark Ruffalo drives a fifth-generation Monte Carlo."
tommy44432 :
"Once Chevy quits making the MC coupe my 42 year love affair with things Chevrolet will cease to exist. I have never owned a four door car in my life and have no intention of starting now. The 2 door Cobalt is too small for me. The 2 door Pontiac Grand Am is too. Soooo...if GM doesn't want me as a customer then so be it...I'll look elsewhere. I've owned at least one of every body style Monte Carlo ever produced. It's no wonder Chevy and GM are losing market share...they refuse to produce the cars people want to buy. It's just like them...a car's design goes stale and instead of a redesign GM axes the model. The Monte should have remained a front engine rear wheel drive car all along. So...good bye Chevrolet...hello Toyota Solara Coupe!"
emiller1998 :
"they are just stopping production so they can change over the plant from the w-body to the new zeta platform. the large coupe will be built off that platform once everything is back up and running. the new platform is rwd again also."


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:51

Sony has showed off a new version of Home to attendees of a recent tech show in Monte Carlo, revealing specifics on new areas that'll be in the final package expected for release later this year.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:51

At the recent Imagina conference in Monte Carlo - and no, we hadn't heard of it either - Sony hoisted up their trousers and smiled proudly as they unveiled a brand spanking new version of PS3 virtual world, Home...

Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:51

The newest version of Home was graced by the presence of attendees at a tech show in Monte Carlo and while we could not join they brought us these details.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:41:51

Monte Carlo fire should bring some interesting dynamics to room rates.

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