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Anna :

i want to go on a hollyday in turkey- in kusadasi and i was wondering how much is the food& drinks there? at a restaurant...which were the cheapest restaurants? and what prices? which were the most expensive ones?

dinosf :
"Food there is very reasonable (about $5 a meal to $20 at a fairly nice place) there are lots of small mom and pop restaurants. Sorry no specific reccomendations, but it's easy to find places. I recommend going Selcuk while your their, it's a small town about an hour away from Khusadasi, you can go to the ruins at Ephesus and to Marymana (the last place the Virgin Mary lived). If you go to Pamukale - go to the top instead of walking up from the bottom, I walked up from the bottom and my feet were killing me when I got done and I had to climb back down which was harder than climbing up. You can't wear shoes on the limestone. At the top is a pool with the ruins of Heiropolis that you can swim among. The turks are lovely people, you'll have a great time."
Aye :
"It is hard to say the exact prices.. You may guess from the decoration, place of the restaurant. However you may check the menus or make shopping from markets :)"
mehmet :
"dear my friend ; I am from Jordan and I studied in Turkey . I want to say kusdasi is very nice and beautiful to visit . and finding boy friend there will help you to find cheap prices . with my best wishes."
liv :

Whats the best things to do, places to see, and places to go out for a brilliant night in Kusadasi, Turkey. Going for 2weeks so can fit plenty in!

CopyThat :
"I don't know about night life, we went to see the home of the Virgin Mary when I visited. Here is a link to a page with some info."
Ipek K :
"There is a very good site with lots of info about Kuşadası, including night life. Please check out : "
gary h :
"See this lot"
kid :
"Seapearl Hotel good place to stay have entertainment every night Five Min's walk to ladies beach plenty of restaurants or go into Kusadai to Sardi great food and muic"
"we stayed near market street which is near to the medena there are plenty of music bars and restaurants i dont know about nightclubs etc but i would think there would be some there. there are some lovely beaches in kusadasi but unless you stay near them ie ladies beach you need to travel by dolmus to them, we prefer to do that and stay near the town centre where the best restaurants, bars are etc. i like kusadasi hope you do to"
juniper1362 :

I wanted to share my information about my country whit a Turkish person in kusadasi.

kalalfamily :
"Learn some Turkish (it's not a difficult language) and look up people on MySpace. That's how I made friends when I was moving here."
"Yes there are a lot, but don't leave home without a lot of contraceptive pills, enjoy.."
♣Pearℓ♣ :
"i'm sure you'll find plenty of friends in Kuşadası. Turkish people can speak in English in Kuşadası so it will be easy for you to communicate... have a nice holiday"


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