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A mammoth is any species of the extinct genus Mammuthus. These proboscideans (elephants or their extinct relatives) were often equipped with long curved tusks and, in northern species, a covering of long hair. They lived from the Pliocene epoch from 4.8 million years ago to around 4,500 years ago. The word mammoth comes from the Russian мамонт mamont, probably in turn from the Vogul (Mansi) language.// Evolutionary historyMammoth remains have been found in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. They are believed to have originally evolved in North Africa about 4.8 million years ago,

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Doc Brown :

I'm going on a snow trip to mammoth, ca this weekend, gonna be snowboarding for two days. I'm an experienced rider, but have yet to get my own board. My question is to those familiar with snowboard rentals in the Mammoth area or in Ventura County, CA. I need to rent the board either locally from Mammoth for two days or the weekend if I rent from my home town. I am looking to see if anyone has any recommendations of either good shops in Mammoth to rent from, or any other ideas. Sorry this is so long, thanks.

Kat :
"Everytime I've been to Mammoth, I've used the rentals they have at Canyon Lodge, at the base of the mountain. It's pretty easy but I suggest going there about the time that it opens, because the lines can get long. here's the mammoth rental site if you need more information: hope that helps!"
septogenarian :

The wooly mammoth died out 10,000 years ago at the end of the ice age. We have the technology to breed a wooly mammoth from DNA by using an asian elephant as a parent. If the mammoth could not survive the warmer climate is it humane and in the best interests of science to recreate it in a state of global warming? Also, the mammoth was much larger than the asian elephant. Would you want to be the surrogate Mom for a mammoth?

Pfo :
"This sounds a little unethical; the woolly mammoth died out for a reason that we should not interfere with."
dinotheorist :
"I think it would be a good thing. After all, it was probably we humans who hunted mammoths to extinction. We could learn a great deal from recovering a species like that. As to where you'd put it, that's the best question because herds of them would wander onto roads, maul people, and mess with farms just like elephants in Africa."
Mel :
"who says the elephant can carry the mammoth? I'm confused about how this would even occur. Dolly the cloned sheep died really young of old age diseases because her DNA were too short. To me, that means we haven't figured out how to clone animals, anyway, so I think we should perfect it with the animals we know before trying it with the ones we don't know."
Sarah W :
"Just about the only viable way to clone an animal is to get it's complete genetic code. You would need either sperm or an egg. And this has so far proven to be quite the tricky thing to find in a frozen mammoth, needless to say."
Heidi :

In about three weeks I will be going on a vacation and stopping at Mammoth Caves with my boyfriend and his mom and stepdad. The problem is, his mom gets really bad vertigo and gets really dizzy if she's up high or on say, a small-ish ledge. I have not been to Mammoth Caves before, but my boyfriend has, and he says he mom might not do so well on some of the tours. Can anyone vouch that there are tours that are relatively tame, while still getting to see some scenery? Any other Mammoth Cave tips you'd like to throw in, as what the best tour is? Thanks a lot everyone! When I say "up high", I mean if there is a long vertical drop, she would probably get light headed. Not as in high altitudes in this case, obviously :) pjallittle, thanks for that particular link, I somehow missed the ones with the distances and whatnot.

pjallittle :
"It will be a lot better if you'd review for yourself the following tours which will be available. Since this is part of the National Park system, your friend's mom or stepdad may be eligible for a pass that's available such that all of you can enter the Park for free. Read the particulars at the following site: "


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Date: 2008-02-05 16:02:08

Is there NO ONE in the United States but Ron Paul who is ALARMED about the legislation just snuck through a mammoth Iraq spending and Asian tsunami bill, the "Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005?"

Date: 2008-02-05 16:02:08

Egypt set up a mammoth semi final clash against the Ivory Coast after beating suprise packages Angola 2-1 on Tuesday with goals coming from a Hosni Abd Rabou penalty and Amr Zaki's shoulder like connection on goal.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:02:08

Search and everything else mammoth, Google has now detailed its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2007 and they still make us curse the days we haven't bought G-stocks. As reported, in Q4 revenues were up 51% on year and 14% on a quarterly basis as they reached $4.83 billion.

Date: 2008-02-05 16:02:08

From a gameplay point of view, perhaps the juiciest morsel offered up by the interview is that the player’s abilities in The Force Unleashed will actually allow them to re-create the jaw-dropping rendered teaser trailer moment when the apprentice downs a mammoth Star Destroyer using only Force powers. Rubber underwear at the ready!

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A mammoth is any species of the extinct genus Mammuthus . These proboscideans ( elephants or their extinct relatives) were often equipped with long curved tusks and, in northern ...
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