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Lagos (pron. IPA: /ˈleɪgɒs/ or /ˈlɑːgoʊs/ overseas) is the most populous conurbation in Nigeria with around 8 million people and the second most populous in Africa after Cairo. Formerly the capital of Nigeria, Lagos is a huge metropolis which originated on islands such as Lagos Island, separated by creeks, fringing the south-west of Lagos Lagoon near its mouth, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by long sand spits such as Bar Beach which stretch up to 100 km east and west of the mouth. From this beginning Lagos has spread on the mainland west of the lagoon and the conurbation including

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walmart3rdshiftnight :

Any one from Mushin Lagos Nigeria? Any give me tip on how help my sister mary stevens out so she come back to USA she want sale stuff by open a store but she not trying hard to get someone give her some cash get start it anyone from this area Mushin Lagos Nigeria? and if any is from Mushin Lagos Nigeria can help her I give the address where she at of Mushin Lagos Nigeria!

QueenBlack :
Stumpy :
"Have you tried contacting the U.S. Mission in Nigeria? "
"Well I grew up in Idumota lagos. u might want to contact the embasy though"
Milana :

My husband has been offered a job in Lagos and is planning to move from UAE to Lagos shortly...we've got a daughter (9 mths old) ..we are kinda worried...we do not know anything about the place, people, expenditure...Kindly advise

billius :
"depends where you go, try reading the newspapers from there for a bit, you'll get a lot of interesting information. just remember, its one of those places with rampant corruption and shady deals everywhere, don't trust anything the first person you meet tells you, don't fall prey to any traps, there are so many con artists there. you'll probably want to make sure you bring someone to take care of your baby till you can get someone to do it for you (through an agency, or a friend don't trust walk ins through adverts to do that), don't trust the tap water, get a generator (power crisis) and most importantly, get your husband to get a gun"
zilber :
"it is the biggest open prison in the world. go any were but there is nothing around"
"Hope this will make you have some background about Nigeria.. Customs of Nigeria Marriage and Family Marriage customs vary, but the payment of a bridal token or dowry is common throughout the country. The groom is expected to give money, property, or service to the family of the bride. Western-style dating is not common in rural areas, but it is practiced by some young people in urban areas. Women usually marry by the time they are 20 and men marry in their mid-20s. Marriage is often considered a process rather than an event, so couples may live together before or instead of a formal marriage ceremony. Many couples simply find a wedding to be too expensive. Although specific details of the family structure vary from one ethnic group to another, Nigerian families are generally male dominated. Polygamy is practiced, but its popularity varies according to region, ethnic group, and education. Educated, Christian women living in urban centers, for example, are less likely to marry a man with other wives than other women might be. While the status of Muslim women in Nigeria is similar to that in other Islamic countries, most other women enjoy a great degree of freedom—they influence family decisions, engage in open trade at the marketplace, and account for about a third of the labor force. Large families traditionally share the workload at home. Nigerians have deep respect for their elders. Eating The mainstays of the Nigerian diet are yams, cassava, and rice, and the people are fond of hot, spicy food. Meals are normally accompanied by a pepper sauce made with fish, meat, or chicken. The main meal of the day is eaten in the evening. A wide selection of fruit and vegetables supplements the diet. Because of the tsetse fly, which carries a disease fatal to cattle, dairy cattle are scarce in the coastal regions, but canned margarine, cheese, and powdered milk are used. Eating habits vary among ethnic groups. Nigerians often eat with their hands, especially when eating fufu, a porridgelike food made of ground cassava or yams. Fufu is rolled into small balls and dipped into a sauce with the right hand only. Nigerians may use utensils for other dishes. Socializing In Nigeria, greetings are highly valued and neglecting to greet another is a sign of disrespect. Because of the diversity of cultures, customs, and dialects in Nigeria, English is widely used throughout the country for exchanging greetings. “Hello” is the most common greeting, while “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” and “Good evening” are also appropriate. Objects are passed with the right hand or both hands, but not with the left hand alone. It is common to visit relatives frequently. Unexpected guests are welcome, because planning ahead is not possible in many areas where telephones are not widely available. Hosts endeavor to make guests feel comfortable and usually offer them some refreshments. Invited guests are not expected to bring gifts, but small gifts are appreciated. For social engagements or other planned activities, a starting time may be indicated, but late guests are anticipated and they do not disrupt the event. Recreation Nigerians enjoy many different sports, both as participants and as spectators. Soccer is by far the most popular sport, and the Nigerian national team has done well internationally. Boxing, wrestling, and swimming are also popular. Affluent Nigerians may play polo or tennis. Nigerians enjoy going to the cinema, and English-language films are shown in many cities. Watching television is also a popular leisure activity, and live theater and art exhibits are well attended. Holidays and Celebrations National holidays include New Year’s Day (1 January), Labor Day (1 May), and National Day (1 October). In addition, both Christian and Muslim holy days are celebrated by the entire country. Muslim holidays vary according to the lunar calendar and include Maulid an-Nabi, which is Muhammad’s birthday, usually celebrated in September or October; Idul Fitr, a three-day feast that ends the month-long fast of Ramadan; and Idul Adha, a feast that commemorates the faith and obedience of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), who was willing to sacrifice his own son. Idul Adha is usually held in June or July. Christian holidays include Easter (Good Friday through Easter Monday), Christmas Day (25 December), and Boxing Day (26 December). Boxing Day is a day for visiting; it comes from an old British tradition in which servants and tradespeople collected tips and bonuses in small earthenware boxes on the day after Christmas."
aggatha79 :

