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// GeographyLeh is located at 34.17° N 77.58° E. Its average elevation is 3,650 metres (11,975 feet). Average annual rainfall is 90 mm. The temperature can range from −28 °C in winter to 33 °C in summer.Principal roads include the 434 km Srinagar-Leh highway which connects Leh with Srinagar and the 473 km Leh-Manali Highway which connects Manali with Leh. Both roads are open only on a seasonal basis. HistoryThe town is dominated by the royal palace, known as Leh Palace. This was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century, but was later abandoned when Kashmiri forces besi

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spanakoriso :

I listen to Greek music. I sometimes hear the lyric "leh-leh-ee" or "ya-leh-leh-ee" in Greek songs. I'm guessing these words are Turkish in origin. What does it mean?

JD night! :
Dolphin Lover :
"im half greek and half turkish and my family listens do this music a lottttt. leh-leh ee is just something they do when they party.they do it at weddings too its kinda like a good luck party.thing"
wize woman :
"1."Leh"=Pole or Polish. 2."Leh"=behalf. 3. leh-leh-lee--Only the lyrycs writer knows."
Fugitiveangel :
"I'm Turkish and those are not actual words; it's just a way of singing, it has no meaning whatsoever in Turkish;)"
GrahamH :
"I speak both Greek and Turkish and do not recognise these syllables as having any meaning. I suspect they are similar to English "la la la" or "Fol-di-rol" - in otherwords, meaningless sounds just to fill in the tune!!"
Earthling :
"It's not a word in Turkish. Maybe, it's just a sound like lalalalala."
ronnie_dj4u :

I'm planning to travel to leh-Ladakh in December end (that's the only time I can go there)... I want to know of any good treks which can be done at that time, any links or resources are welcome...

ikki :
pankajn :
"I am also planning to go at that time , but weather is really unfriendly at that time , Min -14C, Max -5C , you can check for details on treks and adventure sports."
Sybaris :

Can anyone tell me exactly which year Leh airport in Ladakh was built, please?

Swapan, the Dream :
"Most probably 1978 Call them and confirm Telephone 91-1982-53043 (O), 91-1982-52429 (R) Fax 91-1982-53043"
Richa Sharma :
"I think you will get this answer from this site. I am busy so cant find your answer there please see and if you get answer mail me "
ceewill :
"I have spent way too much time on this but for very little reward unfortunately - I just cannot find the definitive answer for you!! However, I can tell you that it was in use in 1963 but I suspect only for military/government personnel - more general tourism to this geopolitically sensitive area is more recent: "until 1979 there was no regular civilian flight into Ladakh due to the defence oriented policy of the Indian government." * My source for the 1963 date is here: Sorry I can't be more helpful."


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The northern most state of the Indian mainland is rightly called "Paradise on Earth" . The sparkling rivers, placid lakes, gorgeous gardens and indescribable beauty of nature in the state of Jammu and Kashmir leave you completely speechless. Home to the unparalleled virgin landscapes of Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh, a travel and tourism experience

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....In a remote mountain tribe, the young hunter, D’Leh (Steven Strait), has found his heart’s passion — the beautiful Evolet (Camilla Belle)....

Date: 2008-02-05 13:38:07

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District government website. Includes maps, information on the government, tourism and pilgrimages, statistics.

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Coordinates : 34°10′N 77°35′E  /  34.17 , 77.58. Leh ( Tibetan script : གླེ་;  Wylie : Gle ) was the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh , now the Leh ...
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