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AdministrationLyon is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes région, the préfecture of the Rhône département, and the capital of 14 cantons, covering 1 commune, and with a total population of 488 300 (2007). ArrondissementsLike Paris and Marseille, Lyon is divided into a number of municipal arrondissements (sometimes translated into English as boroughs), each of which is identified by a number and has its own council and town hall.Five arrondissements were originally created in 1852, when three neighbouring communes (La Croix-Rousse, La Guillotière, and Vaise) were annexed by Lyon.Between 1867

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*Cherries* :

This cute 23 old male came to my door today selling childrens books as a summer job. He's from Lyon, France. He has 28 more days left to stay in the USA then he will return home to Lyon, France. If I don't see him again...does anyone know if Lyon has a phonebook, like we do in the USA...we can look up people's #'s and search for people. Anyone? I am NOT out to harm him. Id just like to talk with him...he's very interesting

Logan :
"Get a P.I. or ask the company who sells those books if they can give you info on that guy"
2 shy :
"Go to Yahoo France under Yahoo International. Click on "pages jaunes" and then on "pages blanches". This will give you a little info. form to fill out for the person that you are looking for. "Nom" is his last name. "Prénom" is his first name. Under "localité" put Lyon. Under "département" put "Rhone-Alpes". Then click on "Rechercher". This should give you a list of all the people of that name listed in that region in the phone book. People with unlisted numbers are not included or his phone may not be listed under his name. Or.... you may get a list of a lot with the same name in that area. By the way to call one of those numbers from USA, you dial 011-33 plus the number listed. You drop the 1st 0 of the listed number when calling from outside France. Are you really thinking of doing this?? He must have been very sweet."
christophel08 :
"First girl, u don't have to justify why u want to talk to him. U can find french phone numbers there :? Nom is family name. Localité is the village or city and in code u have to put 69 (is the code of Rhone, the departement where lyon is) I hope it will help"
Milanista Forever :

FQ: 1. what will be first leg score in france: lyon vs man utd? i go with 2-0 win to lyon 2. what will be 2nd leg result: man utd v lyon? i go with 2-1 to man utd agg: lyon 3 man utd 2 -> lyon through read here (english version):>

My Favourite ManUtd. Fan - S :
"MANCHESTER UNITED 5,000,000,000, Lyon 0. I like Lyon but Manchester United is my #1 team."
andygurl_RooneyRox :
"Don't confuse respect with fear. Sir Alex knows Lyon and he knows Uniteds ability. Showing respect to your opponents is a wise thing, meaning he will be prepared. United 1-1 United 2-0"
Rapture_ :
"Hell no hes not scared! FQ: 1. 1-1 2. 2-1"
bishop :
"give respect to whom respect is due.lyon have won the french league for seven consecutive years so he respects them but to fear them,that he doesn't. lyon 1 manu 2 lyon 1 manu 3"
leo :
"(1st leg:lyon 1-1 man utd)(2nd leg:man utd 2-0 lyon)"
AhAmSt3r-recruited by siralex!! :
"Yeah ryt...w/e... FQ : in france : 1-0 to united 2nd leg : 2-0 united"
"Lyon lost 3-0 to Rangers at home. Why the hell in the world should Sir Alex scared. He only show some respect"
"Lyon vs Man U - Interesting match between the king of the jungle against the red devils. I don't live in a fantasy world, I think Lyon's roar is enough to see the mancs tail firmly tucked behind their backside."
chas c :

weeshugg tells us all last night the lyon v caen game is off the same as the greyskulls.tut tut shugster,lyon have a 900 mile round trip to make.why tell us the game was off shug,trying to justify the speeel cowtowing to the gers.someone asked for proof of postponement.dear oh dear,the shugster told a wee fib.tsk tsk badger,go into your warren and hibernate,tosspot

