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Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. It is roughly the same size as Wales. To the west and south of the Kruger National Park are the two South African provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. In the north is Zimbabwe, and to the east is Mozambique.

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Hi, I am going to get married on Safari next year in Krueger National Park, stay there for 4 days then off to Cape Town 1. Any cheap Direct Airlines 2. We are planning to go in September - anyone know if the weather will be good then? 3.Any other advice/things to do etc (not vineyards or the gardens) Thanks

Alf Garnett 10 :
"The best advice anyone can give you is to change your plans and visit some other Country. South Africa is the crime capital of the World with anything up to 80 murders per day and a woman raped every 3 seconds. Not to mention the serious assaults,car jackings and sodomising of children and babies either as a cure for AIDS which is rampant or to cut up their bodies and sell them to Witchdoctors. Cape Town has the highest per capita crime rate in South Africa, not one of their Tourist sites or beaches is safe and the place is heaving with drugs and gangs.Have a look at this site:"
Harry B :
"September's the beginning of spring here, so the weather should be fine. If you wanna avoid the garden route and the vinyards, why not try heading up the western coast, Very isolated though...and eerie Always check with your travel agents with regards to safety concerns."
TakeNoticeNow :
"1) go to a fantastic website called , i have just discovered their fares from U.S to SA , are a third of the price offered by other company's such as To get to Cape town from Kruger National , go to Again the cheapest airfares available. 2)September is spring in South Africa, weather in Cape town very wet and windy , but we do have great beach weather inbetween the aforementioned conditions . So bring warm clothes as well as your bikini!! 3) There are many fantastic things to do in CT. I for one like the small towns in the "false bay" area. Such as Kalk bay (which has wonderfull antique stores, excellent restaurants _brass bell has a fantastic view of the ocean, if you are lucky you might see dolphins and Southern right whales_) Simonstown is the base of the South african Navy , also hosts some excellant restaurants and has a nature conservation beach called "Boulders" where i am sure you will enjoy lazing on a rock shared with the penquins. They are everywhere there!! Take a drive over "chapmans peak" and you will end up in Hout bay a delicious cove of fun with great beaches . I could go on forever.... Keep your valubles hidden at all time, always have your doors locked and you should have a fantasic experiance!! Please ignore "alf garnett" , he is a totall pesimist who does everything he can to destroy the worlds view of our home." :

We are staying in an appartment in Camps Bay for 5 nights then touring for 5 nights along the Garden Route and ending up inthe Kruger Park for 4 nights

8tung :
"Since it will be end of winter it can be cool and rainy in CT. The KP will be warm during the day and it can become cool in the evening Have a nice stay"
badger_badger :
"take clothes you'd wear in the english summer... it could be quite cool in the evenings in cape town, it could be rainy along the garden route (esp storms river if you pass through) kruger will be warmer, but again cooler in evenings. have fun!"
Otto B :
"Cape Town can be pretty wet in September. The temperature is around 19° during the day and about 13° at night. Last September was like that. I don't know about Kruger, though..."
Lise K :
"Cape Town is going to be cold and rainy. The Kruger Park is going to be hot, so you will have to pack in Summer and winter clothing."
Lourens O :
"Cape Town can be rainy and windy at that time of year. This is however the end of the rainy season in the Southern Cape. The Eastern Cape (Garden Route) is relatively fair that time of year and is at its most beautiful at that time. They do not call it the Garden Route for nothing. In the Kruger National Park the weather can be expected to be very pleasant. It is the start of spring and the plantlife is not too overgrown, as in high summer. Good game viewing can be expected at that time of the year. December to February is just too hot. An additional bonus in the Western Cape, is whale watching off the coast of Hermanus. This will definately be one of the highlights of your visit. Lastly, please do not forget to take medicine for malaria when visiting the Kruger National Park. Your timing of your visit is good as it is a lower risk as for instance February after the seasonal rain."
tigersnw86 :

Anything fun you can think of in Johannesburg or in Kruger, I'm bringing my rebel to get some sweet shots, know anywhere else close I should visit?

saleemwithme :
"Good LUCK AND Take Care .... you will surely enjoy.."
zilber :
"if you are in JNB, go for a day trip to sun-city"
Alf Garnett 1V :
"Google "crime south africa" before you go so that you know what you are letting yourself in for - starting at the Airport when you arrive."
Brad Morris 7 :
"Don't get drunk and get out of your car to take pictures of the lions."
marrs attack :
"kruger is beautiful, you will love it.before my wife and i got married we spent a few days there.she is from germany so it was a first time experience for her.we totally loved it. just take care when you are in johannesburg. hope you have a fabulous time."
sins :
"Definitely Sun City, it's great! Also try Gold Reef City, it's fun."
Norman D :
"Kruger park is 550 km from Johannesburg. I would suggest you travel with a tour organisation to benefit from the experience and take about a 4 or 5 day trip. Another super Game Reserve to visit is Pilanesberg, about a 2 -hour drive from JHB and good for a day tour."
"Go Kruger NP you & your Rebel will have a nice shooting rage."
Vango :
"Game viewing best just after sunrise and just before sunset."


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tree leaf identification in South Africa Kruger National Park

Date: 2008-02-05 13:23:49

NEWS: National Geographic has sent us back to Africa to develop a special giving the behind-the-scenes story on how we got this amazing footage. Potential airdate: Spring 2008.A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park while on safari.

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The Africa of dawn safaris and fiery sunsets over the savannah is a deeply romantic place: it gets under the skin and won't leave you alone. Singita Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand Reserve, adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, has captured many a heart: one of the most revered game lodges in the world..

Date: 2008-02-05 13:23:49

Does it mean you'll have to rough it? Many would jump at the chance at roughing it on safari in Africa however, if your idea of roughing it is five star hotels then Kruger National Park provides accommodation facilities which would be the envy of many of the worlds best accommodation providers.

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