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^ Components may not sum to totals due to rounding^ includes hunting and forestry^ includes energy and construction^ includes financial intermediation services indirectly measured EducationPublicly funded secondary schools in Leicestershire are comprehensive. The schools are segregated by age in some areas to ages 10-14 (middle schools), and 14 to 16 or 18 (upper schools). The schools, compared with other LEAs, have large numbers on the roll with school enrollment often 2000 and more. For Melton and Blaby districts, although there is division by middle and upper schools, there is only one sch

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Jack H :

A Post copied from another forum......... If the British media want to slur the Portuguese authorities, perhaps they might want to look closer to home first. 20 December 2006, the BBC reports "Police officers in the East Midlands were convicted of criminal offences over four years on an average of nearly one a month, the BBC has learned. Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that 45 officers received convictions for 70 crimes from November 2002 to November 2006. Hundreds of others were fined for speeding or parking illegally. Supt Heather Long of Lincolnshire Police said officers who committed crimes were dealt with robustly. The figures from Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire show that 28 sexual offences, eight of driving after taking alcohol or drugs and five physical assaults were committed by police officers. ** Then there was John Donnison, a former chief inspector with Leicestershire police. Donnison pleaded guilty in January 2000 to 14 charges of false accounting, and ordered to perform 200 hours' community service for fiddling his police expenses over a three-year period. *** An interesting read might be, Abuse of Trust: Frank Beck and the Leicestershire Childrens' Homes Scandal. The book is about Frank Beck, an unconventional child-care worker in Leicestershire. The story of Beck is too long to post here, but it is worth clicking on the link. The book contains some useful material, and is especially good on the people and the politics that governed Leicestershire social services. Quote from related article "Beck always maintained that he had never sexually abused anyone in his care. Far more importantly, he had convinced two key members of his legal team of his innocence. One of these was Ian Henning, a gifted legal executive (and former policeman) who had taken charge of Beck’s defence. The other was Bernard Greaves, the former policy adviser to the Liberal Party. When Greaves first met Beck, he did not believe his denials. But wherever documentary evidence was available, he found it confirmed what Beck had said – that he could not have committed the offences in question. The more they worked on the case, the more Henning and Greaves became convinced that Beck had become the victim of an unprecedented trawling operation in which police officers, in their anxiety to gain a conviction, had inadvertently suggested allegations to the witness they were interviewing" *** This interesting snippet in a 2005 forum "Can it be right to put phone taps on residents phones? Why does this Government find the need for this type of action to protect one of their MPs from resident opinions and try to save her seat in the coming elections.The Leicestershire Police have been told not to investigate Racial abuse by Labour Party Members. This is fact not fiction, and to crack down on resident websites for speaking out against corruption. What are these residents doing? They are fighting for the Dream Blair Promised them. New Deal for Communities. New Deal as turned into a Raw Deal. Money for the boys. The Leicestershire Police have closed a website twice in the hope of gagging the residents. FACT." An interesting article on the man behind Nationwide Expert Witness Service. Gordon Thomson was Branch Commander with the drug's wing of the Scottish Crime Squad and has worked throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. He has provided investigative expertise and expert evidence on drug-related matters to the legal profession since 1998. He left Grampian Police amid controversy, admitted aiding and abetting a Leicestershire police officer to commit misconduct, but had his sentence suspended for a year. Cooke helped Thomson in return for the promise of a job with Thomson's detective agency. And the list goes on and on and.... yahooyah, errrm, your prejudice is showing, where is the mention of the McConns anywhere in the post???? You're becoming obsessed hun. LOL, ladybugs, I have an American friend who uses "Going Postal" too, love it.....

yahooyahooyahoo :
"So that makes the McCanns guilty does it? And Im afraid your prejudice is showing too,hun."
Ladybugs77 :
"Gosh darn those British Police all just a bunch of drunken fools. (before anyone goes postal on me..I am being sarcastic and making a point) Feel free to read a recent question I answered. Yes Jack didnt you know it is only acceptable behaviour to insult and show prejudice towards the Portugese Police. Especially the one that was not sacked but transfered to another dept."
Van der Elst :
"They seem to have so many skeletons in the closet they can't get the door closed! I know of at least one."
Sunny on the inside :
"Leicestershire police - at age 15 I was regularly having sex with a DS aged 28. At the time (some 30 years ago) licensing laws meant that pubs were supposed to close during the afternoon. I met him in the pub at about 12.30 and he would buy me large straight vodkas, until well after closing time (probably on expenses). He also made the landlord of the pub make a room available for us. He treated the place like his own personal hotel, ordering drinks to be sent up to the room at any time he liked. The landlord had no choice but to comply as he was under threat of losing his license if he didn't. I wouldn't trust the police of any force, anywhere in the world. There are plenty of them just looking out for their own interests and prepared to abuse their power to get what they want."
puffcandy007 :

