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Luxor (Arabic: الأقصر ) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. Its population numbers 376,022 (1999 survey), and its area is about 416 km² . As the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, Luxor has frequently been characterised as the "world's greatest open air museum", the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor standing within the modern city. Immediately opposite, across the Nile River, lie the monuments, temples and tombs on the West Bank Necropolis, which include the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. Thousands of intern

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ribenacreep1 :

does luxor have a beach on the nile? is it nice? can u swim?

Balsam :
"Nobody swims in the Nile."
sistablu :
"The Nile has either lush cultivation or steep cliff and rocks down to its edge there is no part of the Nile that has a sandy edge. I would recommend that you not go swimming in the Nile for health and safety reasons. Although you do see the local kids in Luxor doing this. Their systems have built up an immunity to bacteria that is found in the water."
justonpc :
"Luxor is very beautiful , a lot of temples and monuments . Luxor have no beach to swim, its not safe to do .What u can do instead , make a cruise on the Nile and on the cruise ships there are swimming pools.This can be an alternative."
Moonrise :
"Luxor has banks on the Nile. we dont swim in the Nile bec the water isnt free from disease . we drink its water after it is distilled. we have cruises on the nile to go to the western or eastern bank, to watch sunset , to listen to local songs, etc, BUT NO SWIMMING. you can swim in the hotel's swimming pool . this is safe. enjoy everything while you are in the oldest city on earth equipped with the most modern needs ."
Allison E :

Hi, we are wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the Luxor hotel (In Las Vegads, or any for that matter) when trying to book thier wedding? We wanted to make a reservation for Oct. 31, 2008 and the Luxor has said we have to wait 90 days BEFORE the date and no sooner to call and register. This dosen't sit well as we are from Canada and I don't want to wait until mid August to have a firm confirmation of where Im going to have my wedding. The Venetian said they would be able to accept a reservation. When I spoke to the lady at the Luxor she told me that so far there were only 2 couples registered for Oct. 31 of 2007. It's already October now! So do I wait or should I start looking elsewhere? I really have my heart set on the Luxor. Err...spelling mistake...Las Vegas...LOL

Earl :
"That just doesn't sound right. If you don't get an answer here, go to, local Las Vegas board. I'm sure you'll get answers there. Best of luck to you"
vle045 :
"Why is your heart set on the Luxor? have you been there? Is it special to you? Personally, I liked the Venetian hotel better. But I didn't go there to get married, so i don't know anything about wedding packages."
diablo :
"Don't waste your time with the Luxor. There are plenty of places in Vegas that would be more then willing to help you. I lived there for three yrs., and was never really impressed with the Luxor, and the services they claim they offer."
Gracielacey :
"Okay, so I have been to Vegas MANY times...and the one hotel I dislike the most is the Luxor. I assume that you have been there and like it...I hated it there. And I have spent considerable time in that place -wedding reception, gamble, etc. The Venetian is BEAUTIFUL and so are the Bellagio wedding well as Ceasars. When I checked into getting married in a casino like that, many of them are that way -taking reservations only 3-6 months before...but there are a TON to choose from. My suggestion wuold be to look elsewhere, get some pricing from ones who will take your reservation NOW and then call Luxor back and ask the booking MANAGER if they really want to loose your business."
g0fish75 :

I'm taking a trip to Luxor in August and was wondering several things... 1) How long to stay in Luxor? (i'm thinking 2 - 3 full days) 2) What are the main attractions to see and how much? 3) What's there to do at night? 4) Any recommendations for taking the train to and from Cairo? 5) Best and fairly priced way to and form the train station? 6) How's the Old Winter Palace, thinking about staying there. 7) Recommendations. Thanks in advance.

sabrina :
"answers to similar questions are in the history but......... the man attractions to see in luxor are the tombs and temples. How much you see is up to you but you could spend a week there and not see it all. must see's are; the valley of the kings the temple of hatshepsut (deir el bahri) Karnak temple. but i would also reccomend the luxor museum The valley of the workers medinet habu rameses 3 temple. also i love but i dont think you have time for any of these the rameseum, Rameses 2 temple. valley of the nobles valley of the queens. and theres more if you want; to see any of these you can assume you can manage 3 sites in a long morning. but only if they are on the same side of the nile. Karnak temple luxor temple and the luxor museum are all on the east bank the rest on the west bank. at night there are bars in most hotels and a few discos, there are also the local coffee shops, in fact theres always somewhere to go and where ever you go you will end up talking with someone..luxor is very friendly. i dont know about train travel i have only ever flown from cairo to luxor, the train is about 10 hours long. the flight about 1 hour. the best way to get around in cairo and luxor is taxi they are not expensive but do negotiate your price first. the old winter palace has lovely gardens and i understand the old part of the hotel is lovely to stay in however the new part does not seem to get as much praise. I have always stayed in the sheraton, many americans like the sonesta. but i think most of the 5 star hotels in luxor are more 4 star by american standards. hope that helps"
spike :
"hi, I love being in Luxor! been going there for 12 years and am going to live there in september. there is loads to do. there are many tombs and temples to see on the west bank. The hot air ballooning is a must. Luxor and Karnak temple are great, better if you do light and sound in Karnak. Try and do the tours independantly its cheaper. you can haggle price with a DECENT cab and he will take you everywhere, but pay when you are finished not before. theres not much to do in the evening if your thinking discos! some hotels have tourist discos which can be good, the tuthotel is one..or the Morris hotel and The Mercure Coralia. There is many good local belly dancing clubs which I go to with my friends, they are well safe I even take my mum, But warning they get very smokey. The train from Luxor to Cario takes 9 hours approx you can get a room with bunk in. these are about £40ish flights are only hour and half and cost £90approx return. The train station in Luxor is walkable but cabs are outside if you need one. no more then 30le to winter palace. The winter palace is about 130yrs old 1886 I think. Its a nice hotel but a bit over rated.. The Meridian (Nile Palace as is known now) or the Sonesta St George are my favorites.. the Sonesta has the best pool!! really friendly and both 5 star hotels.... hope you enjoy your stay. might even see you there. good luck hope this helps"


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February 4th, join Alizma at they host Madame Mondays at Cathouse inside the Luxor.

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