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The City of Manila, or simply Manila, is the capital of the Philippines and one of the cities that make up the greater metropolitan area of Metro Manila. Manila is the center of government in the country and one of the central hubs of a thriving metropolitan area home to over 14 million people. It is located on the shores of Manila Bay just west of the geographical center of Metro Manila, also known as the National Capital Region (NCR), which lies on an isthmus between Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay in southern Luzon.

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John Marvin C :

Well, I can say that Manila is better. Although that there are more buildings in Bangkok, Thailand; skyline of Manila is landscaped better like in Ortigas and Makati. Manila is also known as world's cheapest city to live in although a high growth rate of price hike. A lot of world class malls are also in Manila like SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall. Powerplant, TriNoma and Greenbelt. Fast-food chains and upper class restaurants area also scattered around the cosmopolitan area. For the ride, taxis are everywhere and the cuty's main railway system, MRT. Manila is also known for historical places like the baroque churches, Inrtamuros, Rizal Park and etc. Only in the PHILIPPINES---- Jeepney and Tricyle. Best accomodations are also offered in hotels such as Shangri-La EDSA, Intercontinental Manila, Shangri-La Makati, Manila Peninsula, Manila Hotel, Crowne Plaza and a lot more. You also have an easy acces to travel around the country in Manila

Rodelette :
"definitely Manila"
lavin_09 :
"manila is better than bangkok diffinitely"
helen of troy :
"manila of course"
mistercasino :
"Although both cities off many nice and interesting things. Visiting Bangkok is truly a bizarre and amazing experience for a first-time traveler. I suspect many people who answer this question and say that Manila is better are people from the Philippines. Likely they have probably never been to Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, and are simply exhibiting national pride for their country."
mayang :
"manila of course! i've been to bangkok and i must say, manila is 'cleaner' and more modern. whether you're rich or poor, young or old in the philippines, we know how to communicate in english unlike in bangkok where you can't even have a decent conversation with the taxi drivers and food court/fastfood attendants! so there you go, i'm all for team manila! ;)"
jennyann 4 :
"I loved Bangkok,,,It has everything and more"
BearyBeary :
"Bangkok . because the food is excellent, great culture, safer and i find the goods are cheaper than Manila. Plus a lot of interesting souvenirs."
Phoenix :
"Manila Include everything you wrote plus a lot more..."
Stephen I :
"The beer houses are way better in Manila. I love Pegasus...hehehe"
river_plate_94 :
"I must say Bangkok. I think the Philippine people are friendlier and easier to communicate with, but Manila is such a mess of a city compared with Bangkok. Both have terrible traffic, but atleast the Bangkok skytrain can get you to major destinations. The hotels were cheaper in Bangkok and the level of service much better and more efficient. Also Bangkok is a much safer city. There are parts of Manila that I would not advise a foreigner to venture into. Bangkok also has more variety of food and great tailor shops. Both are terribly hot in summer time. My advise would be if you know someone in the Philippines then you'll have a great time. If you are a solo traveler Bangkok will be better."
SquareEyedDoll :
"As much as I love the Philippines, I have to go for Bangkok. I love the food!"
jade t :
"I haven't been to Bangkok, so I'll have to say I like Manila more!"
MrLiberty :

Can a tourist buy a ticket to Palawan at Manila airport upon arrival or reservation required? How long does it take to get to Palawan and how much is the roundtrip ticket? with same question but to Baguio?

eastglam :
"Palawan is a beautiful island paradise almost unspoiled by human habitation I am sure you will enjoy it. Cebu Pacific fly to Puerto Princessa (the main city) from Manila the cost of a return flight is less than 3000 pesos and the flight takes about one hour. Philippine Airlines also fly Manila-Palawan. Look at the links below as they will also give you the information from Manila to Baguio. Book on line and if you go enjoy it."
Mitchiko :
"It would be best to make an online booking to secure your seats. But you may buy at the domestic airport. For Baguio, Asian Spirit caters that area. go to It takes about 1 hour to get to Baguio. Rate (est) Php 5k. For Palawan, either Busuanga or Puerto Princessa, I would recommend Asian Spirit (link above) or SEAir or take the lowest rate promo of Cebu Pacific. Roughly 30-35 mins."
"It's best to make reservation. Check out air philippines also. They have pretty decent rates. Personally, I prefer Philippine Airlines.The flight to Palawan is approx. 1hour 15min. Have fun!!"
mojako :

I want to know where are all these Car Rental businesses in Manila. I found one but it is not yet up, Let me know if there are Manila CarRental Businesses.

travelgirl218 :
"There is a Hertz and Avis car rental located at Manilla Airport - if that helps"
cCc :
"If you want cheap car rentals, check the newspapers like Buy and Sell, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin. The car rental businesses that advertise there are smaller and unknown compared to Avis and Hertz so it'll be cheaper. Your rental car will even come with a driver."


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:30:58

MANILA, Philippines -- The Optical Media Board (OMB) has ordered CD-R King, one of the country’s biggest suppliers of optical media and related technology products, to pay P1.5 million in administrative penalties....

Date: 2008-02-05 16:30:58

Podcast. What a treat! Carlos treated us to a great walking tour within the walls of Intramuros, Manila’s former capital. Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church,and the Casa Manila were the major stops on our journey.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:30:58

Interoffice Mac says theirs is better than Manilamac's AirMail.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:30:58

Family planning advocates in the Philippines in September 2007 announced plans to file a lawsuit against Environment Secretary Lito Atienza for removing all contraceptives from city clinics when he was mayor of Manila. The Reproductive Health, Rights and Ethics Centre and other groups said they had testimony on how Atienza...

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