Hi there, I need your help here. We are going on a holiday in Lagos and would like some recommendations in terms of nice bars and local restaurants. We want to avoid any tacky English places and try to mix as much as possible with the locals and experience traditional Portugal...Also any recommendations for places worth visiting around Lagos would be really welcome! Thanks so much A

pricer77 :
"liase with your embassy and immigration officers they know better."
Margarida L :
"Well dear, Lagos is full of bars and restaurants. You can find them even blindfolded LOL It has too many. But near Lagos (it's a small town) you can find other little villages with fine restaurants. There are some in Praia da Rocha and Portimão (fish restaurants near the harbour in Portimão have delicious fresh fish). If you don't want places for tourists you have to make a detour from the places people send you. In Faro you have 3 of the best portuguese cuisine restaurants in Algarve: Camané (praia de Faro), Benfica (marina de Faro) and Roque (praia de Faro). Only Benfica is placed inside the town, the other 2 are placed in Faro beach, near the airport, sea front. Ask in your hotel for some others because there are dozens of them, but generally they are tacky english places LOL you have to search for a bit. Some of the best are the ones who look like old taverns near the harbour. They have lots of good things to eat, and few turists. Turists generally like stuff full of lights and plastic and hambuguers and beer and hate fresh fish and portuguese cuisine. Don't forget to try the portuguese wine. it's the best in the world. Have a pleasant journey."
experienceportugal :
"Hi! so you're going to the Algarve!! There are plenty of things to do in the algarve!! concerts, partys, events..and food festivals! Go to my blog and see my article on the Algarve! I have great links too! Have Fun !!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:29:18

El ex presidente Néstor Kirchner y el ex ministro de Economía, Roberto Lavagna, destacaron sus coincidencias para normalizar el Partido Justicialista, sellaron un acuerdo político para la conducción partidaria y más aun dijeron que nunca habían estado distanciados.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:29:18

La carriera di Monica Graffeo è stata lanciata dal premio “Young & Design”, che le ha aperto le porte per collaborazioni con aziende quali Arflex, Lago, Coin, Art-fabrica e Mohdo. La designer ci racconta la sua esperienza e fa una raccomandazione ai giovani: puntare su aziende giovani e dinamiche.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:29:18

The cities with the highest level of population congestion are: Manila, the Philippines; Cairo, Egypt; Lagos, Nigeria; Macau, off the Chinese coast; Seoul, South Korea; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. I guess you don't even have to check the link.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:29:18

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