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Las Vegas (often abbreviated as "Vegas") is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, United States, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and entertainment. Although established in 1905, Las Vegas officially became a city in 1911. With the growth that followed, Las Vegas became the most populous American city founded in the 20th century, proceeding the 19th century founding of Chicago. As the 28th most populous city in the United States, Las Vegas is one of the most populous cities in the American West.The name Las Vegas is o

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rawrrrrrr. :

In two weeks i will be going to las vegas as our las trip before we go back home. Ive never been there either. So if you have mind if you answer these questions? Is las vegas truley that hot as everyone says? Any one stayed at the MGM grand hotel? How long is the strip. Can you get lost in the strip? What are nice places to go while your in las vegas?

man_with_koolaid_smile :
"the rio is nice and has a good price range :)"
Rebecca :
"Yes it's hot! The strip is like 2 miles maybe. I think you can get a map of it. Try this one I don't think you can get too lost.."
Pete R :
"like 127 in the shade. once they have a zoo inside. about 4 hours. nah!. downtown freamont it's the best"
brix510 :
"Las Vegas is every bit as hot as everyone says - and even with that being said, you will still find yourself a little shocked at the amount of heat that you will have to get used to as you walk along the strip - luckily, the casinos BLAST A/C all day so you dont have to deal with it while you gamble and drink/eat. MGM Grand hotel is one of my favorite places to stay - it also has every single game that I play. In addition, it has a great buffet (MGM GRAND BUFFET - which is very good), has a great number of bars and lounges to drink at and have fun - plus they have some of the best restaurants at all price levels around (and who can forget that they actually display REAL lions throughout the day - except when the lions need to rest). The "Strip" that contains all the new hotels and not really the older downtown part of the strip (aka Fremont Street) - is about 5 miles and some change. The bulk of the casinos from MGM Grand to, say, Wynn will be about 2.5-3 miles - this will take you through just about all the popular casinos including Bellagio, Paris, Caesar's, Venetian, Mirage, Wynn, etc. Its not very easy to get lost on the strip - and if you mean separated, then it is possibnle - but the fact is if you have a cell phone, there are so many places you can see from far away that you can use as a mutual meeting place that you wont be lost or separated for long. Here are a few places and things I LOVE to do while in vegas: 1. Drink at clubs and lounges - RAIN (PALMS casino) and PURE (Caesar's Palace) are amongst the best two clubs with the best dance floors, decor, and setup. There is also Tao (Venetian) and Tangerine (Treasure Island). 2. If you're into rides, then the roller coaster at NEWYORK NEWYORK casino is the best roller coaster in Vegas. There is also the Big Shot and INSANITY rides atop of the Stratosphere Casino (with the best views in the city, as good as a helicopter view). 3. Eat at buffets and other great restaurants. Buffets like Bellagio's or Wynn's have trancended the common buffet of stale food. They serve gourmet dishes like Kobe beef and hand made desserts. Great food, good service, clean and fun atmosphere. You'll definately enjoy this. 4. Watch the sunrise by staying up all night and partying and then seeing the drunks and broke gamblers barely make it back to their hotel rooms in the early morning. It is the quietiest time in Vegas, and a little relaxing. You can really see how Vegas can ruin you for those that you see are completely distraught over losing - but its a good way to keep your sanity while you there. 5. Go swimming and treat yourself to a massage. This will be fun. When you get out of the pool, you can feel the heat radiating on your back and your feet will feel warmer than getting out of the pool anywhere else. It feels good, and then getting a massage later will be the perfect way to settle into a fun night. Something about swimming in the heat as the sun is going down in the Vegas desert is relaxing and calming. This will cost little to nothing. 6. You can shop at the FORUM in Caesar's Palace or the Passage at the Hollywood Planet Casino. They have the widest selection and the nicest shops. There is, of course, the Las Vegas Premium Outlets just off the strip that any taxi can take you to - good deals there! 7. You can watch the fountains at Bellagio, the Fremont Street Light Show in downtown, and catch a Cirque Du Soleil show (such as KA at MGM Grand or 'O' at Bellagio - those are my favorite). Just enjoy yourself and have fun, dont plan out every little thing. Lucky you, have fun - wish I was going too. Hope this helps!"
AB :
"It is great...besides the gambling part..there is so much to see and is way better than you can imagine...If you have a chance go to a couple of shows do that...I saw the Blue Man Group there and it was a great experience.Every hotel puts up its own entertainment...Treasure island is pretty good...and the are all free.Have fun!"
SuZe :
"Brix510's answer is great! There is soooooo much to see and do in depends on the type of experience you want. I've been 3 times and still haven't seen everything! I would say it's quite easy to get lost on the strip, especially if you wonder off into the hotels cause they're all huge! I went in Aug last year and it was HOT and HELL!!!! but it is a dry it's a little more bearable. But keep hydrated, cause with the heat and the amount of walking you'll do, you don't wanna get sick. Tip: bottled water is expensive i found, so go to a Target/drug store and buy a big-ass thing of water to keep in your hotel room."
Michael M :
spj51176 :
"You will get lost in the MGM alone. It is massive, should have its own zip code. My favorite hotel casino though. Theirs a little bar by the walkway to NY NY, get yourself a firecracker drink there."
water_skipper :
"1. Yes, it's hot. I can tell you it's not as hot as Kuwait, but it's hotter than most of the US. 2. I stayed there one night. All the motels on the strip are nice. I don't think the MGM Grand is worth the extra money. 3. The strip is about three miles long. 4. You can't really get lost on the strip. The buildings line up both sides of the road for a few miles. The buildings are very large. Inside each one you might have trouble navigating a little. That's part of the fun. Just don't be in a hurry. 5. I wouldn't recommend leaving the strip. Just pick a motel to stay in, then walk everywhere."
pence_chandna2001 :
"Hi, Las Vegas is swelterin hot. I haven't stayed at the MGM but at Bellagio, and it is nice. There is some cheap accomodation available near the strip. But steer clear of hotels like Sahara they are not all that good. The strip is fascinating and you yourself would not want to be found again. As far as places to go our concerned, their are many. You can visit this site- I hope it is helpful."

