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Jonno :

Im after a travel guide/ book about lloret de mar, i have managed to find books about Spain and also the costa brava but i am after something more specific, on Lloret De mar. Can anyone provide me with Links to books on-line, im struggling at the moment. Thanks in advance. Thanks Googlyworm, would appreciate it

Stella S :
"It's a ****hole. Sewers running down the middle of the main streets. No kidding."
Googlyworm :
"Dunno about lloret, but I spent a good few months in malgrat which is five minutes outside it. I'll dig you out the link and lloret should be on there too same website heh If you can, nip over to tossa del mar - Not many conversations you can mention visiting a place called tossa!"
t_maia2000 :
"Buy the guidebook after you get there. It means less trouble, will be cheaper and the info far more accurate. Lloret de Mar has many souvenier shops and each of them carries guidebooks on the place - in many languages."
Fanshawe :
"Jonno. Lloret De Mar. No! Trust me on this one."
write r :
"Hello you may find some information here : good search"
mike f :
"try e-bay they seem to cover every thing"
superwoman :

has any one holidayed in lloret de mar between 22ndsept to 29th if so did you see a girl on crutches wahey that was me in zoo every night lol say hello if you seen me

michael l :
"Did they let the exhibits out in the day, like homing pigeons?"

we are a family of 4 going to lloret in june. Could someone tell me about local markets nice resturants and family things to do. Also are there any family bars with entertaiment in the eveings. Sam Essex

richard_beckham2001 :
"http://www.lloretguide.com/ Hope this link may help you."
joojoo29 :
"I went there when i was 16 (14 years ago) so i really couldn't recomend certain places. But what i can say is if u mix sangria with kebabs you are going to get sick. That is my lasting memory of that holiday. The locals sell these kebabs outside shops in the night time and i have my doubts on the saftey of them. I spent 2 days in bed feeling like my inners were going to fall out. Enjoy your holiday. Lloret is a lovely place from what i remember. But watch out for those kebabs."
jackie m :
"family was there few years ago but i found it too busy and crammed together, the beach is not nice sand, but it is a good base for visiting Barcelona etc"
hiya! :
"i went in july 2006, but i stayed in an all inclusive resort. there is a chain of hotels called 'high top hotels', they have great entertainment for kids especially at night and they also do buffets for paying customers at night. There is a market every week during the summer in Llorett town which is quite good and it is sign posted so is easy to get to. There aren't many restaurants but there are lots of bars everywhere in Llorett with good entertainment. The coach tours to Barcelona and different water parks are really good and chep too."
sunlover :
"Lloret caters for everything. It will be packed with british, so I wouldn't worry. Most bars have some sort of entertainment. Your hotel will tell you the best trips to do or go out on a boat to other beaches, that's quite nice."


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Date: 2008-02-01 21:10:23

Mundial Club Hotel Lloret De Mar attracts many repeating clients because of its location, salons, restaurants and many other comfortable things.

Date: 2008-02-01 21:10:23

The Top Gran Casino Royal Hotel faces the main street of Lloret de Mar, in the heart of the tourist and commercial centre, making it ideal for those looking for an easily accessible nightlife. The complex boasts a spacious open-air swimming pool, a sauna and a restaurant with a good range of local and International cuisine.

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