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Lipari (Latin: Lipara; ancient Greek: Meligunis; Italian: Lìpari; Sicilian: Lìpari) is the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the north coast of Sicily, and the name of the island's main town. It has a permanent population of about 11,000, although during the May-September tourist season its population may reach up to 200,000.// GeographyLipari is the largest of a chain of seven islands in a volcanic archipelago that straddles the gap between Vesuvius and Etna. The island has a total surface area of 37.6 km², and is 24 nautical miles (44 km) from Sicily. Bes

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clophad :

At the age of 92, Laura Lipari is a first time author, is a first-time author, debuting with a 63-page softcover book, "Gramma Shares Her Faith." The book, the first in a series, tells the story of Adam and Eve from the vantage point of a grandmother answering the questions of five rambunctious grandchildren. They interrupt and quarrel as the grandmother presides patiently over the tumult. [One of the five is hoping to score big in a school writing project she started online with classmates. Their story is about an unfinished opera my Mark Twain's mom] Lipari - mother of five, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of six. Her next two titles, "Cain and Able" and "After the Flood" are expected in October. She plans 20 books in all. In the story project one of her grandchildren is working on, Lucifer is an angel that acts on his jealousy of Adam and Eve, God's children who seem to be getting more TLC than him. He selfishly takes Eve away from her intended spouse, Adam, in a storyline similar to Don Carlos by Verdi. Yes, the internet is quite amazing for literary speculation.

Orthodox_Ted :
"Her book will confuse people even further - separating them further from God and bringing them closer to Satan."
no_skank76 :

I need to find a wedding photographer in Lipari/Messina Sicily Other than searching the web (which I did for 8 hours yesterday) and other than searching their yellow pages - can anyone help me? Do you know someone who lives in that region who may know someone? Please help, i am getting desperate.

bobbyg :
"Is there any way you can ask someone who lives there who can recommend someone? The priest? The people making the food? A lot of people know things by word of mouth."
clophad :

And is she the first storyteller to have Lucifer walk upright and not be a snake? Lucifer was not Satan to start with but actually BECAME Satan after taking Eve away from Adam - according to Lipari?

billthedude_2000 :
"Doesn't matter, right? It's all symbolic and whatever the symbolism says to you is important -- not whether the story itself is correct or not."


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