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There have been long-standing concerns about the reliability of Maui's potable water supply; droughts have been declared in most recent years and the Īʻao aquifer is being drawn from at what some believe are unsustainable rates of above 18 million US gallons (68,000 m³) per day. While the long-term situation remains unclear and reliable supply has not been secured, recent estimates indicate that the total potential supply of potable water on Maui is around 476 million US gallons (1,800,000 m³) per day, many times greater than any foreseeable demand.At one time in the not too distant past,

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born&raised: maui_gurl :

okay, im a maui gurl living in the mainland now so i forget all kine details on maui. like, what time does maui built open or close? i have been searching and i am so frustrated that i give up. i have the phone number but it's 8pm and i don't think they are open. what i really want to know maui built/tropix open on sundays? since that is tomorrow. hopefully someone will answer this before i go to bed. if not then i am just going to have to call. please help all you maui people. i going back to the mainland and i need to represent! mahalo in advance. um, maui built is a brand of clothing sold in maui tropix stores. thanks for trying to help.

Beez :
"I've lived on Maui and loved it, but am not familiar with the term maui built/tropix. Hawaii does not observe day light savings time. I am on Mountain Standard Time and Hawai is four hours earlier than here. Hope this helps."
#1Realtor® :

I'm getting married in Maui and am looking for a DJ in Maui that's either from Chicago or familiar with Chicago house music. I mean classic chicago house (WBMX days)... If not DJ's in Maui that I can get sample CD's from or listen to samples online. Thanks! The sample I posted sucks but I'm hoping it would give you somewhat of an idea.... thanks

Tommy Flamm :
"That's going to be a tough one but my brother spins and hangs out with Bobby D so contact him on myspace and just tell him I sent you. If he doesn't get back to you or you don't hear from him try this guy too and tell him the same"
Isaac :

I hear that West Maui is better than South Maui. I am getting married in South Maui, but do not mind staying in West Maui and driving to South Maui if it does not take too long. Please give suggestions!!

IDoToo :
"if maui is hawaii, then the travel channel had a show there one time with an exclusive hideaway about 2,000 a night but man it was sweet! have fun if you are going!"
Matt C :
"ha! i saw this question and at first thought you were talking about the Maori myth...but cant help you other than that."
playaaaaaaa :
"Definitely west maui!! I have a condo at the Westin. Stay at either the Sheraton Black Rock, The Westin Ka'anapali, or the Ka'anapali Ali'i. Ka'anapali is 5 minutes from Lahaina, which is a beautiful downtown area with lots of fun shopping, and restaurants. The beaches on west maui are absolutely gorgeous as well. Also, there is a cool town called Pa'ia which is about 20 minutes away from Ka'anapali it is on the tip of north Maui. It is an old plantation town where there is very cool shopping, and restaurants as well. very romantic also. Hope this helps!!"
Fred S :
"South Maui Waillea 50 mi.Kihei 45 mi. from Ka'anapali west Maui.Depends on traffic around a've spent 45 weeks altogether on Maui we stay in Kehei it's drier there than west Maui.Thers more nitelife in west Maui Lahaina is a lively litle place.South Maui costs less for condos except Wailea."
Marc T :
"dude i live on maui....... go to the Grand Wailea Resort, it is in the south side, and is undoutably the best resort on maui. it is very luxourios and has alot of good resteraunts and shopping aswell. and if you are really dying to stay on the west side because you like all of the people and tousist attractions stay in the Westen. it is allso a very good choice and is in a very nice location. those are the two locally favored resorts on maui. and my freinds dad actually manages the westin so i have been there many times aswell. and for snorkeling the westin is way better. Oh and depending on when you come you should look into the traffic situation. lately there has been major road work so traffic make the trips from west to south almost double in time. one more thing who ever said Paia is 20 minutes from Kaanapali, Lahaina is either lying or just doesnt know, it is actually more of an hour drive around a mountain and through Kahului, the biggest city on maui, but good try though. maybe if you looked at a map it would help a little. if you need more just cantact me and ill be willing to help"
epc :
"In my opinion, West Maui is better to visit.. I was there this past May and will return next August.. Go to Kaanaplai or Laihaina.. Theres alot to do and see there"
Maui No Ka Oi :
"West Maui ~ Kapalua - Kapalua Bay - Ritz Carlton - Kapalua Golf & Bay Villas (Condos) ~ Kaanapali - Search Kaanapali Beach ~ Napili - Napili Bay - 100s of hotels & condos on the oceanfront in West Maui, I prefer West Maui but South Maui (Kihei ) is nice also. Wailea in South Maui has nicer (higher end resorts) than Kihei. Price ranges vary greatly."
Maui Jon :
"Some people prefer West Maui and others prefer South Maui. I personally prefer the west side because it is more lush and green and is the location of the great little tourist town of Lahaina. One reason some people prefer the south side is that it gets less rain. It takes an hour to drive from one side to the other, so do not stay on the west side if you are getting married on the south side. There is more information about the two sides advantages and disadvantages on this web page:"
firsttothetop :
" I love this site! I think they might have some info that you might be interested in."


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:34:24

Boy Wonder thinks it would be alright to advertise the high grade reefer on Craigslist... NOT!

Date: 2008-02-05 16:34:24

Matt Walsh, 31, now works on a golf course on Maui. But in 2002, he did video work for the New England Patriots. That was the year they won the Super Bowl. In the wake of Spygate, where the trail of evidence abruptly stops at 2006, Walsh says there may be proof of funny business going much further back.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:34:24

The Grand Wailea is currently offering the 7th night stay for free when you book a seven night stay between March 29 to June 18. This offer is available for all guest rooms and suites (subject to availability). Click here to book your room or call 800-888-6100. Make sure to mention the 7NF promotion.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:34:24

Sounds to good to be true.. Where do I sign up???

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