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Soccerbuff :

I'm travelling to Luanda, Angola on a job project during July, and I'm wondering what to expect when I get there... what should I pack along, what kind of clothes, what the weather's like, anything else that I need to keep in mind?

does good job :
"Luanda - Angola, being close to the Equator the weather is torrid, hot, humid and damp. Elevation is best natural help Luanda can get. Wear white airy clothes. Sit under a fan even in ac AC room."
etienne :
"Dude! Stay away! It's horriffic there! 5 degrees from the equator! Very HOT , HUMID and the Air smells Funny! The Locals are not friendly and is very hostile! The city is over crowded and traffic is a huge pain in the @$$ ! CRIME is High! Local language " Portugeuse" NO, No, NO Don't GO! Stay away I'm speaking of personal experience! BEEN THERE! DONE THAT! GOT THE T-SHIRT 2 PROVE IT!"
Pappy :
"Well yeah - if it was for tourism, don't go, but since it's work - here's what I can say. Your company should make arrangements to have you met at the airport. Make sure you have your temp visa organised before you reach or you will be held in a damp, mosquito infested room for a couple hours until it get straigtens out and if it doesn't you will be sent out. Make sure to have your Yellow Fever vaccination card as you do not want to get vaccinated at the airport. You can expect to spend anywhere from 1/2 an hour to 4 hours getting through immigration including waiting on your visa stamp (the entry visa I mentioned will be a photocopy you carry with you). A number of companies use PAL, a local service, that will assist you in getting your luggage and through customs and provide transport to where you are staying (staff house?). As for clothes - it's hot and tropical, not like UAE, but more like T&T. It's tolerable depending on where home is for you now, if you live in let's say Perth, Aus or Houston, TX - no worries, if you're from the UK - you could be miserable. Clothes depend on your role - gov't related might wear suits, most people for work wear slacks and short sleeve button down or polo pullover. Offshore industry - jeans or shorts and a tee suffice until job site. There are no ATM's for international cards and only a couple hotels accept credit cards. So carry enough currency to last - but hide it well. Crime is high, don't go flash, leave jewellry at home and most people wear your cheapest watch. US is accepted in most places and it's wise to change some, but not all as you cannot leave the country with any local currency. There is a nitelife - decent restaurants and some clubs/pubs. Be wary for all - don't walk alone, only go to someplace recommended by a trusted source until you get to know the place and where is ok to go and not. Don't use public transport. Generally everyone is very friendly, but there is no shortage of dodgy characters either. Use common sense and get the scoop from collegues when you reach. Last but not least - currently there is a cholera outbreak, so only drink bottled water and avoid seafood and produce until finding out where is safe and where isn't. Good luck and enjoy."
ojobayo74 :

Do we have any Nigerian citizen living in Luanda? I just arrive Luanda and just wondering if there are Nigerian in this city. Please do contact me by email -

eyeen shtugatz :
"Any Caucasion travelling to Nigeria is probably not gonna return in one piece."
Ewiase :
"check the internet cafe in the Meridian Hotel, there you are going to get the executive Nigerian or the mushroom ones in town and you will get beginners."
dWali :

I am travelling to Luanda and Congo end of this month, start of next month. Does anyone know where I can meek some local guys?

BabyRoc*** :
"UUUHHH! Try keeping that to yourself."
IndyT :
"No, considering that it is ILLEGAL there. And BabyRoc, you can leave if you don't like what's being said.........."


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Date: 2008-02-05 15:04:29

LUANDA, Angola: A twin-engine plane slammed into a mountain during bad weather in Angola's central highlands Saturday, killing at least 11 people, state media reported.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:04:29

Angola's interior minister today criticized police marksmen who shot dead two actors while they were filming a crime drama in the capital Luanda. The two actors were killed and three others wounded on Tuesday while filming a bank robbery scene for a crime drama called No Mercy. I hope they include it in the deleted scenes on the DVD release...

Date: 2008-02-05 15:04:29

Angolan police killed on Tuesday two actors during the filming of a thriller in Luanda. The film director Radical Riberio said the police officers took the actors for criminals during the shooting of a scene in which they were carrying fake guns.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:04:29

"Please don't shoot, this is a movie!"Three more actors were wounded after officers opened fire at close range in a crime-ridden suburb of the capital, Luanda, before a crowd of onlookers who had been watched the filming, Radical Ribeiro said.

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