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Underwater cityAccording to descriptions by early travel writers from Britain, the area near Mahabalipuram had seven pagodas by the sea. Accounts of Mahabalipuram were first written down by British traveller John Goldingham who was told of the "Seven Pagodas" when he visited in 1798.An ancient port city and parts of a temple built in the 7th century may have been uncovered by the tsunami that resulted from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. As the waves gradually receded, the force of the water removed sand deposits that had covered various rocky structures and revealed carvings of animals, w

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Evan :

I was told there was a gym with weights/resistance nearby, but the gym doesn't have an elliptical machine. If the gym in Mamallapuram isn't what I want when I see what equipment they have, where could I find a place-gym nearest to Mamallapuram that has and/or , weights/resistance machines and/or either an elliptical machine or a stairmaster??? I am extremely focused in my diet and exercise, and have strict goals for things coming up, please help me with this. Thanks VERY much???

jaggu d :
"huh !!"
Mafia Girl :
"That place is a boring village with poor people and infested with low budget foreigners who wanna spend less and enjoy with nothing short of ac and comfort. If you wanna have it all this way go ahead. As a girl who enjoys the 5 star resorts mainly when I travel this option is going to be very unsuitable for you. Cheers"
Evan :

but not impossible to climb BY FOOT, and would take at least a half hour to do such?

dipta_j :
"it's a small hill top. Too small to call a mountain. Yes you need to climb and you will get a light house on top."
Mafia Girl :
"My home is nearby. Serious. I stay in the city nearby and there are mountains to climb. I am from Madras. But you got to get to the city to find the best places untouched by man. One place called Tada in Andhra about 3 hours north of Madras. Its a hangout for me and great mountains to climb."
Giriraj b :
"nothing like that. actully it is a very small collection of rocks which become so sleepary because of lot of tourist walk on that so somebody may have said so . but there is a mountain which take half hour to reach top but it is not within walking distance from mamallapuram. it is nearby 15 to 20 km from mamallapuram called tirukallikundram."


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Date: 2008-07-04 18:32:18

Bharath's forthcoming film Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu audio launch took place at Asiana, a newly opened star hotel in Old Mamallapuram. This blog consists of all latest Tamil songs. We can listen Muniyandi songs in this blog.

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