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Location of LourdesLourdes (Occitan name Lorda) is a town and commune situated in the Southwest of the Hautes-Pyrénées department, lying in the first Pyrenean foothills, in southwestern France.It is overlooked from the south by the Pyrenean peaks of Aneto, Montaigu, and Vignemale (3,298m), while around the town there are three summits reaching up to 1,000 m, which are known as the Béout, the Petit Jer and the Grand Jer.Lourdes was originally a small unremarkable market town lying in the foothills of the Pyrenees. At that time the most prominent feature was the fortified castle which rises

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McMac :

I went to Lourdes last year and didn't go in the Baths, which i really regret... if i decide to go in them this year, what can i expect when you go through 'the door'?... because i think it was the 'not knowing' what was through the curtain at the entrance that scared me...

maria m :
"iv been there about 25 years ago BUT guess what was to scared to go to the baths dont know why ."
Louise :
"Scared of what?! Why you think going in the baths at Lourdes will do anything for you I don't know. I wouldn't bother going at all. Waste of time. Nobody has been cured there. If you believe they have you're a fool."
Shonz :
"I was in Lourdes back in 2001 but was too scared to go through "the door" too! My mother went though and she said there was nuns who helped dunk you in the baths. You're pretty much told what to do apparently. There's loads of people going for the first time so you're not alone in not knowing what to expect. I still don't get it though...my mum was only in there about 10 minutes, she says she got shoved under the water and yet she came out bone-dry......."
Michelle A :
"I have never been....a friend went and told me that there are two women or men (depending upon your gender) that assist you in going through the whole thing. You get completely undressed and they have a special robe or something.....then you do go in up to your neck. She said that she is particularly modest and it really was no big deal----it is peacful and holy...."
bocasbeachbum :
"What's to be frightened of. You go in, you get wet, you get cured or not."
"You go through into a small room, and a person same sex will wrap a cold leather cloth around you, and you immerse into a cold bath, and out you go? You will find that when you have dressed with out no towel, you are completely dry?? Go for it."
stickadiddle :
"Religious poppycock. A friend of mine went and was wheeled into the water in his wheelchair and when he came out he had a brand new set of tyres on!"
vashsunglasses :

The Catholic Church has recognized 67 miraculous cures at Lourdes. Over 6 million people go on pilgrimage to Lourdes each year so the fact that the Church only recognizes 67 of them should say something. These cures have been extensively researched and documented, and are things that cannot be explained by placebo. Here is a random assortment of cures: Abdominal Tumor Tuberculosis Blindness of Cerebral origin, bilateral optic atrophy Multiple Sclerosis Mitral Valve stenosis Arachnoiditis with blindness and deafness Here's a link to a document with all the cures: Here's a page that discusses the Virgin Mary's appearances at Lourdes: I know it is 67 TOTAL

Drampor :
"Great. Next time I need a miracle I'll book a weekend there."
amulet :
"it may be true who knows"
ravenwolf_mn :
"No such things as miracles."
Weird Darryl :
""The Catholic Church has recognized 67 miraculous cures at Lourdes." - Well that proves it! ."
faithless :
"How many amputees have been cured? Oh sorry, I forgot, God doesn't love amputees like he loves people with imaginary tumours."
Toadaly :
"The 67 is TOTAL, not 67 per year. We're talking about 67 'miraculous' healings over a period of several hundred years. Even if we consider just the last 10 years, that 60 million visitors and 67 healings. Considering that "miraculous" (aka unexplained) healings happen every day for natural reasons (the body cures itself, an ailment was misdiagnosed originally, etc.), 67 is hardly impressive. When someone grows back a severed limb at Lourdes, get back to us."
chiknmnkeyboy :
Danny H :
"Wow. Thank you!"
Shinigami :
"Lourdes is an immovable rock against which unbelievers will dash themselves. It cannot be explained without the story of Bernadette. It is a silent monument to the God of Abraham, the God of Issac, the God of Mary, the God of Joseph. Our God. Mighty are His Works!!! All of heaven and earth stands in silent awe of His Presence amoung us."
doricescottage :
"I believe the Catholic church has to be very careful in stating what is a miracle. Unfortunately most are skeptics and unless the are "hit in the head" with the evidence they will continue in disbelief. Miracles are there for those who need and accept God's intervention in their own lives."
stephen k :
"I had a friend who went, but it did not cure him. Something happens, but I certainly cannot say anything about the mechanics"
keydoto :
"I do believe in the Miracles at Lourdes. And many people wonder and have a hard time understanding why we as Catholics venerate (NOT WORSHIP) the Holy Mother. As I have tried to explain on this forum before, Mary can and will intercede for us on our behalf to Her Son. These Miracles are associated with a place that Mary has appeared in, but they are not Her miracles, they are miracles granted by God at Her request. Basically to paraphrase (since I wasn't actually there), She said," Will you do this for your children on my behalf?" God's answer was obviously "Yes.""
garwy :
"lourdes gets six million tourists a year. why do you suppose they go there?"
restless :