anyone out there live in las vegas or maby just visiting right now those of you who answered yes what do you do for fun here if you live here and where do you like to go when you visit

shell7024 :
"I live here"
Texas McCoy :
"I just came back from there a few days ago. I visit all the time."
Jay G :
"I live here and for fun I like to see how much money I can make outside my normal job!!!"
Spoo :

If given the chance, would you live in Las Vegas for a month & what would you do while there?

mz.Tiza :
"no!! its either too hot or too cold... i would work at their hospital and then work as a stripper!"
entangledhere :
"No! I've been to Vegas many times and it is an evil, evil land!"
Therealmsred :
"No, I think it's overrated. It's hot, crowded, and there's more tourists than you know what to do with. The only good thing to do while you are there is party all night, and that can get old."
Ewok :
"Are you Kidding me. There's nearing 2 million people in the Vegas area, and the crowded tourist area is on one street. As for Vegas being cold - I don't even have an answer for how dumb that is. I've been here 17 yrs and it has been below freezing maybe 30 times. How about get a job and live life just like in any other city?"
poppet :
"No, not for a month...maybe a week, but it's just too crowded and crazy and I hate those people who try to hand you the cards advertising naked women, and then seeing all the discarded cards on the street. There are some interesting things there, but it's not a place I'd want to spend a whole month. I've never been outside the strip, but maybe it's better away from there? But then I wouldn't be IN Las Vegas anymore!"
tinkertoy :
"Yes I would live there. But I would not try to live on the Strip. MAybe in Henderson area or some other burb. I would have to have a place with a pool so I could partake every day and I would require a car. Then I would maybe go down to the Strip a couple days a week when its not too crowded and just watch the people and partake of all of the free sights. I would also make a trip to Freemont St once a week to just stroll around. I would drive up to Mt Charleston for a look around and to cool off. I would go on a boat tour on Lake Meade, below the dam. If you are in Vegas and not on the strip, its just like any other big city, it just has gambling."
skittles_luvs_dew :
"First of all POPPET.... Las Vegas consists of WAY more than just 'the strip'. Maybe the next time you're in town you should venture away from the strip and see what Vegas really is. I've lived in Las Vegas for over 13 months now and I absolutely love it. Yes, it does get hot...but after a while it's REALLY not that bad at all. Oh, and whomever said it was COLD here, is crazy. It's NEVER cold here. The coolest it's gotten is 39 or so degrees (farenheit) and that's in Dec/Jan when it's "winter" and it's really early in the morning. Even in December and January the high can be up to 55 or 60 degrees (farenheit). I think people who THINK they know what Vegas really is are naive. First of all, people only think of Vegas as The Strip...which is only a five mile stretch of land with hotels/casinos/shopping on it! That's not even Vegas ok! Las Vegas is A LOT bigger than anyone on here (who's only been to the strip, or never been here) can probably even imagine. Like one person (who lived here 17 years) said, there's nearly (if not more!) 2 million people living in Las Vegas alone. The metro area consists of not only Las Vegas, but North Las Vegas (which, yes, it is a seperate city!) and Henderson. These three places make up the Metro area - basically the entire valley. It consists of 600 square miles - so yea, it's big! Next time everyone who answered on here (except those living here!) come out this way, make sure to venture OFF the strip. There's so much to do in this EXCELLENT city! :)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:36:24

A summary of the preseason testing that went on at Daytona, Las Vegas and California. Becca Gladden runs down the leaderboard with nascar live odds. Get some insight who will be fast this year and stomp on your fantasy league or bookie/sportsbook.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:36:24

There's an original game in the works up at Surreal's Seattle studio that's looking to put the sin back in Sin City. Prepare yourself for a different approach to the open-world game. This is Vegas takes the oft visited genre and fills it with everything Las Vegas is known for: gambling, parties, fast cars and scantily clad girls.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:36:24

American icon tells syndicated radio show he questions official story "I said, ‘Wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas’, and you see these implosions all the time, and the next one fell and I said, ‘Hell, there’s another one.' They’re trying to tell me that an airplane did it and I can’t go along with that."

Date: 2008-02-05 13:36:24

Straight talking American icon Willie Nelson today told a national radio show that he thought the twin towers were imploded like condemned Las Vegas casino buildings, as the country music superstar controversially voiced his doubts about the official 9/11 story.

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