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Lecce is known for its important Baroque monuments. Churches and religious buildingsThe most important is the Church of the Holy Cross (Chiesa di Santa Croce). It was begun in 1353, but works were soon halted until 1549, to be completed only in 1695. The church has a richly decorated façade with animals, grotesque figures and vegetables, and has a large rose window. Next to the church if the Government Palace, a former convent.The Duomo (cathedral) is also one of the most important in Italy. It was originally built in 1144, and again in 1230. It was however totally restored in the years 1659

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Max K :

Happening in Lecce, Apulia, Novoli. The Feast of Fire. Each year Novoli they celebrate the feast of fire, a beautiful party with a piunarime of bundles of firewood 200m long that takes fire and shooting of fireworks. For info visit: If you want slee in Lecce reserve this B&B:>

PEACE ©☪☮ॐ☮ ۞☮†☮ﷲ™ :
"Thank you for that information."
Max K :

I am going in Apulia for a vaction. Someone has already gone? The city lecce is beautiful? You know what I say that B&B economic and clean? thank you

Alessandro :
"Hello I am Alessandro. I have been for many years in Lecce. The city is really beautiful, full of many things to see. A city is really cheap especially thanks to Rynair which is a lowcost company that arrives directly in Brindisi. For B&B I know that is a very beautiful and costs little. Or if want can consulate this directory Sorry for my English"
silverwolf74426 :

i am planning a vacation there. i plan to go from rome to naples to lecce to bari. i want to take a train from rome to naples, but am unsure of the best way to go on to lecce from there.

lilkatz_33 :
"rent a bike and enjoy the country. i did and it was the best trip ever."
conley39 :
"Take the train from Naples to Lecce too. You'll need to take a regional train to Caserta and transfer to a Eurostar. The total cost is 38.40 euro and the travel time is around 5 and a half hours. You can check specific schedules at:"
banana :
"i think that all the previous answers are correct! i live in italy, but in Milan... and i think the train is the best solution... but whatch out: often trains in the south of italy go funny! you might have to wait a lot and travel in bad conditions!!! but i'm sure you will love it! kisses!"
belzebu :
Gud.Love.Boy :
bluebutterfly161985 :
"I defiently think that train is the best way. However, try and get on the Eurostar, because those trains are alot nicer. They cost more but they offer good quality. You can take the Eurostar from Rome to Naples, but then to get to Lecce you would need to take Trenitalia. Now, just to prewarn you, on Trenitalia, you are going to get alot of people that don't have seats therefore, they may be sitting in your seats, depending on how long the journey is. You will need to literally kick them out in order to get your seats. As well, the train will be crowded with people in the aisles who didn't get a seat. I went from Paola to Piacenza, an 11 hour ride on Trenitalia and it was like that. So, take a look at the Trenitalia website for more information: Also, this is very important. Before you board on a Trenitalia train, you need to go to a yellow box beside the train and stamp the date on your ticket. If you don't, and when they come around to check your ticket, you will get fined 25 Euros. Alot of tourists don't know that therefore, it's good to know beforehand. If you ride on the Eurostar, you don't need to stamp your ticket because all of those seats are reserved and they check them on the train. Good luck. If you need anymore help, let me know."


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Date: 2008-01-29 18:32:07

The cityblog of Lecce, southern Italy, with a web tv, photos and a lot of interesting news carried out by local bloggers.

Date: 2008-01-29 18:32:07

viaggio nel giardino dell'infanzia tra ricordi di immagini e suoni musicato da una bellissima Comfortably Numb dei Pink Floyd

Date: 2008-01-29 18:32:07

Una recente notizia a dir poco curiosa, anzi direi assurda... richiesta ufficialmente alla città di Lecce, la restituzione della colonna con la statua di Sant'Oronzo...

Date: 2008-01-29 18:32:07

Caro Ministro, sono un DOCENTE PRECARIO di Lecce. Le scrivo questa lettera per farLe presente la mia situazione, ma anche quella di moltissime altre persone che in Italia attendono una soluzione da troppo tempo.

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