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Lisbon (Portuguese: Lisboa, IPA: ) is the capital and largest city of Portugal. It is also the seat of the district of Lisbon and capital of the Lisbon region. Its municipality, which matches the city proper excluding the larger continuous conurbation, has a municipal population of 564,477 in 84.8 km² (33 sq mi), while the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in total has around 2.8 million inhabitants, and 3.34 million people live in the broader agglomeration of Lisbon Metropolitan Region (includes cities ranging from Leiria to Setúbal). Due to its economic output, standard of living, a

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Ev :

I just watched a show about Lisbon (passport to europe to be exact) and now i really wanna go there. are there any websites where i can get more info about attractions in lisbon or feedback from anyone on cool things to see and do?? please share anything from trips you've gone on to lisbon, or any native lisbonas (lizch-bo-nazch so cool how they have sean connery "s" sounds) that could tell me stuff only locals know?? please help, thx

love2travel :
"Our travelogues on Lisboa and Portugal were written for you! We're heading back to Portugal mainland and Azores next month - so stay tuned... There's a wealth of info in the public archive of TheTravelzine travel discussion group: You're welcome to join the group (free): First name and location is required along with a brief intro which will be forwarded to the group when your membership is approved. Hope that helps!"
cifurtrue :
"Hi! Being from Portugal here are my advices of places you shouldn't miss: (I'll give you the Portuguese names and it will be easier for you to find them) In Lisbon---- Torre de Belém (Torre=tower) e Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Mosteiro=monastery) (both in a place called Belém where you easily can spend a whole day - lots of history and museums. Don't miss the sweet called "Pastel de Belém" (sort of a sweet cake) sold on a coffee right outside the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos that is the only one in Portugal that makes them. It's like a tradition now, it dates back to the last century when they opened and started selling the cakes and until today in spite of their success this is the only coffee that makes them. Old Lisbon, the old streets and neighbourhood (Bairro=neighbourhood), like Bairro Alto, Largo de Camões, Avenida da Liberdade and of course do the walking from centre Lisbon (from Rossio (a square) or Praça da Figueira (Praça=square) or even Praça do Comércio) to the top of the hill to the castle (Castelo de São Jorge). You go through some really old fashion streets and in the castle you can have the breathtaking view of all Lisbon. Visit also the new part of Lisbon - the Expo or Parque das Nações. Built to be the World Exposition of 98 and now it was converted into a huge park=Parque full of sights and things to do. Don't miss the Aquarium (it's really good). Outside Lisbon----- it's not far and it's worth your trip. Trust me! Cascais----Take a train from Lisbon (from the station called Cais do Sodré) to Cascais (a village near the sea that is beautiful). Not only the train trip will take you trough the seacoast all the way to Cascais (it's one of the best trips here) but also visiting old fashioned Cascais is a wonderful way to spend a day. If you can, you can even go to one of the several beaches near. If you can visit a beach called "Guincho". The last beach on the coast (to go there you do a good 2 hours walk through some boardwalk passing several places to visit and amazing ocean views). Sintra---- a village considered a national monument for all the old buildings, gardens, national park, castles and the palace on the top of the hill. To really see it all you should spend at least 2 days there but if you only got a day visit this: Palácio da Pena (Palácio=palace), Castelo dos Mouros (Castelo=castle) and walk around the old village. It's amazing. If you like walking you can do several different hiking trips from the village to the palace through the gardens and natural forest (for me this is the best hiking ever)."
kelitahmadi :
"I think this link might help... All the information that i try to obtain when going to travel comes from this website =) And I'm really glad that you liked our city =D Hope you enjoy it over here !"
Irish Lass :

large group of girls headin to lisbon in june for a hen night, were really looking forward to the beach can any one recommend a nice beach, near lisbon city as were only there 3 day and dont want to travel far, wat transport will get us to the beach

Andy :
"Cascais and Estoril are definitely the places to check out. Close to Lisbon and very nice beaches. You can take public buses from Lisbon."
bubles4198 :
"You can go to Costa Da Caparica. This is a cluster of beaches. The best part about it is you can take the ferry from the "Baixa" (downtown Lisbon) accross the Tejo river. It's an awesome view and a fun ride. The beaches are awesome.....Better yet you can always WALK over to the next beach or take the "SAND TRAM CAR" over. If you are worried about food while there there is usually little restaurants at the entrance of every beach and there is usually a vendor walking around the beach with ice cream (i highly recommend the perna de pau), chips and in the morning donuts. (WARNING: ALL BEACHES IN PORTUGAL AROUND NOON TO ABOUT 6PM HAVE REALLY HOT SAND.....STAY CLOSE TO THE WATER AND BRING A BEACH UMBRELLA IF POSSIBLE.)"
experienceportugal :
"Hi!! Best beaches are in the Sintra Area, you can take atrain to get there in about 40 minutes or you have Estoril and cascaism which is also great!! 40 minutes away too. xek out my blog!!! i have info on both Sintra and Lisbon!! Have Fun!!!! Get Crazy lolol"
Chiffon :

Hello! I'm going to Lisbon. Could anyone tell me where I can buy stamp (e.g. in those stamp collection shops) in Lisbon except in the Sunday market? Cos I won't stay in Lisbon during Sunday. Could you please give me the address? Thanks a lot! Thank you all for your answers. The stamp shops that I meant are those small stamp collection shops instead of the post office. Cause my mom is a stamp collector and she would like to buy some used stamps in a package (says, 100 or 1000 used stamp per pack and etc.). Is Rua Augusta also has those small stamp shops? Thanks a lot!

experienceportugal :
"Hi! If you go to rua augusta, you may find antique shops..but on Sunday it's hard, usually everything is closed. Visit my blog for maore info and links"
love2travel :
"This is the post office page that deals with stamp collecting: You should be able to get the info you need. Hope that helps!"
maria h :
"any post office or bank will sell it"


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Date: 2008-01-29 18:41:08

The Padrao dos Descobrimentos, Monument to the Discoveries, was built in 1960 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Henry the Navigator.

Date: 2008-01-29 18:41:08

The Portuguese Prime Minister has announced plans for a new airport just outside of Lisbon. The new airport could prove lucrative for foreign property investors if they choose to buy on Portugal's Blue and Silver Coasts

Date: 2008-01-29 18:41:08

Members of confronted three separate British MPs over yielding British sovereignty to E.U. powers despite 2005 promises by the Labour Party to deliver a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Talk about sell-outs... SEE VIDEO

Date: 2008-01-29 18:41:08

European Union leaders unanimously agreed in Lisbon to move forward with a new reform treaty to replace the former EU Constitution although Britain government promised its citizens a referendum on the old proposed constitution. Arguments going on today is that it looks as there is no difference between the two. Is a referenum inevitable?

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