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Madrid (pronounced /ma'ðrið/ in Spanish, and /mʌˈdɹɪd/ in English) is the capital and largest city of Spain.The city is located on the river Manzanares in the center of the country, between the autonomous communities of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha. Due to its economic output, standard of living, and market size, Madrid is considered the major financial center of the Iberian Peninsula; it hosts the head offices of the vast majority of the major Spanish companies, as well as the headquarters of three of the world's 100 largest companies (Telefónica, Repsol-YPF, Endesa). As th

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aaaasa :

Ok I presented a case against Beckham previously. This will be a LONG read, so please have the patience and stamina, if you consider yourself a true football fan you will read this in its entirety, and then tell me what you agree or disagree with However, I am now going to expand it to prove wrong the people who state he was a success at Real Madrid and their "saviour" last season before he departed for LA Galaxy (great to see you love the game eh Becks and not the cash) That's my first point, we continually hear how Beckham is one of the few players who still plays for the passion and love of the game Quite ironic considering he has made a fortune and has a huge celebrity lifestyle outside of it, which he doesn't try to shun, infact he wholeheartedly looks for and embraces. Oh yea he really loves the game (the people who say this make me sick) Ok, between 1998-1999, the four seasons before Beckham arrived in madrid, Real won two titles and two Champions' Leagues. You can add to this the Cl they won the season before France 98 when predrag Mijatovic scored the winner agaisnt Juventus Now, in the four seasons since Beckham arrived, they have won the Copa Del Rey once and La Liga once I don't care about Copa Del Rey, only England and Spain still take the domestic cup seriously All that means anything in European football is effort on two fronts : your bread and butter of the league, and an assault on the CL, if you are in it Now, Madrid won no CL in Beckham's 4 years club, in stark contrast to 3 in the 6 years previous to his acquisition, 2 of which came in the preceding 4 years, the same length of time Beckham was there and won zero As stated previousy, they won two titles before beckham arrived in 4 years Beckham won nothing of note in his first 3 seasons at Madrd Then he has a good second half of the season last season. So did some other players but as per usual, he reapls all the glory and plaudits anyway, and all of a sudden his time at Madrid is a success? I would say he played well because the pressure was off after his signing for Galaxy, he knew he would be leaving so could concentrate on his football, that does not make a footballer performing under less pressure, hence why England never win anything at tournaments (bottle it more than Pepsi) I mean, it was about time Madrid won a La Liga was it not? For a club of the magnitude of Real madrid to go four seasons without winning the Spanish Title IN THIS DAY AND AGE WITH THE PLAYERS AT THEIR DISPOSAL would be quite peculiar, not so much in the past but now with the superclubs breaking further away with the increased sponsorships and tv rights etc (rich getting rich, poor getting poorer) it would be strange TO counter this, and to prove I see both sides of the coin, you could arge Spain is the most competitive league in Europe, and you would be right (not a two or three horse race like the Premiership) As a result, Madrid won it on the last day, and I think that second half of the season was the least Beckham could have done, after his poor showing in Madrid colours performance and honours wise Yes other players underachieved also, but Beckham was one of the worst I know Beckham has certain qualities, I have said already he is one of the greatest crossers of a ball I have ever seen However, this is only of worth if you have a predator in the middle who thrives on balls delivered from the wings ie RVN, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke You will notice Beckham never really got much attention at united till cantona left, this is because Cantona couldn't capitalize on Beckham's style of play, also Andrei Kanchelskis was better than Beckham, gave United more balance being similar to Giggs on the other side What I am saying is, without a striker who can capitalize on crosses, Beckham is practically useless That's why last season was Beckham's best, because Real Madrid finally had a striker who liked cross balls Ronaldo and Raul dont care about Beckham's style Then there are the times Beckham played in CM, and failed miserably, proving he doesnt have what it takes to play in his desired position of central midfield, and is an extremely one dimensional player as a winger, he doesn't have the intelligence nor vision to play THROUGH BALLS (those are rela passes not 60 yeard hollywood balls which penetrate nothing) I have already stated beckham's few strengths and numerous limitations on another thread so I won't go into too much detail here The basic concept of this question is, Real madrid won 4 times as many of important trophies they entered (2 per seasons of La Liga and Cl equals 8 in 4 years, they won 4/8) as they did after Beckham arrived (1/8) ie They won a quarter of trophies in beckham's timespan as they did pre beckhams time So based on this, how an you say Beckham's signing for Madrid was a good thing ON THE PARK? they signed him a year after Beckhammania took off in Asia in the aftermath of the Asian World CUp It was blatantly to break Asia, overtake man United and capitalize on his fame there! How can you people be so naive? perez even stated Ronaldinho was "too ugly" to play for Madrid The overall question is, were Real Madrid better off before or during Beckham's time? Based on what I have presented you would have to argue before And also seeing as so many of you love to judge everything based on trophies won, to contradict me would be displaying tremendous hypocrisy Btw, here is something somebody said to me when I asked this question months ago " you know nothing of football. beckham is definately not overrated. lionel messi is one of the most overrated footballers." also the girl defending him stated "Beckham is the best right winger England have ever had" Has she never heard of stanley matthews? Clearly anybody voting that answer, are saying that beckham is better than Stanley lol WRONG haha the people defending beckham think messi is overrated, oh Christ............ And that is that, i rest my case he was never anything, he just had this amazing ability to cross a ball and had great stamina Yea Mdrid change manager often but stillstats dont lie, and you all apparently love the facts......... ...than food this is obviously true, but it still remains fact that beckham showed very little on the pitch let us not mae excuses for him because madrid were in bad shape when he played well also he has to take the flak with the credut i see your piint but the truth is madrid were winning more with mcmanaman before becks arrived i get ya but my point is, if beckham takes the accolade,s he ahs to take the criticism also when things werent going right i dont mention raul because raul did it for real madrid years ago also, raul is a way superior player to beckham ,which means he probably deserves more criticsim but raul didnt join madrid when things started going wrong, thats why im slating beckham, he wa sone of the big problems at madrid no matter how ya slice it and this statement above proves it

