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See alsoBattle of Lake Benacus, in which Roman forces defeated the Alamanni on the shores of Lake Garda, in 268.Battle of Solferino and San Martino in 1859, during the Italian Risorgimento. The terrible aftermath of this battle led to the Geneva Convention and the formation of the Red Cross.Benito Musolini established the capital of his rump Italian Social Republic in 1943 in a villa in the town of Salò on its shores. It served as a nexus for military operations and communications for German troops during World War Two. Image gallery

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lee.adams19 :

What is the best town to stay in around the lake?

Samantha :
"there are more town: for example sirmione, garda, lazise and peschiera del garda!"
ladypam60 :
"Even Riva del Garda or Monte Baldo. You can make a tour round the lake in 1-2 days and then choose the one you prefer"
conley39 :
"It depends on whether you have a car and whether you plan to visit places other than the lake. There are train stations in Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda on the south end of the lake. These are on the train line between Milan and Venice and provide easy access to other places like Verona and Brescia. Both have good connections to the rest of the lake by the regularly scheduled ferries. In the summer, there are also buses. My favorite town on the south end of the lake is Sirmione though. There's a nice castle and an extensive Roman ruin. The north end of the lake is in the mountains. Malcesine, Riva del Garda, and Limone are all very nice. The three are all stops for the boats. Malcesine is particularly nice. There's a castle with an interesting small museum and a cable car to go up the mountain. All of the towns have good places to eat."
vale :
"I think Desenzano. It's really cute town auround the lake. It is not so far to brescia if you want go there for doing a lot of shopping!"
fussy :
"We stayed in Bardolino which we liked very much and travelled around. There are so many lovely places to visit around the lake. Enjoy"
ANdrEA85g :
"I think that the best town is Sirmione, because is very beautiful and you can go to Sirmione's spa!"
barby82 :
"Desenzano is really nice for the shops and discos and locals. Sirmione is nice for the castle."
Tommy B. :
"Hello I live in Trentino near Lake Garda, precisely in Rovereto .. The most beautiful city in my opinion is Riva del Garda, The best place in the world for surf on a lake .. And then there are the German with long thighs .. Excuse my bad English .."
astroturf_rock :

Evening all, myself and 'er indoors are off to the Italian Lakes at the end of March and are thinking about going to Lake Garda. We have a hire car booked so location is not a problem. Can anyone recommend the best place to stay in and around Lake Garda. (not in the lake as we will get cold and wet :-) ) Which towns are most lively this time of year?, and can anyone recommend any nice hotels to stay at. We want to stay at a fairly nice one... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Union Jack :
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jaynee_j :

Lake Garda italy, can you get a hot air balloon ride around there? does anyone know where from?

Ilmmfe :
"Dont now"
Robertina :
"Try this link. I know you can take a hot air ballon ride around the lake. Roby"


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A museum dedicated to Benito Mussolini has been opened in response to requests by German tourists. The museum in Salò, on the shores of Lake Garda, examines the last days of fascism in the town that Mussolini used as his headquarters in the final 19 months of the Second World War.

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Date: 2008-02-05 13:31:05

Beauty visibility, temperature 17 degrees ... My friends immersion in Toscolano, lake garda italy ...

Date: 2008-02-05 13:31:05

Verona is a city and provincial capital in Veneto, Northern Italy. The ancient town and the center of the modern city are in a loop of the Adige River near Lake Garda.

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