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Les Deux Alpes (also Les 2 Alpes or Les 2 Alpes 3600) is a ski resort in the French Isère département. The town sits at 1650m (5,413 ft.) and lifts run to 3600m (11,811 ft.). It has the largest skiable glacier in Europe and is France's second oldest ski resort behind Chamonix, where the largest mountain in western Europe is located, Mont Blanc. It is a 71 km (44 mile) drive southeast of Grenoble.The "two Alps" in the name do not refer to the two mountains that the resort encompasses but rather the two villages of Venosc and Mont De Lans that sit at either end of the north-south plateau on w

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Gem :

im going boarding for 5 months in december..ah ha ha ha ha...what about you lot?

pdx_girl :
"I go 3 - 5 times a week, all season long to Mt. Hood."
dariodepaulocastro :
"I am going on the 29th for 7 days. Gonna spend new year`s there. Hope is fun. Going by bus with outgoing ski. 540£ alll inclusive (3 meals, accommodation, lift pass etc.). As I am travelling solo it is at least good to meet other people. Is this a good deal? How come you guys stay so long? Working there? Just skiing?"
DK Julie :
"I'm going to Kaprun Austria on Friday. Will only be there a week though, then it is back to Mt. Hood."
Gem :

im off to live there for 5 months on wednesday. anyone been there/going there and knows good bars? judging by the abundance of questions in this section i can tell im going to get a lot of answers eh...

rosbif :
"Here's a site that tells you a lot, and it's in English just in case... "
Ess Jay :

He has been offered a job as a Plongeur Polyvalent in a Hotel. Can anyone shed any light on what he will be doing? Thanks

Graham I :
"This is someone who does whatever unskilled jobs are needed in the hotel kitchen. Plongeur means dishwasher and polyvalent means multi-purpose: basically a galley slave."
regis :
"up to him to bring enthousiasm and dedicate himself to become more of a kitchen porter after a while. Anyway, tell him he will enjoy himself like never " LES 2 ALPES" are an amazing ski resort. you need to start somewhere and learn the language...it`s full of english, italians, scandinavians and the atmosphere is red-hot"


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Date: 2008-03-29 22:33:58

L’une est un vaste ensemble de montagnes et de collines qui finissent par se baigner dans la Méditerranée. L’autre est une montagne dans la mer. Et les deux font rêver !

Date: 2008-03-29 22:33:58

Selon un document officiel de la drees, Etudes et Résultats, n° 624 de février 2008, il y a eu en 2005 plus de deux cent milles (200.000) avortements programmés.Ce qui nous fait... 565 par jour, soit un toute les 3 minutes.Pour le top 5 des régions, en nombre d'IVG- Region Ile de France : 57.998- Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur :

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Les Deux Alpes

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