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freestreet87 :

Is it safe to climb mont blanc in may, by the goutier route, even if the refuges are closed.

Sean Joseph Thomas R :
"no I don't think so"
creative_brush :
"Mont Blanc is a challenge for any one, if you have the courage and the talent go for it. I am not a climber, scared the crap out of me. But if you are a true adventure i reminded by a movie quote "Victory or death"."
Radical One :
"I wouldn't try it until I was absolutely sure of my abilities to climb it. It appears to be a difficult climb, so I hope that you're an expert mountaineer. Rescues often take place. The Goûter route is the easiest, but you should still be cautious."
k7379 :

I'm trying to buy the mont blanc or cartier pen for Valentines day- and I need to buy it today, so I don't have time to order it online, but I would like to get the best deal possible. Any suggestions for the San Antonio area?

justme :
"When it comes to "designer" anything, unless you buy designer merchandise from an outlet store, it's going to be the same price at the boutique for that particular name brand as it is at a specialty store that sells that name brand. Unfortunately, there are no Montblanc boutiques in your area ... or Cartier. In fact, not sure that you would have very many boutiques at all in your area of Texas (or the state of TX). Sorry."
mahleezah :
"Sorry that this answer comes too ate to likely have hellped you with your Valentine gifting, but, next time try to plan ahead and use ebay--they beat anyone's pricing on the designer goods."
Kaye L. :

Anyone know of any authorized online dealers because the city I live in does not have a Mont Blanc retailer. Thanks.

kunalsc :


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:40:15

In 1966 117 people were placed in jeopardy after an Air India Boeing 707 nearly crashed near the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps. Fortunately, a Brahmacharya soul deep exercised control of the senses in thought, word and deed shaping time and space, averting Moksha. Important Events In History That Never Occurred Today

Date: 2008-02-05 16:40:15

European climbers take a hot tub to the summit of mont blanc

Date: 2008-02-05 16:40:15

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Date: 2008-02-05 16:40:15

In October 2007 I drove in France from Lake Annecy to Chamonix and stayed in a wonderful hotel in that town. The aerial tramway up to the peak Aguille du Midi was amazing. In the summer there are other tramways to other peaks as well as paragliding and mountain climbing. Chamonix is a skiing center (thewinter Olympics were held there in 1924).

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Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc ( French for white mountain ) or Monte Bianco ( Italian , same meaning), also known as "La Dame Blanche" (French, the white lady ) is a mountain in the Alps
Mont Blanc

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Visit the official Montblanc Website and experience the beauty and variety of the Montblanc collections of fine writing instruments, watches, large and small leather goods ... Make ...
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Visit the official Montblanc Website and experience the beauty and variety of the Montblanc collections of fine writing instruments, watches, large and small leather goods ... ...
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The adventure begins in outer space. Easy to mount Roof boxes and bicycle holders. Welcome to Mont Blanc ...