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CultureIn the late 19th century, Llangollen had its own weekly newspaper, the Llangollen Advertiser.Llangollen hosted the National Eisteddfod in 1908. The Gorsedd ceremony was held on the Hermitage Field, next to Plas Newydd, and the circle of stones were later moved into the grounds of the hall. The eisteddfod itself took place on the old Vicarage Field at Fronhyfyd and was visited by David Lloyd George, accompanied by Winston Churchill. Llangollen International Music EisteddfodLlangollen is most famous for the annual Llangollen International Eisteddfod, a week long event, usually starting

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gadgesxi :

Taking a brand new car around there for a run in and drive but dont want to ruin it at the same time by tight roads and squeezing bast hedges ands tractors.

brilock1 :
"Its been a while since i went there, at the time i had a newish car and had no problems. It is a single track road with passing places. Drive carefully and you should have no problems as long as you can reverse!! They were making a film for a car when i was there had to wait for 20 mins so that they could let us through!"
idac123 :
"i went through in a 3.5 ton van towing a caravan and had no problem"
geoff t :
"Not a bad road at all I have travelled it many times with trucks and buses."
the bottler :
"The roads can be a wee squeezy. You could try going via the Tynyff Bridge just a wee way hanging a right before Devil's Foot Coppice."
t j :
"its a good road steep hills and nasty bends, but the scenery makes up for it , drive carefully,should get your map out first, unless there are 2 horseshoe passes,you are in for a long drive, llangollan is in the north, and the pass is in mid Wales"
Herbal :

On a saturday without getting parking tickets or clamps etc. I would need about 35 foot length for 5 or 6 hours near the town centre, any ideas ?

leigha :
"there is a coach park they may let you on, (you probally have a camper van!) if not park up the horse shoe pass and walk down, it will get rid of your big belly !"
Pat Erbum :
"Try up near Bala Lake, for the odd night there are plenty of lay-by's with trees around."


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Date: 2008-02-05 14:26:43

Welsh food as good as any, say motorcycling maestros

Date: 2008-02-05 14:26:43

the pontcysyllte aquaduct in north wales is the highest navigable aqueduct in the world. built in 1805, the ‘waterway in the sky’ enables the llangollen canal to travel over the river dee valley 126ft above ground. it was designed by thomas telford and immediately hailed as an ‘engineering marvel’ by many.

Date: 2008-02-05 14:26:43

Wrexham paranormal research group Spirit Quest UK conducted an investigation at the Pwllgwyn hotel in Afonwen, which members say was a big success, and are now returning to their favourite haunt, a three-storey house in Llangollen.

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