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Key West is a city and an island of the same name near the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys in Monroe County, Florida, United States. The city encompasses the namesake island, the part of Stock Island north of US-1 (the Overseas Highway) (east), Sigsbee Park (north, originally known as Dredgers Key), Fleming Key (north), and Sunset Key (west, originally known as Tank Island). Nearby Key Haven (northeast), the part of Stock Island south of US-1 (east) and Wisteria Island, better known as Christmas Tree Island (northwest), are in unincorporated Monroe County. Both Fleming Key and Sigsbee Pa

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jenmor42 :

I am trying to orginaze a Key West destination wedding. There will be 30-50 people attending, many have never been to Key West. I chose Key West because I had a fabulous vacation there with my fiance and my guests will not need passports (to go to most of Sandals Resorts, they are nessicary). I am looking for suggestions on where to have everyone stay, at a resonable cost, on the southern half of the island, so everything is within walking distance. Also where to have the wedding and reception, also at a resonable cost. And hotels that offer wedding packages are a good thing. Are there any all-inclusive resorts on Key West. I would like to get married on a beach, but what one? and where to go for food/drinks after that? I have only just begun my reserch and I have only been there once, so any information you can give me on hotels, group activities, wedding ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

jamaican me crazy :
"well i looked up weddings in key west and this is what i came up with this is a cute motel we stayed at when we went down in Feb. it's a great location and the prices aren't bad. this is the all inclusive i found: "
Suz :
"This site has links to lodging etc."
CBT Princess :
"According to Trip Advisor, a lot of people like Ambrosia Key West -"
sweets :
"I don't know much to help you but I just wanted to say that this sounds really great and really fun! might be helpful --you have to register though. This is actually simpler than it might seem. this has two parts: wedding (liscense, officiant --could even have a friend or family member, dresses, ect., and flowers, ect. Could burn a cd for the wedding music and have a portable cd player.) and reception. the reception might be doable just at a local restaurant for the night maybe. also if you were to do it at a hotel --could have the nice tables automatically. remember the food earlier in the day is cheaper. . . all my best to you! p.s. there may be some helpful books on this topic as well. . ."
Tricia R :
"Our daughter got married on the Schooner Appledore on a sunset cruise off of Key West. The boat captain married them. His friend took pictures. It was beautiful. We stayed in B and Bs. The bride and groom arrived there on a Thursday, and had time to arrange for flowers and a hair appointment for the bride for the Sunday wedding. On Saturday we all went on a tour on a glass-bottomed boat. The rehearsal dinner was at the Blue Heaven restaurant. The bride and groom rented a white motor scooter to ride from the boat to the reception. The bride and groom honeymooned on Key Largo and Islamadora."
cardgirl2 :
", are great sites. For a destination wedding dress: and,, $25 to $100 per night."
Duncan R :
"If you want the best beach wedding the best place for ideas is the Unity Sand Ceremony website (see below) They have the best tips for how to run a beach wedding, they even have words for the vows and details on the unity sand ceremony itself."
Bryan J :

If you are looking for an apartment in Key West are you gonna find one? I'm just guessing nobody can afford them. Do all the regular people that work in Key West commute? I got a job in Key West and need to know so I can plan.

lancaster17602 :
Joe B :
"Check out this site before you make any decision. It list alot of apartments in Key West."
SandyTmpa :

If you've seen the living coral reefs, ridden in a glass-bottomed boat, dined in a local Key West restaurant, driven the Overseas Highway, picnicked on the old Seven Mile Bridge, and/or stayed in a Key West hotel, I'd love to get a first person detailed description of your experience, for information to be used in my novel. I also seek detailed descriptions of local trees/plants, the ocean waters and sands around Key West, scuba diving around the reefs, and local architecture. Thank you for your help. :) -Valetta BTW - I've never personally been to Key West. That's why I need an insider's view.

balletdncr :
"Well it would take me forever to talk to you about the local enviroment and everything else, but sounds like you had a good experience. Go to Barnes and Noble and look at some books. Next time you are there if you didn't the first time, rent a moped and rent a jet ski and take a tour around the island. There are unobstucted wetlands and coves you can go to and get first hand what it is like other than being on Duval St. It is heaven on earth I will admit and I love the laidback atmosphere. The only thing I donot like about it is there is no surf but that what keeps me abroad!"
flkeysgirl2001 :
"I lived in Key West for over eight years. The born and raised there all of their life people are called Conchs (pronounced conks). These are mostly persons of Cuban descent and they have lots of good stories to tell about the pirate days and the rum runner days. I have driven over The Seven Mile Bridge more times than I can count and it is a beautiful scene-water as far as you can see in both directions. I have snorkeled on the reefs a lot and you will never see anything more beautiful-the colors are incredibly vibrant! It's a shame that some boaters disregard them and drop anchor, this causes sections of the coral to die. There are buoys out at the reef that you are supposed to tie your boat on as opposed to dropping anchor. This protects the reef. Key West has abundant restaurants to choose from. One of my favorites is Henry's at The Casa Marina. This was named after Henry Flagler of railroad fame. Elegant dining and delicious food. Oh, and the view-amazing! Louie's Backyard is another favorite for nice dining. For a Cuban flair, Le Lechonara (spelling ?) is excellent. Homemade Cuban dishes and family owned for years. There are wonderful bi-plane tours offered at the airport by Island Aeroplane Tours. This is owned by a local Key West native named Fred and it is an exceptional experience. The tours over the water are beautiful and you can even do a loop or roll if you feel like it! This activity should not be missed. Duval Street is the main street of town with it's funky shops and bars galore. Hogsbreath Saloon is a favorite as well as Captain Tony's. There is so much to do and see there, I could go on and on, but I hope this gives you some help to get started. Good luck you! p.s.-you should get down there if you can!"
fletcher_101 :
"Key West today is a tourist trap overrun with timeshare salesman and cruise tourists. If you want a romantic local, try Key Largo in the upper keys. Also, there is Sanibel Island on the west coast. The Key West of popular fiction, small, out of the way, bohemian, is long gone. Your readers may not know it but Floridians will. Key West is closer to New Orleans in style and activity than the way it was when Hemmingway was there. Don't forget to mention that it's almost totally gay."


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:16:03

DUMA KEY is the engaging, fascinating story of a man who discovers an incredible talent for painting after a freak accident in which he loses an arm. He moves to a 'new life' in Duma Key, off Florida's West Coast; a deserted strip, part beach, part weed-tangled, owned by a patroness of the arts whose twin sisters went missing in the 1920s. Duma Key

Date: 2008-02-05 13:16:03

Jeremy Bernard was sitting next to U.S. Senator Barack Obama in the back of a black SUV, speeding through West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, talking about the fine points of gay and lesbian federal legislation. The key fund-raiser for the Obama campaign saw his issues dramatically migrate from a personal chat to the national stage.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:16:03

On Monday night, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were spotted in West Hollywood at the Key Club. They were having a great time together (fighting off rumors that they broke up), and were even karaoking together. They sang Journeys, "Don't Stop Believing" and acted like they were having a great time.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:16:03

A graphic demonstration of the MSM's deadly double standard when it comes to Israel. Money quote: "The rockets falling on Key West would not go unreported. No, there has to be one ingredient in the story which makes everybody switch into another universe, into a trance of mass hypnosis -- and that ingredient is of course Israel."

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