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// History TourismLarnaca is one of the major seaside resorts in Cyprus. There are numerous beaches in and around Larnaca which extend for approx 25 km (16 mi). The main Phinikoudes and McKenzie beaches both have been awarded Blue Flags for environmental cleanliness.The archaeological sites and its six museums are in the centre of the town. Summer sports and sea activities are readily available. The shops are well stocked and medical care is good. There is one main six-screen cinema called 'K-Cineplex' which opened in 2001 and is on the edge of the town.There is a wide variety of re

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Verghese G :

We are confused with LARNACA and LANARCA..... Please give us details of both places in Cyprus. Are they both same....

Frank B :
"Larnaca Airport is situated in the Republic of Cyprus about 5km south of the City of Lanarca."
Amira :
"Larnaka or larnaca are same. there is no laranca I think Laranca in canda lol"
javac76 :
"There is only LARNACA (also spelt LARNAKA) in Cyprus. I live here and I never heard of LANARCA before. Probably a mis-type....?"
Cyprusguy :
"Larnaca or Larnaka is how it is spelled. Lanarca is a typo. I saw it on CNN the other day. Not the first time they have spelling mistakes."
Katie M :

Does anyone know of the cheapest way to travel from Larnaca airport to Catalkoy, Kyrenia? We are travelling in June but there are 21 of us so just trying to work it out. Any advice would be great Thanks in advance!

anton f :
"if you are on a chartered flight you could get a transfer from the airport to the hotel. just ask the travel agent you booked it with. if not, just by the woolworths in larnaca city centre, there used to be ( when i was there working 2 years ago) a travel centre who booked us a 24 seater coach to take pasengers from the cruise ship i worked on to their hotels hope that helps"
Pompal '08. :
"Unfortunately, neither Shuttledirect or Resorthoppa, both of whom would normally supply coach/mini bus transfers, offer a service across the border to Kyrenia. However, there is a taxi company offering such a service at £35.00. I don't know the size of the vehicles but between at least 3 per cab, this wouldn't be too expensive. You can find details of the company, who you book online, at the following site - Have also found the following company who have mini-buses available, and advertise that they will transfer to Kyrenia. Their price chart for a mini-bus (up to 18 persons) plus one taxi, puts the charge at 258 euros (£191.50). They have an enquiry form on their site, which should answer your query. Best of luck."
"You can take a vehicle from the South to the North through the crossing at Pergamos, which is just to the north of Larnaca, or at the one just to the west of Nicosia, but the hire companies will not be very pleased if you do, and your insurance will be a bit iffy. Possibly the best way to do it is to get to Nicosia and go through on foot (it's pedestrian only) at the Pafos gate crossing. You will find that there are plenty of vehicles to hire on the Turkish side, and they are not too fussy about what currency they accept. It's not very far to Kyrenia through the pass"
murphywingedspur :
"I think if you check out Larnaca airport, you will find that there is a bus/coach service that runs from the airport through to Kyrenia. I'm not sure what the procedure is about passing through the border, but I'm sure your travel agent should be able to advise you about this. I live in Southern Cyprus, but have never travelled across to the Turkish occupied areas....if I find out any more information, I'll get back to you! Also, there is no longer a Woolworthsd in Lefkosia ( Nicosia)....this is actually Debenhams now! EDIT: Well, it seems you can get a coach/bus to the Ledra Palace, or to the public bus station in Lefkosia ( Nicosia), but from there, I think you will find that once passing through the border, you may heave to get taxis on to Kyrenia. Sorry, haven't had much time to check this out, so maybe you should contact either Larnaca Airport, or check with your travel agent....they should have some information about transfers, especially as you will be crossing to the Turkish occupied areas. I know that the rules have been relaxed a little, but still not sure what the procedures are! Don't bother going myself as I know it will void my car insurance if I drive over there!! Why the thumbs down? I'm trying to help!!!!"
fidget :
"For Kyrenia (Girne) you would do better to fly to Ercan airport in North Cyprus rather than trying to cross the border. There are frequent flights with Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY) or Turkish Airlines (THY) which touch down in mainland Turkey en route but are OK. From Ercan it's an easy drive to Girne, hire cars are available at the airport, and there's no need to cross another border."
frank m :

Local club in Larnaca Cuprus for gymnastic training?

DevonL :
"I'd try Googling for it, or looking it up on your phone book."


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:35:57

Cyprus property for sale in Larnaca - Cyprus was voted the most popular destination out of the 10 most popular in the world.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:35:57

The Cypriot port of Larnaca witnessed an emotional re-enactment of an historic journey earlier this week, with hundreds of people taking flights to Cyprus from Paris to take part.People traced the route of the Exodus ship from Larnaca to Haifa in Israel following part of the route taken by 4,500 Jewish illegal migrants in 1947.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:35:57

LARNACA, Cyprus (Reuters) - A boat sailed from Cyprus on Wednesday with 300 Jewish passengers aboard in a symbolic re-enactment of an attempt by European Jews to reach what was then British-run Palestine 60 years ago. The story of the...

Date: 2008-02-05 13:35:57

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