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Kilkenny is an Irish cream ale which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland. The brand is managed and produced by Diageo.Kilkenny is very similar to Smithwick's Draught; however, it has a nitrogenated cream head similar to Guinness and has a stronger taste (more bitter than Smithwicks). The 'Kilkenny' name was originally used during the '80's and '90's to market a stronger version of Smithwick's for the European and Canadian market due to difficulty in pronunciation of the word 'Smithwick's'. It now refers to a similar yet distinctly different beer.Kilkenny was originally produced for export and is

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Marcus :

I went to Germany last year where I went to an Irish Pub and had a beer called Kilkenny. It was one of the best beers I've ever had. It would be what I would call an Irish Red Ale. Some call it a cream ale and it sounds like there is also a Kilkenny Stout similar to Guiness. (Kilkenny and Smithwicks is owned by Guiness). I'm not interested in the Stout, only the ale. I have read that Smithwick's is basically the version of Kilkenny that is exported to the US, but I can't find it anywhere here in California, Nevada or Arizona. Does anyone ship it to or sell it on the west coast? I'll buy kegs if that the only way that they sell it. Thanks in advance! )>

JP the Answer Pimp :
"I work for a distributor in Michigan and while my company does not carry it, I have seen Smithwicks all over the place..."
gretchen :
"kilkenney is available in canada but i have never seen it in the US. Smithwick's is available in ohio so i would think that you could find it out west. trt an english pub"
eddiebirmingham :
"i lived in Germany for 5 years and couldn't stand killkenny. if you were to buy the same drink in Ireland you would ask for a smithwicks. but as wick means w a n k e r in German then they changed the name to killkenny for the German market when it was first imported in the early 90's. in the mid 90's the Irish invented a new stouty heavy drink called killkenny, that's were the confusion comes in when either returning from or going to Germany and asking for a killkenny. if you find an Irish supplier ask for a smithwicks also try beamish red or Guinness red"
rebeliousdestiny :
"Hi Marcus! I've also been on a mad search for Kilkenny! If you find out an answer please email me!."
Peacefrogii :
"I've gotten to know my local liquor store manager's very well. Sometimes, you can have them pull out their list and see if it is available for them to purchase. It not, have them talk with their distributors directly. I get all my specialty imports from , but they are in Michigan."
Noel F :

Kilkenny Castle is in Kilkenny City...Ireland

John O'Hagen :
"William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke built the first stone tower. The reason for building was that this was a strategic site on a prominent vantage point at a bend in the river Nore."
the_lipsiot :
"The castle occupies a strategic military position overlooking the River Nore. There has been a castle on this site since 1172 when the Norman Knight, Richard de Clare, called Strongbow, built a wooden tower on this rocky height overlooking the River Nore. The first stone castle was built here twenty years later by Strongbow's son-in-law William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke. Three of this castle's original four towers survive today. A busy and successful commercial centre grew around the original Norman settlement, and the present Hightown and Irishtown areas of Kilkenny today date from that period. The Butlers of Kilkenny Castle were an Anglo-Norman family who came to Ireland in 1171 in the first wave of the Norman invasion. In 1826, major restoration of Kilkenny Castle began, this work was intended to restore the castle to it's mediaeval appearance and also bring it up to date as a country house with all appropriate modern conveniences. At the turn of the century James Butler, twenty first Earl and third Marquess of Ormonde, entertained King Edward v11 and Queen Alexandra here, and later, King George and Queen Mary. On 2nd May 1922 the castle was occupied by republican forces, after two days however it was restored to the Butlers after a seige. By the 1930's the Butlers found that they had to look closely at the viability of maintaining their seat at Kilkenny Castle. In 1935, they decided to leave and a great auction was held in the castle. For five days all the contents of the castle were auctioned off. In 1967, Arthur Butler, sixth Marquess and twenty-third Earl of Ormonde handed Kilkenny Castle over to the Castle Restoration Committee for the nominal sum of £50. After treating the fabric of the building for dry rot and wet rot, a phased programme of restoration started. The east wing was re-roofed and opened to the public in 1976."
newbie78 :

why I can't find this beer state side anywhere? The place where I have to pick this beer up is Canada. Is there a place where I can find this product in the US? KILKENNY DRAUGHT IRISH CREAM ALE.

Hank :
"I have noticed Kilkenny in supermarkets in Quebec; that means it is a brand made by a company that also owns a local brewer. Probably Labatt, which I think is owned by the international giant ImBev. Whatever, if it is not sold in the states that would be because the company has chosen not to market it there, but that would seem to be to be surprising, as international beer companies try to sell everything in the states. Perhaps the trademark owner/brewer limits distribution to only some major urban markets. Verify who owns the trademark to see if I am correct that it is ImBev and then contact its American office."
mjhash :
"I just read on another site that Guiness has an agreement with Bass and can't import until the contract is the site "
"in Canada, its imported from Ireland by diagio.. diagio also has the rights to, Smirnoff,cc,captain Morgans and many more.. they are trying to get it along with smithwicks into the states be patient"
ghawener :
"this is the known distribution, click on the state and you can contact the person that has bought it in that location: "


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If you visit Kilkenny City’s website you would not have a clue that the club has switched off the lights and headed for the hill on the the Eircom league.Its strange as an Eircom league fan where I support Dundalk FC the one thing you knew that even though Kilkenny were not the greatest team in the league you could not underestimate them.

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Irleand roundtrip to Kilkenny, Blarney Castle and Cashel (Tipperary)

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