umar f :
"no Madrid dne rubbish coz they changed their manager evryday"
swthollitoes :
"I agree, he is nothing more than an average soccer player, and the only reason he is world famous is because he married a spice girl. Pele was better, plus he played when he was injured too. Mr Spice girl has a scratched toe, he will sit out a game. LAME!!!!!"
cheaper than food :
"I put the blame much more on the Real Madrid franchise. Not only were they remarkably unstable due to constant coaching changes, but the political atmosphere at the club led to horrible team chemistry. The collection of egos alone would be enough to set them back. Add to it the candidates for team president always going on about the new players they are going to bring in -- that is not going to instill a sense of confidence or unity in the current squad. No confidence + no unity = no silverware."
killy gonso :
"Beckham played very well almost every game at real madrid. even when real madrid lose, beckham was only one who played good football in real madrid, when the team was struggling. unfortunately, real madrid has won only two title in four years with beckham. but come on It's not all beckham's fault, becks is the one played well in the madrid when whole teams plays bad. I think It is the beckham who make real madrid ranked no.2 in last year otherwise, real madrid would had been no.5 or no.6 . result can't say everything, beckham played not bad rather well in real madrid. you should blame whole real madrid team not beckham. why don't you mention raul? raul had been playing bad since beckham arrived in real madrid."
Zizo Zidan Arabian Knight :

Great won to Real Madrid: Real Madrid 2 - 0 Osasuna Match Details: Real Madrid Scores first Goal by the golden boy of Spain (Raul Gonzalez Blanco) in 23th min. Second goal to Real Madrid Scores by the dancer boy of Brazil (Robinho Robson de Souza) in 80th min. Table now: 1 Barcelona/56 Pts/29 P 2 Sevilla/55 Pts/29 P 3 Real Madrid/54 Pts/29 P 4 Zaragoza/50 Pts/29 P/ +14 5 Valencia/50 Pts/29 P/ + 11 believe me the Champ will be Real Madrid cuz Real up.. Barca still down. and i guess the final table in La Liga will be: 1 - Real Madrid (Champ of La Liga 06/07) 2 - Sevilla 3 - Barca 4 - Valencia 5 - Zaragoza So are you agree with me ? (about Real Madrid Fans ..... sure ) To all Real Madrid Fans: CONGRATULATION Happy Easter to every Christians around here.... specially to my Christian friends.

admir4lifeintheworld :
"no,the champs will be barcelona"
man u :
"thanx for the match report zizo but BARCA WILL BE CHAMPIONS U WAIT AND SEE!"
oohgravy :
"I hope they do win the'll at least mean theres been an exciting end to the Spanish season (like there is in England) and it will mean Barcelona haven't won the league AGAIN!!!!!! EDIT: oh and Happy Easter too!!"
Barcelona Fan :
"Keep Dreaming my friend but i think u will have to wait another season or another dacade. At the end MES QUE UN CLUB is going to win LA LIGA"
Holden :
"I'm still hoping out there dude. Told ya it's gonna be 2-NIL!"
lilForgotten :
"Such a very tight race right now. Keep playing like this and Real might outdo Barca. But Barca can return to its better form and still has a good chance to win the title. The final nine rounds will indeed be heart pounding. From a neutral point of view, every team has had difficulties and triumph. But no one seems to be consistent enough to deserve the title. But again it creates insane suspense on the remaining rounds. It could be Real, Sevilla, or Barcelona in equal chances."
foongwk140804 :
"FC Barcelona will retain the Spanish Primera Liga."
Babygirl :
"no way man barca will win"
iker c :
"YES YES YES YES........................................."
Flako :
"Yes they are going to win. Real Madrid is an excellent team with a good defense. No doubt that real madrid will win GO! REAL MADRID! ^yes im a fan :P"
stanislava :
"no they wont"
Lauren Ronaldo :
"No way....keep dreaming! Go Barcelona!!11"
Paligurl :
"Madrid is a cool place..."
[V] :
"La liga is wide open...any points dropped by any team can be crucial to the entire all Barca, RM, Valencia are now out of UCL they will try their best to win La liga...while Sevilla have pressure of UEFA cup as well....basically it can go any way..n don't be so confident...RM still have work to do to overtake Barca...even if its only 2 pts... Forca Barca!"
Zizo Zidan2 :

