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EducationLancashire has a mostly comprehensive system with four state grammar schools. Not including sixth form colleges, there are 77 state schools (not including Burnley's new schools) and 24 independent schools. The Clitheroe area also has secondary modern schools. Sixth form provision is limited at most schools in most districts, with only Fylde and Lancaster districts having mostly sixth forms at schools. The rest (most schools) depend on FE colleges and sixth form colleges, where they exist. South Ribble has the largest school population, with Fylde the smallest (only three schools). B

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is there any body here in lancashire..if so where abouts are you.

Chester Copperpot :
"Rochdale at the Moment, but i live in Prestwich"
Rach :
"I'm in Wigan. Just moved here from Newcastle 2 months ago, really homesick. Any suggestions for nice places to visit at the weekend?"
Roxy :
"Does South Manchester count as Lancs? If so, I'm here."
Terrier :
"I'm not in Lancashire, but to those of you who are, you have my sympathy."
sue66fun :
"Im from Oldham. Work in Ashton where I am now. Oldham used to be in Lancashire but I think since they changed the boundaries we are now Greater Manchester. For me I still live in Lancashire you cant change how people think!"
bigt :
"Rochdale. Does anyone know the way from here to civilisation?"
corky :
"Rachel - get a fishing rod and go fishing off Wigan Pier - but get a license first!" :

anyone on here from rochdale lancashire???????or littlebourgh rochdale??????

mr_powers14 :
"Not me, I'm afraid."
mossyhun :
"no but i go to Edge Hill University!! i live in widnes"
poggle_63 :
"I am about 16 miles away from Rochdale, but unfortunately or fortunately depends on your view point. I am in Yorkshire."
Mash :
"I'd keep quiet about it if I were you."
"WHY ????"
enef52 :
"rochdale is not in lancashire we threw you out in 1976 along with the rest of manchester and mersyside. rochdale is now a housing estate in manchester!"
emma d :
"im from chorley.... ive just asked a similar question and got quite a few not very answers....."
sarch_uk :
"I'm near Huddersfield, but my cousin lives in Rochdale!"
k :
"The only Rochdale I am aware of is in Yorkshire. I share my desk at work with someone from Rochdale, Yorkshire"
navigaterrob :

Good places to eat in Preston please??? Preferred - home cooked pub food

Veronica W :
"can't help you sorry"
"in restaurants."
nickyd44 :
"I was born in Preston (Sharoe Green Hosp) and my nan still lives up there near Plungington Road. However, I cant really help you even though Ive been to some great restaurants in Town and Fullwood areas. Especially a pub with a carvery menu which was cottage like with beams and features (very homely) Maybe this link might help with your decision(s): Im sorry i havent really helped :o)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:34:16

Thousands of packets of chocolate biscuits have washed up on the Lancashire shore from a stricken ferry.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:34:16

A stricken ferry has lost its precious cargo as thousands of packets of chocolate biscuits wash up on the shore near Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:34:16

So I was reading this story in the Lancashire Evening Post. It was kind of "ghost related" (its 3rd cousin twice removed perhaps?) So I homed in on it like a kamikazi spiritualist pidgeon. The details of this event were astounding, I can see why its generated such an interest in a slow news week, especially amongst the terminally befuddled.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:34:16

NASA to beam the Beatles' "Across the Universe" 431 light years into space

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