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HotPinkFlipFlops :

I need opinions please! We are having a baby boy soon and my hubby loves the name Kingston. He knows nothing about pop-culture so doesn't know Gwen Stephani has a son named Kingston. He loves the name b/c his company transferred us to Kingston, MA....we have been here for 2 years now. We are going home to Santa Monica, CA in October 2008. So the baby will be born here, but raised in L.A. My question is: Will everyone automatically think we copied Gwen Staphani? My hubby thinks I am crazy to worry about this, but I hate being a copy cat! He thinks we should name our son whatever we want and not care what other people think. What would your first reaction be if you met a little boy named Kingston? Thanks! :)

jesssikahhh_x3 :
"I actually really like the name. so what if Gwens son has the same name. Other people have the name Kingston. Theres a boy in my school with the name. It's sweet that your husband but that much thought into the name, if you lilke the name as much as he does you shouldnt worry."
AnnaKate :
"To be honest when i first saw the question i thought you were talking about Sean Kingston.....I think its a pretty name and since its based on that, i think its pretty awesome! Congraulations!! GBU!"
tal69ny :
"I can't help but think of cigarettes."
Serialmom12 :
"It would make me think of a city in NY state."
justplainsweet83 :
"First thought would honestly be... "Hey. my mom grew up in New Kingston, NY ..." It is a cute name though, and your hubby is right.. who gives a shit what people think about your son's name, if you and hub like it, that's what matters. And, people might not agree with this, but my husband and I have an agreement that if our kids come to us at a decent mature age and tell us they hate their names, that we'll let them change it. (cuz I think it matters that the kid likes it too!)Ya never know... Good luck and gratz on your baby!!!"
My Two Girls :
"I didn't even know Gwen Stephani has a son named Kingston, so I didn't make that connection. Our little girl is going to have a very similar name as a celebrity's kid and people might make the connection between the two, but we don't care. We love the name. It's nothing odd like Apple in case you were wondering."
keough :
"i can't stand the name, sorry and i do think everyone will think you've copied Gwen"
etainbutterfly :
"I really didn't know that was her baby's name so I don't think people will think you are copying. Kingston isn't so unique or rare (like Apple) that people will assume you got the name from a celebrity. I think only die hard fans will know that your son shares the name with Gwen's son.... go for it. I think it's cute, I think it's kinda a big name for a little boy, but nicknames work."
Shayna :
"No matter what you name your baby there is going to be someone else out there with the same name. Don't worry what people think. I like the name Kingston and as long as you and your husband like it I think you should just go for it and not worry about it. Good luck =)"
GG :
"What matters is that you and hubby agree. Can you think of any name that has not already been used by somebody either in the news, entertainment industry or within your circle of family and friends?"
rangel :
"To be honest, when people first hear the name they might think of that but then they'll come to know your son and he will be the one they think of when they hear the name, not Gwen's son. I think it is a great name. If you like it, you should use it. People will have an opinion no matter what. My little sister's name is Mallory and people would always tell my mom, "You should have named her Valerie. Mallory is just made up from Valerie with an M." Others would say, "That sounds like the name of a duck." If you named your son John, some would say that is too boring. Others will say something about Kingston. It truly doesn't matter...what matters is that you give your kid a good name that won't get him teased and that you and your husband both like the name. Good luck!"
Wanting a Baby in 08 :
Sweetheart S :
"I love the name Kingston and even though it's a celebrity baby name, it isn't one that immediately comes to light since he isn't always in the tabloids. I think your husband's reason for naming the baby Kingston is adorable and sentimental. I love it. I think it's a great name with a great reason for it. It's also a sweet story to tell friends and you son as he grows up. I doubt most people will think of Gwen. I love the name. I think you should use it, and forget what anyone else might think. I would not think of Gwen, but if I heard the story, then Iwouldn't ever think you were a copy cat."
TTC_2008 :
"Who cares what other people think. If you like the name Kingston then go for it!!! If I met a little boy named Kingston my first reaction would be wow what a nice name. Kingston is a nice name and if you like the name then you should use it!!!"
marco :

hello,I'm an italian student and I will probably work two month in Kingston. I read on this website that kingston is not safe everywhere. So my question is DOES SOMEBODY KNOWS "BRAEMAR AVENUE " in Kingston 10 to tell me in which part of the city it is and how is the neighboorhood please (safety etc....).

♥Proud Muslimah Beautiful Islaam :
"I don't think anyone really does. You can always look online using terms such as "places to avoid Kingston Jamaica". That's all I can say."
bashmentgyal :
"Braemar Avenue is in the Half Way Tree area of Kingston (actually it is in St. Andrew). It is on the outskirts of what is called New Kingston, which is the business district of Kingston & St. Andrew. Braemar Avenue has a lot of elite businesses operating there. It is not, in my opinion, considered to be unsafe. Braemar Avenue is in close proximity to the British High Commission, after passing the High Commission which is on Trafalgar Road, Braemar Avenue is the next left. Do not believe everything that you hear or read online. I am in Kingston too. I hope that I have provided useful information. If addition information is needed, let me know."
MO :

I've been to Jamaica several times over the years, but this is the first time I will be going into Kingston. My son and I are giving some books to the Trenchtown Literacy Center, and while I do not plan on spending the day in Trenchtown, I would like to see some parts of Kingston since we will be there already. Besides the Bob Marley Museum, what else should we be sure to check out while in Kingston? I would like to catch a soccer match, but I am having a hard time finding out about big games. Thanks for your help. Island Spice: I'm not going to JA with a group. I found about about The Trenchtown Reading Center and saw they were asking for book donations. I am a teacher in California and have boxes upon boxes of books that I can donate, as well as textbooks that the school district no longer uses. Check out the link :>

Mr J- joe-grine :
"The hope Zoo located close to The University close to Old hope road. Also the Botanical gardens one of the oldest in the western hemisphere,national hero's park were you can chiil out for a day pic nick and the great house which was built by the first black Jamaican in the 18 century.;_ylt=AquPCjoqXATfZfXl4pNvVARhHGoL {Whoa,am amaze keep up the good work! and hope you did enjoy your time.}"
Mark :
"...and please don't limit yourself to the Kingston attractions only, there are several other places to go and things to do. Here is a link to some unique and interesting things to do in while in Jamaica"
traveler :
"Try Port Royal, especially if your son is into pirates. At one time, PR had the distinction of being the most violent town in the Caribbean. Just arrive and almost anyone will take you on a tour and explain the history. The old church and cemetery have markers going back centuries. The Getty House leans at about 15 degrees (due to an earthquake). Town has fresh fish for a great Jamaicanmon meal. PR is on the tip of the peninsula, past the airport."
maivas229 :
"There will be so much to do and see there.You also need to take a trip to the country areas to see real natural beauty."
sebrina w :
"the 2 i been too sincegrew up there is dunn's river fall and Croydon in the Mountains"
islandspice34 :
"I am interested in your efforts to donate books to the literacy center. Are you working with a group? I was in Jamaica as part of Read Across Jamaica Literacy Project in May 2007. We went all over Jamaica and stopped in Kingston at night at Emancipation Park. It was a beautiful evening and the statues will leave you speechless:-)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 02:23:49

Gwen Stefani, who is pregnant and expects a lot. They was spotted with his family, the husband Gavin and their adorable son Kingston, 1, as they have done some shopping in Marina del Rey, and then stopped for dinner in Beverly Hills to "Delicatessen".

Date: 2008-02-05 02:23:49

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Date: 2008-02-05 02:23:49

#2 is on the way! Her son Kingston is a year old.

Date: 2008-02-05 02:23:49

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