Real Madrid final coundown: Pick one: Real Madrid or Barca or Valencia or Sevilla or Atlético Madrid & Cherie this 4 my Darling Cherie the sweet friend. cuz she's gave a link on her page 360 song about her team Atlético Madrid . she believe that her team will win . im here wish her team win too but not on August 26, 2007 cuz Real Madrid will kill the fat bear hahaha. This 4 her and all my friend around: Real Madrid final coundown WITH ALL MY LOVE

sufianomilano :
"athletico and barca"
Americana :
"Come on.... Real Madrid is the team to beat. They are not the strongest I tell you that. There is a difference between what team is stronger and what team you want to be strong. Real is not the strongest but sure they need to work on their stuff and they will kick ass. Time for new Galacticos to land and dominate the game."
noor of moon :
Merry loves Raul :
"Baraca! Baraca! Baraca! HALA MADRID!!!!" :
"Ronaldihno, Eto'o, Henri..................Barca"
JuventAus :
"Madrid - even though they bought Zidane too cheaply from Juve ... lol"
"fc barcelona......."
Stefania♥Atleti :
"Zizo come on. You know Atlètico will win, it's ok. I'll still be your friend after we beat you lol. My pick is Atlètico Madrid and Valencia!"
♥ S k I p [a] B e a t ! :
"Barca Real tied with Atletico. in my opninion."
bala :
"any of them"
♥ cherie II :
"Atléti, Atléti, Atlético de Madrid!!!!!!!! lol, our bears aren't fat . . . they're as fit as ever. on the contrary, your lions are getting old . . ."
stephy_16 :
"Real Madrid is the best team ever,They are going to win La Liga again. Real Madrid #1"
Top Dog :
"Barca ....all the way!!!!!!!!! Real Madrid is so frightened...they went and got a new coach and a bunch of discarded players that no team wanted coz the superstars like Cesc & Kaka didn't want to join them......I know, truth hurts...."
may :
"Real Madrid !!! The best club forever,I like your image, and zidane was great, the best player in the world Here´s the hymn De las glorias deportivas, que campean por España va el Madrid con su bandera, limpia y blanca que no empaña. Club castizo y generoso, todo nervio y corazón, veteranos y noveles, veteranos y noveles, miran siempre sus laureles con respeto y emoción. ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid! Noble y bélico adalid, caballero del honor. ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid! A triunfar en buena lid, defendiendo tu color ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid! Enemigo en la contienda, cuando pierde da la mano sin envidias ni rencores, como bueno y fiel hermano. Los domingos por la tarde, caminando a Chamartín, las mocitas madrileñas, las mocitas madrileñas van alegres y risueñas porque hoy juega su Madrid ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid! Noble y bélico adalid, caballero del honor. ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid! A triunfar en buena lid, defendiendo tu color ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid!, ¡Hala Madrid!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 15:34:28

Real Madrid went down while Barça move six points behind them with narrow win against Osasuna.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:34:28

Tienda de de una empresa que ofrece todo tipo de servicios lingüísticos de todos los idiomas en Madrid.Virtual shop for a company that offers all kinds of linguistic services of loads of languages in Madrid.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 15:34:28

Con motivo del cierre temporal del Museo Nacional Picasso de París será posible contemplar en Madrid más de 400 obras del mejor Picasso. Una oportunidad única por la cantidad y calidad de la piezas expuestas. 140 pinturas, 10 papiers colles, casi 70 esculturas, 9 cerámicas, más de 140 dibujos, varios grabados, estudios, cuadernos y ma...

Date: 2008-02-05 15:34:28

You can find here the list of Goya winners and nominee. The ceremony was held sunday in Madrid

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Madrid (pronounced /maˈðɾid/ in Spanish; /mʌˈdɹɪd/ in English) is the capital and largest city of Spain . [1] Residents are called Madrileños (madrilenians)

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