Does any one know, heard or read any statements whether Leicestershire Health Trust has given their full100% support to the McCanns? Or better still would the patients of Leicestershire trust have any faith in their judgement after what's happened? More importantly, have we lost their all important skills as doctors? I am not sure whether they can recover from what they have done as negligent parents, however the McCann spin goes. if I was a patient I don't think it would acceptable nor to trust them or support Leicestershire Health Trust if they did give the McCanns their 100% support and allow them to continue as practicing doctors.. In reply to Caeser's wife. I agree with you I don't see why not. I am not suggesting that they are not bas doctors? But on the other hand I can't see how any patient would be comfortable with the McCanns as doctors knowing what they know in the public domain. In reply to Caesar's wife. I agree with you I don't see why not. I am not suggesting that they are not bas doctors? But on the other hand I can't see how any patient would be comfortable with the McCanns as doctors knowing what they know in the public domain. Insert 'bad'

Madeleine M :
"I dont think they are responsible enough to work for a Health Trust. If they cant look after their own children why would they take care to look after other peoples children"
telboy :
"they lost all of there integrity when they left there kids alone and lost one of them ,but according to them they haven't done anything wrong ,they should both go straight into jail for child neglect"
Barrie G :
"Let's hope you need a heart specialist soon, oh! I forgot, you need to have a heart first."
Ysanne :
"I don't think the Trust will comment too much at the moment. However, if the McCanns decided that they wanted their old positions back, I think that's when the Trust would step in and consider whether they wanted the McCanns onboard given all their controversial publicity."
zeggy :
"Difficult one! I do not believe Leicesteshire Health Trust has made any formal statements, I live not far from Rothley and am registered at the same Doctors Surgery Kate McCann works aas a locum at. She is not my Doctor. I certainly would not be happy if she was my Doctor to be honest. Ok she might be able to diagnose what is wrong with my children, but I like a Doctor (as mine is) that is knowlegable in all areas of children's heathcare and welfare. I like to think that a Doctor should be able to pick up signs of neglect in a child and if that Doctor doesn't have the basic knowledge of the simplest things like leaving children alone to go out then I would have no confidence in her knowing anything else regarding neglect of a child. As for Gerry, well if I needed Heart Surgery I'm sure he is very competent in his skills regarding that but what would worry me is if something happened to me by his hand, I wouldn't stand much chance in complaining when he shows the added skills of evading responsibility for his actions. Might all sound harsh but when it comes to mine and my family's heathcare I need to have 100% confidence in people and I'm sorry but I do not have it with these two."
sandy_kernow :
"I think that they knew their careers in the NHS were down the tubes when they realised their child was missing and the fact they they had left them alone. That's why they are trying to build new careers as lucrative as the ones they had in the UK"
CT (Original) :
"I agree with Zeggy."
anne s :
"i would not trust these doctors to look after my pets , they are liars and are not fit to work for the nhs i am sick of everybody standing up for them and supporting them , they showed madeline no support and they do not deserve ours they are two very selfish people"
Caesar's wife :
"Please explain why you think they shouldn't be good doctors? The only people who can judge them, are their patients and their employers. The man might be a genius heart surgeon and are you saying that you would prefer it if he didn't use his talents to save lives."
greensea_lady :
"I've heard nothing, but once Madeleine was missing, I don't think they had any intention of returning"
Dellyxx :
"I haven't heard anything from the Trust. We've also heard nothing from their patients, no messages of support - this is where the media blackout goes against them. Personally I wouldn't be happy with Kate McCann being our family GP. You're right - with the state of the NHS, to lose two doctors in one go is bad."
mshighwater :
"Would you trust a doctor who had been done for speeding? After all, if you would want someone who was completely responsible, that would rule them out, wouldn't it? I wonder how many doctors in this country have speeding convictions? Can't have a doctor who smokes or eats fatty food, either, can you? You need to make sure that your doctor never puts a foot wrong. I'm sure I couldn't trust a doctor who doesn't recycle, either. I don't know either way but I have assumed that they are on unpaid leave - since it was reported that their compassionate leave had come to an end. I don't think they are making any really long term decisions just now. The Trust's silence is surely the inevitable consequence of their duty of confidentiality toward their employees. Quite right too."
Clovie :

I am flying into Gatwick and staying in Leicestershire. (Specifically Kibworth) Can anyone tell me about the public transportation I will need to use? Is there a train I can take?

nectar_pepsi :
"You should use this website to plan your journey: I entered your journey on the website and I think the best option is to do the following: Take a train from Gatwick to London Victoria station. Then take the London Underground from Victoria to Kings Cross/St Pancras. Then take a train from St Pancras station to Market Harborough in Leicestershire. From Market Harborough you can get a bus, but it's probably better to get someone to pick you up from the station, or take a taxi."


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:38:17

Work on a long-awaited bypass in Leicestershire has been held up because a protected species of newt has been found in the construction area.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 13:38:17

Airports across the UK are reporting record numbers of passengers, and East Midlands Airport, a fast growing regional airport serving Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Leicestershire, is no exception.Passengers numbers were up by over an impressive twelve per cent between Christmas Eve and January 2 compared to the same tme a year ago.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:38:17

A Leicestershire man revealed today that he has been keeping touch with his friends without using Myspace, Friends Reunited and Bebo.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:38:17

Stuart Broad was shaping up to be an opening bat just like his dad Chris, until he suddenly shot up. Within 18 months he had transformed himself into a medium-fast bowler and was playing for England Under-19 and Leicestershire's first XI. A few months later and he's gone from England's A team to a call-up to the full one-day side. Talk about a mete

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