Hi! My family is planning to travel to Lourdes and Barcelona. Because we are not familiar with Europe, i have several questions. a) Are there any special customs we should observe? (For eg. Thais do not like someone to pat the heads of their children). We heard that there it is very hot in Barcelona now. Would the locals be offended if we wear shorts in public? b) We would like to travel to Barcelona from Lourdes. What is the most convenient way to travel to Barcelona from Lourdes? I did some research and the words "renfe" and "eurarail" kept coming up. Are they the same train service? How long does it take to travel to Barcelona from Lourdes? c) As we are Asian, we do not speak much french and little or no spanish. While we are struggling to learn the basic words, i was wondering if we would face much difficulty (for eg, during the purchase of train tickets or reading the train schedule) Thanks in advance for all the help!

Willeke :
"First of all, English, with a smile, will get a long way in France and Spain, specially if it is clear that it is not your own language. So do not be affraid that you need Spanish or French as tourist. Both Barcelona and Lourdes get people from many different places so they are used to people not speaking the local language. Reading the scedule is not hard, as the French and Spanish words are like the English, but ask at the station if your scedule is not for a specific day as not all trains run every day and reading the exceptions is much harder. Eurail is a system that allows you to travel a lot in Europe for a set (rather low) price, but it is much more expensive than a train ticket just for your travel, as the two places are rather close together, (North of Spain, South of France.) Renfe and SNCF are the Spanish and French rail companies, your ticket will be for both countries. If you can not get your ticket sorted online you can ask a travel agent at home (if they do these train tickets) or leave it till you are in Europe and ask at a station there. This is a site with train information in France, (in English) This is the Spanish site in English: (I can only find the national part of the site but there should be an international part too.) A quick search showed that the travel will take about 10 hours, but I could not get the price for you. For things to do or not to do, most Europeans are rather easy going, shorts in town is not a problem, but when going into a church in Spain and France they like it when your shoulders and legs above the knee are covered, so if you wear a top with open shoulders bring a shawl or shirt to cover-up, and a skirt if you wear short shorts, or a wrap to use as skirt. Men and kids in shorts are less a problem, but if you are in Lourdes you might feel better in longer shorts, (to the knee) or long trousers. If you are not sure, allow people some personal space and stay about half a meter away from them, not all find it needed but some people will feel better that way."


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Date: 2008-02-05 15:02:39

Fatima is an intensely religious place, on par with Lourdes in France as a pilgrim’s destination.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:02:39

Lourdes Ramos remodela bano capitolio por $5000

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Her call to conversion resounds as much today as it did in the tumultuous time in which St. Bernadette lived. Dec. 8, 2007, marked the launch of a yearlong jubilee at Lourdes, France, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Bernadette Soubirous.

Date: 2008-02-05 15:02:39

BRUGES (Belgique), 15 mai 2002 (AFP) - Près de quarante ans après l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba, le Belge Gerard Soete vient enfin de se défaire d'un lourd secret : une nuit de janvier 1961, dans une puanteur d'acide sulfurique et de cadavres écartelés, il fit disparaître le corps du martyr congolais.

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