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Kuramathi at 2km long is the largest of six islands that belong to the small natural Atoll, located a few miles off NE Ari Atoll, known as Rasdhoo or Rasdu Atoll that also belongs to Alif Alif Atoll. Kuramathi island hosts three resorts: Kuramathi Village; Kuramathi Cottage & Spa; Kuramathi Blue Lagoon. Kuramathi is one of eight holiday resort islands owned and managed by Universal Enterprises Limited, a Maldivian company.// GeographyGeographically, the island is located approximately 35km south west of the capital island Malé and can be reached by a 45 minute sea plane flight or a 90 mi

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haras21uk :

We were booked to go to the maldives in march this year. We booked the superior room at kuramathi village. However, they have contacted us this morning to tell us that this room is no longer available and we will either have to downgrade to a standard room or move to the kuramathi cottage club for an extra £400. If any one has been to kuramathi village can they let us know what the standard room is like. Also, any advice on whether to stay in a standard room in kuramathi village or kuramathi cottage club would be appreciated.

Love Shepherd :
"This site has some pictures:"
KP_20 :
"The rooms have the same basic facilities, but the standard room isn't as large as the superior room and generally doesn't have quite the views and light as the superior rooms. Have a look at. The last image shows the superior room and a few of the earlier ones show the standard rooms. You'd probably find the standard rooms very pleasant, unless you have a particular reason to push the boat out, such as honeymoon, etc. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother spending the extra. Both rooms are excellent. kp"
lisa G :

Im going on honeymoon in Sep this year and was wondering if anyone has some tips ect, and also whats the weather going to be like? Has anyone been? Thanks

Emma :
"i went in August last year and the weather was really nice, not to hot not to cold, i stayed at the Hilton resort and i recommend it 100% it was heaven, worth every penny!"
alec3720 :
"I went for my Honeymoon in July 2000 and stayed at the Blue Lagoon. It was fantanstic the staff where so sweet and could not do enough for you. The Island has 3 resorts, Blue lagoon was the plushist but I believe 1 of the others has been done up since. there is an indian and chinese restuarant on the island, i recommend both, especially the indian. The weather will be hot but it will rain a little, but this is quite nice as it cools the air down. The stingray feeding is awesome to watch. Go all inclusive as drink is really expensive. We went to the island by boat from Male and got a Seaplane Taxi back that really finished the honeymoon off for us. Go you will enjoy it."
Shaks :
"Kuramathi Village is a very nice resort. It's a huge resort and the Island consists of 3 resorts - Kuramathi Village, Cottage Club & Spa & Blue Lagoon. It's a very natural Island with lots of vegetation and you will find lots to do while you are there. They do a special excursion called "Coral Romance" which is perfect for honeymooners. They take you to very small Unique Island where they have just 4 or 5 rooms and you can have a romantic meal on the beach and champgne breakfast. It's super. No one can predict the weather so take your chance. Enjoy!"
pink_101234 :

Me and my boyfriend are going to the above for our holiday, its in the middle of October and we are staying for a week. we got the all inclusive deal and we would like any information you have about the place, eg. weather and climate, experiences, things to do, food, treatments etc. Anything you know would help alot, Thank you. :-)

kom908 :
"here is a link: --/SIG=12j8tqaup/EXP=1176319146/**http%3a//www.otravel-holidays.co.uk/kuramathi-coconut-village.htm"


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Date: 2008-07-27 17:04:37

Atterrati a Malè abbiamo preso una barca veloce che, nonostante il mare fosse abbastanza mosso, in circa un’ora e mezza ci ha portato a Kuramathi.Arrivati sull’isola, piuttosto provati dal viaggio, siamo stati accolti con un coctail di benvenuto nel porticciolo dell’isola.

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