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DemographicsKuching is the 4th largest urban area in Malaysia, after Kuala Lumpur-Klang Valley, Ipoh and Johor Bahru.The city is considered one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia and was voted as one of the world's healthy city, recognised and awarded by both United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) and by the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) in Suzhou, China.The population of 579,900 (2006 census; Kuching City South - 143,500; Kuching City North - 133,600; Padawan- 3rd Mile/ 7th Mile/ 10th Mile - 302,800) is made up of Chinese (220,400), Malays (207,000), Ibans (58,100), I

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tiny_lou1965 :

staying at damai beach resort.. need ideas of where to go, what to see and do when in kuching..............

Rick Hunter :

Compare Kuching to KK, which city is better? Should I visit Kuching, Malaysia on my vacation next month?

Tomana :
"Been to both and I prefer Kuching. The city is cleaner, cheaper and has a laid back, friendly feel to it. The people are genuinely friendly too. KK is modernizing too rapidly and losing its charm along the way."
Bean :
"Saya sayang Kuching"
azayi1 :
"i prefer KK.. because i never visited kuching"
Sf L :
"Kuching, Malaysia is the state capital of Sarawak in East Malaysia (on Borneo island). It is a beautiful city and a food heaven. Like other Malaysian cities, Kuching has a multi racial population and an exotic culture. See some photos & videos of interesting sites in Kuching:"
silenth :
"kinda a repeat q... this is my repeat answer...... .;_ylv=3?qid=20071009103026AAwdHEg&show=7#profile-info-7028fbc1e4abd26d4e427b6e4cfafb4faa enjoy yourself, mate!"
hushpuppy :
"both have different things to see. heHe, im from kk, so gogo go go to KK FIRST."
BMW M5 :
"- Kuching, by the river. Kota Kinabalu is by the sea. - I think Kuching is more greener. Has more tree cover than kota Kinabalu. - Other than that, I guess lifestyle is probably almost the same. Not sure, never been to those cities before. I only can tell about the looks."
Flower Horn :
"ive been to kuching twice but i live in KK... so, i think KK better cos it have more entertainment. kuching is just like a place where we can see beautiful place and also lots of muzium...."
LiangMoi :
"I have been to both and personally I like Kuching better.If you are into museums,handicrafts,food and wildlife,Kuching is definitelly the right choice.The locals are well-versed in English and they are the friendliest and warmest in this region.KK has its attractions too.Make up your mind and have a nice trip."
player 69 :
"I'M LOCAL LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOW LOTS OF PEOPLE FROM KOTA-KINABALU TELL YOU TO GO THERE but i'm from there and i'm tellin you they are just selfish bast ards go to kuching,they have great control over the immigrant flow there so the streets would be less crowded and the jam will not be too bad........kuching is also cleaner and a safer place to go the immigrants in kk often shoplift and there have been incidents where a vacationer like you have been speared!no i'm not exaggerating he was speared in the night market with a real spear!(i didnt even know you could get those anymore.....) they have also been cheated and in bad cases they went to jail for it......this couple went to a crowded market and this merchant offered to sell them illegal eggs from some endangered species of turtle and when the police came,they were caught while the merchant guy got of with nothing! the traffic police are also known to be extremely strict not because they are but they do so in the hopes to get bribed which most people do..........and they arent afraid to ask for more either.........since the fee is around 300 ringgit,one should give out at least 50 ringgit.........but in rare cases,he will ask for more than 300 (if he has a partner at the time),when you offer the cash he would act all surprised and say ''did you know the fine for bribery is blah blah blah.............then they will force you to give them more........ it doesnt end there......... but if you wanna know more contact me at"
United-Champions :
Sangre y Leche :

Me and my boyfriend arive january 1 in KL and we had planned to go to Kuching after a few days, and check out that part of Sarawak, including the national parks there. What can we expect, is it flooded? And if it is, how would people feel about tourism?

Bicycle Repairman :
"nope, Kuching and Sarawak in general have escaped the terrible weather that the peninsula is suffering from. So enjoy your trip!"
CatCity :
"Hi, I just joined Yahoo Answers. No, Kuching is not flooded although we experienced rain almost every day for a week or so now. And it's not heavy. Hope you enjoy your holiday here."
najeeha_ain :
"Nope, it's not flooded. most part of the city centre are free form it. Sarawakians have an open mind on tourism.generally they are friendly and wouldn't mind helping you out.as an alternative, you could ask the Tourism Police officers if you have any queries. (they have a place near the Kuching Waterfront; ask the locals,they know where it is) just for info, Bako National Park as well as Kubah National Park are the ones located in Kuching area."
cooomas :
"Sarawak now is fine and not flood. Just raining but not up to flood as bad in west m'sia. If you want to visit sarawak start with kuching then journey to north of sarawak i.e. Miri. you be enjoy while travelling in sarawak."


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Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 13:24:23

Kuching, MALAYSIA - With just a couple of hours left to the end of 2007, during one of the year's most exciting annual events, a star-studded panel of judges chose Mister Brazil Alan Bianco Martini Malgioglio as MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2007.The 28-year-old contestant from Espumoso, Rio Grande do Sul state, won the judges’ votes at the conclusion

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