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Coordinates: 50°43′33″N 2°56′24″W / 50.725833, -2.94Lyme Regis (pronounced /ˌlaɪmˈriːdʒɪs/) is a coastal town in West Dorset, England, situated 25 miles west of Dorchester and 25 miles (40 km) east of Exeter. The town lies in Lyme Bay, on the English Channel coast at the Dorset-Devon border. It is nicknamed "The Pearl of Dorset." In the 13th century it developed into one of the major British ports. The town was home to Admiral Sir George Somers, its one time mayor and parliamentarian, who founded the Somers Isles, better known as Bermuda. Lyme Regis is twinned

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Candie-Choc-Lover :

Any shop here in Southeren California that might sell Lyme Regis Marzipan Bar? Does anyone ship it by mail to US address? Thank you

nowurcooking75 :
"You might want to check this link. Maybe you can email them and ask them if they know of any shops."
Cat Chase :

Don't seem to be many that score well on tripadvisor. Anywhere between Sidmouth/Honiton/Axminster/Lyme ok. Looking for somewhere under £80 per night.

Miss Scarlett :
"Your best bet would be to contact the tourist office and they will give you information on where you want to go and they will also tell you what prices will be charged."
ronky donk :

Which of these two towns is best suited for a holiday?

The Happy Murcia :
"Lyme Regis for me,,,,"
Matt P :
"lyme regis someone got stabbed in bridport last year"
Tim W :
"Lyme is much nicer. I live along the cost in Weymouth, bridport is more central but Lyme has the cobb and is much more seasidey however both have limitations. Weymouth much better for a family holiday and then visit them both."
k :
"lyme regis is really nice,good for fossil hunting..."
Anna B :
"I love Bridport! Been there on holiday 3 times and it was lovely!"
Marion L :
"Both Pretty places But Weymouth is best for a nice holiday"
miss ziggy :
"they are so close that it doesnt really matter. both towns are lovely. you can visit either one . bridport has a good market on tuesday and saturday. lyme regis is delightful. everywhere is good in dorset. i hope you enjoy your visit which ever town you choose"
David S :
"Bridport is nice for a visit particularly on Saturdays when there is a market, but Lyme Regis is the best play to stay. The coastal scenery - the 'Jurassic' coast is the strength of the area; do walk along the South West Coast path to Seaton; its an astronishingly beautiful walk though you won't want to linger too long in Seaton."
steffi :
"Can't remember ever going to Bridport, but can recommend Lyme Regis."


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Date: 2008-02-05 15:23:12

An article about the many sightings and spooky experiences in Lyme Regis, Dorset, over the years.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:23:12

A Grade II Listed coastal house with an outstanding view out to sea and of Lyme Regis Harbour featured in Jane Austin's novel Persuasion is coming up for auction. Much of the Undercliff is of Special Scientific Interest and is managed as a National Reserve by English Nature.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:23:12

Stolen fossilised dinosaur footprints, 200 million years old and from a protected site, have been found after being advertised on eBay. The three-toed prints, from coastline near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, had been offered for sale online and in a shop at Lyme Regis in Dorset.

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Coordinates : 50°43′33″N 2°56′24″W  /  50.725833 , -2.94. Lyme Regis ( pronounced /ˌlaɪmˈriːdʒɪs/ ) is a coastal town in West Dorset , England , situated 25 ...
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