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AttractionsBellver CastleSantueri CastlePalma CathedralCuber LakeEl Diablo Castle PeopleFamous Majorcans include writer and philosopher, Ramon Llull, and Junípero Serra, the Franciscan friar who founded the mission chain in Alta California. From the 19th century, the military commander, Joaquin Jovellar y Soler, and two time Spanish Prime Minister, Antonio Maura Montaner. More recently, sportsmen from the island include top tennis players Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moyà. Rafael Nadal's uncle is the former Spanish international footballer, Miguel Ángel Nadal. In 2006, Majorca's Jorge Lorenzo

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R10 :

Mallorca eliminated Madrid after beating them At El Bernabeu 1-0 CRUSHING MADRID and aggregate of 3-1.. ending Madrid's PERFECT HOME RECORD!!! Hard Luck MADRID!!! No More Hala Madrid... Its Hala Mallorca!!! Where are ALL Madrid fans hiding NOW! Don't CRY guys.......... it's only normal to lose from a team like Mallorca twice when you are a bunch of overrated chumps! @Freshy ... at least we were not embarrassed from teams like Mallorca... eh?? Wat say??

sevillaforever :
"r u serious thats savage ok now sevilla r out of it i want mallorca to win it or else getafe savage ye won"
Gõlden angel :
"I cant believe it..I mean were talking about thee Madrid and they cant even score 1 lousy goal????????????????"
♥!JEWLZ!♥ :
"I'm pretty sure they dont care much for la copa del Rey, they are more interested in La Liga, and the champions league."
BabyGirl :
"congrats! :))"
santa*lucia*de*la*trinidad :
"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha this is proof MADRID ARE LOSERS!!!!!!!"
Mahon M :
Fresh Prince :
"Why are you Barca fans getting all vocal now? Didn't Madrid embarrass Barca at Camp Nou beating them 1-0? Oh and Milan were elliminated from the Copa Italia by Catania, why is no one making fun of them? Thats right I forgot, the majority of the people here are glory hunting Milan and Barca fans...."
Pepe :
"Fresh Prince, Im not a Glory Hunter yea it looks like Real Madrids luck has run out"
Valencianista :
"not embarrassed? you guys (Barca fans, not all, but some) make up the DUMBEST excuses when you lose...and if Real Madrid sucks, how did they manage to win Barcelona at Nou Camp?? let me hear your silly excuses.. i know that you, as a barca fan, hate madrid more than anything, but you have to admit they're doing better than barca..oh i'm sorry, you're a barca fan, it's normal to be ignorant and biased.. edit: at least Real Madrid had missing players (ALOT of them, mostly defensive injuries) which is a good excuse for their for Barca, i see Messi injured and you all say "oh, of course we will lose, Messi is not there" making Barca a 1-man-team if it's like that.."
milan88 :
"i agreed with fresh prince up until he brought up milan. Madrid were the better team but luck wasnt on their side. Oh well at least they are still in first place in La Liga!"
Stefy!-Nia! :
"Wait till we kick their @sses! Anywho to the comment about how Real lost to a team like Mallorca that should make Barca pretty damn embarrassed if you look at it that way, cause Mallorca can beat them but Barca Can't AT HOME! Ouch! I respect underrated teams!"
Babyboy :
"Man dont turn like ignorant Milan fans who judge on their team calling them best after their 1st fukin victory at home. 2nd. No1 really cares about "Copa del Rey" in Spain so dont be suprised that Barca will be the next team out. Idc neither and i know Barca dont and neither do Madrid... 3rd Real & Mallorca are setting up games for years already!!!"
kostascdsc :
"You remind me of England fans after Israel beat Russia...Madrid are still first by a large margin...Barça still has a lot of work ahead of them, don't start the music yet if you ever want to start it at all..."
Milan99 :
"OK Real Madrid/Milan? great teams losing so called "Small team" won so don't we think we should STOP! disrespecting less trophy winners teams and go for a win whether its a small team or big team? why is that when a great team play against another great team(great team referring to most crowned cups winners)we get to see a great game but when its a small team its like so boring and the so called "great team" loses??? so what is it??? anyway for Real Madrid and Happy and sad at the same time, happy that they lost to a so called "small team" and sad because wanted to see a Barca vs Madrid final(though its soon to talk about final)."
? ! :
"Aghh! Thats just brill! Got t love Mallorca! Ha madrid!"
Sparkle :

Hey everyone, I am DESPERATE! I'm moving abroad to Mallorca in Spain after year 11, and I am searching for any theatre schools or colleges were I can pursue my dreams of acting in theatre and stage. Does anyone know the names of any schools I could attend? If I don't have performing arts, I have nothing. Anyone who can help, I will be forever grateful!! xxx

Phoebe H :
"There's a drama school on Mallorca, yup!! I'd say you the name but it is in Catalá and I don't knwo how to write it, but is a Drama school. However, here in Spain the best art schools are in Madrid in Barcelona. I'm from Tenerife, in the Canary Archipielago, and I'm studying a degree because being actress here doesn't take you anyway. But when I finish the degree I'm going to do it anyway. I know how it feels, if I couldn't sing or act I'd die! Good luck in Spain!!!"
Wolf :

I have a friend from the middle east and living in UAE, he wants to spend this summer vacation in Mallorca with his family (wife+little girl) does he need a visa? If so, from where to get it? Cheers

giraldillo67 :
"Mallorca is part of Spain. Very probably he has to apply for a Schengen-Visa (tourist) at the nearest Spanish embassy."


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Date: 2008-02-05 15:58:19

In recent months, three Mallorcan hotels have received Excellence and Leisure Nominations and Awards, further proving that Mallorca is the perfect holiday destination year round. Winter holidays in Mallorca are more peaceful and relaxing than their summertime counterparts.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:58:19

Rural holidays in Mallorca are becoming popular with the British because it's a nice way to relax without battling overcrowded areas for a good spot on the beach. The British can get cheap flights to Mallorca and the rural environment offers a nice change from the usual 'fun in the sun' trips...

Date: 2008-02-05 15:58:19

Watch Spanish Primera Division Villarreal CF vs RCD Mallorca live here enjoy.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:58:19

Several weather forecasts for Palma de Mallorca on one place. Compare forecasts yourself to get the most accurate idea of how the weather is going to be in Palma de Mallorca

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