badgers :
"marvellous. now ask a question"
Jay Sarollia :
"Haven't got a clue what you're saying but yes the Lyon game this weekend is not cancelled so Rangers have an advantage for next week."
Dave A :
"they know there is no need to pospone the game as it is only that pile of sh1t from greyskull they are playing."
katie2345 :
"Maybe if yooz had any brains ,you lot would have cancelled yir game agin Herts, and just maybe yeh wid have got over the hawf way line against Milan ,and yeh never know ,yis kid hiv hid ashot at goal ,instead of relying on other teams tae put yis through ,ya bunch of jammy."
thomas9132 :
"its amazing how all the rangers fans seek to justify the spl decision to cancel the game against the mighty Gretna katie your language tut tut tut hail hail"
"Well said Katie my dear, in word 'n things they caun unerston"
Matty M :
"Your right Chas my man, I called his ar$e on that one tae and he couldnt back it up, frickin pr1ck. I tell you that Shug is one of the biggest bigots ive ever seen. Katie, why did we need to cancel the game, were the mighty Celtic football Club, we went through didnt we, now its up to you guys to follow follow us Tims. Hail Hail ********** So it seems Shug that you yourself are the one who is ignorant. Instead of searching for yourself this info you thought you had one over us Tims but instead it seems you jumped the gun.......... when the BBC said jump......... did you yell how high?"
little kizzy :
"katie 234 are you a cross dresser you are another one who needs to wash that mouth sorry chas she /he gets right on my nerves and never believe that weeshugg one of the worst ones on here"
robert :
"weeshugg... Member since: 31 October 2006 Total points: 4480 (Level 4) Add to My Contacts Block User Best answer 10%1407 answers Member Since: 31 October 2006 Total Points: 4480 (Level 4) Points earned this week: 136 Add to My Contacts Block User Open QuestionShow me another » Lyon also running scared....according to Celtic fans....? I was wrong....I was mislead by an inaccurate BBC report that stated that Lyon had also been granted a postponement of their game against Caen on Saturday, prior to the CL game with Rangers. The correct story was, like Rangers, they did ask that the match be cancelled, but, unlike the SPL, the French Football Federation refused the request of Lyon's manager, Alain Perrin. So, it would seem that the discomfort and apprehension it has caused the likes of 'chas' and his kind to chastise and crap on Walter Smith and Rangers, should instead be directed towards that wee 'masonic so-and-so' Gordon Smith and the SPL. Should provide those Tims so inclined, with some more ammunition to feed their on-going paranoia about all things red, white and blue don't you think?."
weeshuggy :
"You're right 'chucky'...I was wrong...but I "did not tell a fib"...I was mislead by an incorrect BBC report (they've already apologized) that confused Lyon requesting a postponement, with it actually being granted. Yes, like Walter Smith, Lyon's manager Alain Perrin recognizes the importance of the game at Ibrox and acted accordingly. Apparently wee Gordy Strachan is on record as saying, under the same circumstances, he too would apply for a cancellation. So your beef and apprehension would appear to be with Gordon Smith and the 'secret society' you so devoutly believe exists in Scottish football (no paranoia there then eh?) and not the fault of anything to do with Rangers...or any other club for that matter."


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Date: 2008-01-29 14:46:04

Telah ditemukan teknologi kesehatan baru dari Jerman, dengan menggunakan teknologi resonansi nano (bagian terkecil dr atom). BIODISC ditemukan oleh dr.ian lyons, dengan penelitian yang dilakukan selama 25 tahun sebelum memproduksi BIODISC, dr. ian sudah mencobakan alat ini ke anaknya yg terkena leukimia (kanker darah) dan kondisinya sembuh.

Date: 2008-01-29 14:46:04

Former Olympian Dan Lyons discusses team building and what it takes to build a winning team.

Date: 2008-01-29 14:46:04

A 40-year-old entrepreneur was so overcome with love after a visit to Lyon, France, he decided to capture the magical moment by building a little Lyon — back home in Dubai.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-01-29 14:46:04

The Jean-Alain Boumsong saga is over with his official sale to Lyon, while Guglielmo Stendardo is set to join Juventus on loan from Lazio.Boumsong was already in France to complete the transfer when Juve revealed they had changed their minds and wanted him to stay for another week so that he could play Thursday’s Coppa Italia quarter-final agains

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