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La Manga del Mar Menor (The Sleeve of the Minor Sea) is a resort town in Murcia, Spain. It should not be confused with the nearby La Manga Club resort, known for hosting numerous football (soccer) clubs from all over the world during the winter months. La Manga Cup has been staged every year since 1999.The La Manga Strip is a strip of land 21 km long and 300 metres wide (average). La Manga means 'sleeve' and it is a strip of land which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor (Small Sea). It also has many hotels, shops, bars, clubs and restaurants. One of the most popular areas with

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Big Boy !! :


sexmunki :
"I've been,not sure about taxi costs though as we hired a car. It's not a very nice place though (or wasn't in Aug when we went!),a bit of a funny atmosphere to the place,unfriendly and superficial.Wasn't keen on it,and won't be going back in this lifetime even if you paid me."
derf :
"La Manga has many hotels, shops, bars, clubs and restaurants. One of the most popular areas with young adults is the Zoco area. La Manga has more than 40 km of 'Blue Flag' beaches which attract a lot of water sports enthusiasts see for details of local airports etc."
wozza.lad :
"In answer to your question ,its not far and will cost you about 10 euros each way.ask the driver beforeyou leave the airport,and use this price as a guide ."
chris c :
"If you mean the La Manga strip it'self yes I've been but it's pretty boring. They call it "the sleeve" in Spanish for obvious is actually shaped that way, long and thin one road in and one road out. If you mean La Manga golf resort then you're talking something completely different, very nice if you have money... San Javier airport is just a short hop away so the fare should be around 10-15€ depends on where in La Manga you want to go. Hope you have a good time but if I were you I'd hire a car, at least you could venture off the strip if you get bored!!"
gerry l :

Hi to any one who can tell me, How far is it from murcia airport to la manga.I am not driving a car. what is the best way to get there and how much would it cost? Is there a special bus that I can take from the airport? Is there a rail service in the to the la Manga area?

amrhappy1 :
"Mate, i haven't a clue, all i know is that i would not like to walk it!."
murcia :
"Hi I used to live in Puerto de Mazorron and there is no rail service anywhere near and no buses either.San Javier airport (Murcia) is tiny you could fit all the buildings into the area of a football pitch,3 check in desks, a cafe and a departure lounge and a half dozen shops that always seam to be for taxis I am not sure but I don`t know of any that serve the teminal at all so you may have to try elsewhere for them.Sorry to be the bringer of bad tidings.As for distance you couldn`t walk it in 2 hours,and I would guess at least a half hour drive maybe a bit less. Try ( on the web) tapping in "round town news" a newspaper for brits it may have adverts on line for taxis."
derf :
"Murcia does currently not have its own Murcia airport, despite the fact that visitors sometimes refer to the small airport of San Javier as Murcia airport. This Murcia airport lies 45 km of outside Murcia along the Mar Menor and is used by some english airlines. There is no direct bus connection (the next bus station is 2 km away) and no direct train station (10 km) away, the only options to get away from Murcia Airport are taxi or car hire. See for more details"
pmgled :
"Murcia San Javier airport has recebntly grown and now has more check in desks although is still small, the airport is used by the military. If you are to be delayed the airport closes at 11pm therefore you would likely be sent to alicante of course the airline would provide transport. Murcia airport is about half hour to an hours drive to La Manga depending on where you are staying, The best way for you would be by taxi but unfortunately I do not have a price, A taxi from there to Torrevieja (the other way) but similar distance can be between 35 and 50 euros you could try costa blanca transfers and see if they do the trip they are a legal company and do have a website although I am unsure of the area they cover. Worth contacting them though."
rentlopagan :
"It is about 20 km to the start of La Manga. As far as I know, maybe I am wrong, there is not bus or train service from the airport to that direction. I would take a taxi."
angelique :
"Hi Gerry I'm going there this weekend, and we've hired a car. Everyone here is right, there are no buses or trains (we went last year as well), the airport is tiny and there isn't much around. Your best bet would be to get a taxi - there are quite a few of them outside the airport, or see if you hire a car? I know that last year if we didnt have the car we'd have really struggled getting around. Have a safe trip!!"


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