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Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Most of its population of 6.4 million live in the Boston metropolitan area. The eastern half of this relatively small state is mostly urban and suburban. The west is primarily rural, also with most of its population in urban enclaves. Massachusetts is the most populous of the six New England states and ranks third in overall population density among the 50 states.

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Remka :

wat r some reasons 2 live in massachusetts in the 1600's GOOD STUFF ...... i found a few things but not much

Jim K :
"Apparently, to get away from England, but it wasn't an easy life. Half of the 102 passengers on the Mayflower died during the first winter."
Joseph, II :
"Well let's see... Most of your neighbors were probably indians (friendly ones- seeing as how they ended up being invited by the Pilgrims to their first Thanksgiving!). You had all the Land you could ask for to farm on (as LONG as you had the Backbone to clear the trees & haul out the boulders). And, the nearest "governing body" was over 2,500 miles away in England- so you didn't have anyone telling you "what to do" (YET), or how much taxes you owed... It must've been a tough life- but SOMEONE had to do it (or you wouldn't be here reading THIS- today!)... :)"
ShouldBeWorking :
"To get away from England? And to be "free"?"
DoH :
"Pilgrims came for freedom of religion. In England their highly conservative beliefs were frowned upon, they came to the "new world" in order to practice their religious beliefs without persecution from their neighbors. Funny that the founding fathers of Massachusetts were highly conservative, today MA is the most liberal state in the country. The Pilgrims ended up in Massachusetts because they were essentially lost trying to find Virginia. The first landed at what is now Provincetown on Cape Cod, but relocated to Plymouth. Reality is you were sick of being at sea, the ship is running out of fresh water, food etc... you stop, you stay. There were no roads, grocery stores etc.. so it wasn't a simple task to replenish the ships supplies and look for a better place. I believe they took the mayflower apart to build houses?"
nana1160 :
"well at the time it was a case of taxes,everybody in England had to pay alot of taxes, so sailing they went looking for the cove in Virginia they were hungry and lost thats what brought them to mass. i live in plymouth mass i just went on the 2 nd mayflower this summer, so fire away i even have 150 pics ,lol so my niece from oklahoma went a little nuts. so no taxes and freedom are the 2 main reasons"
GuitarMan :

Hi guys, could you tell me a bit about Massachusetts? I gonne live there soon. Worcester County. Thx :)

allawishes :
"the closer you get to Boston .THE accent becomes stronger"
Karen P :
"boston most historic cities Deerfield museums Fall river ww2 naval vessels ,.minute men nat. park american revolution' plymouth rock 'quincy homes of presidents adams salem ma hawthornes birthplace sturbridge village 'provincetown cape cod and you are close to mountains 'me. vt. nh. on and on"
Jeff M :
"I hope you like the Red Sox and Patriots, because we live and die by them here. We got everything here: history, museums, snow and skiing. Mountains in the west of the state and beaches on the Cape. Were close to many other great places to on vacation: NH, VT, ME."
poroxx :
"SIx Flags over New England! Close to CT bordew in Agawam."
YourDeadlyMistress :

Does anyone know the area code for Massachusetts?

create62 :
"i think it is 411."
hockeyscout143 :
"there's a few....what part?"
revdev :
"Boston 617 Outside Boston 781 Farther out 508"
kathsps :
"978 617 508 depends on where you are calling"


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The branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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