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Religious buildingsThe12th century Cathedral contains the remains of Conrad, king of Germany and Sicily in the 13th century. After the quake of 1908, the cathedral was almost entirely rebuilt in 1919/1920; after a fire in 1943 it had to be rebuilt again. The original Norman structure can be seen in the apsidal area. The façade has three late Gothic portals, the central one probably dating from the early 15th century, with noteworthy decorations. The architrave is decorated with a sculpture of Christ Among the Evangelists and representations of human figures, animals and plants. The tympanum

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liveitup :

can anyone give me some interesting facts on palermo and messina sicily??

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The Great Roz :
"I've been to Palermo and there was a great basilica but we traveled around a lot so I don't remember alot."
antosimolele :
"Hi. I'm Italian. Palerm and Messina are situated in Sicily region, in the south of Italy. Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily, which is the largest and most heavily populated (about 5,000,000) island in the Mediterranean. The area has been under numerous dominators over the centuries, including Roman, Carthaginian, Byzantine, Greek, Arab, Norman, Swabian and Spanish masters. Due to this past, to the cultural exchange that for millennia has taken place in the area, the city is still an exotic mixtute of many cultures. Many of the monuments still exist giving the city somewhat unique appearance. The city of Palermo, including the province of Palermo, has around 1,300,000 inhabitants and has about 200 Km of coastline. The old town of Palermo is one of the largest in Europe, full of references to the past. Palermo reflects the diverse history of the region in that the city contains many masterpieces from different periods, including romanesque, gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture as well as examples of modern art. The city also hosts it's rich vegetation of palm trees, prickly pears, bananas, lemon trees and so on. Messina: is situated in the north-east corner of Sicily region. In Messina there a lot of fascinatinh monuments to visit. Plz look the web site: it's in english... I hope I gave u enoght information!!"
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Date: 2008-02-05 16:36:41

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterarranean. It is separated from the Italian penninsula by the Straits of Messina a mere 3 km and from Africa about 140 km away by the Siciliy Canal. Morphological..

Date: 2008-02-05 16:36:41

Marc Canter thinks we need better access controls for our data, and Chris “Factory Joe” Messina thinks that we need to move away from using our email addresses as the core of our online identities, and move towards a URL-based system.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:36:41

Could open-source blogging platform WordPress serve as your next social networking profile? Chris Messina, co-founder of Citizen Agency, thinks so. He’s started a project called DiSo, for distributed social networking, that aims to “build a social network with its skin inside out.” DiSo will first look to WordPress as its foundation.

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Messina (Missina in Sicilian ) is the third largest city on the island of Sicily , Italy and the capital of the province of Messina . It has a population of 250,000 inhabitants in ...
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