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De$t!ny :

Keswick in the Lake District (England).

Crimsonite :
"yeh i've been there its really fun you get to meet loads of different Christian people, and its very enlightening. I've only been once, but i want to go again, its a very very nice place."
rom9_16 :

I have to write a paper on the distinctives of Keswick. If you are knowledgeable on the subject, please let me know if you think this is fair: 1)Sanctification is by counteraction not mortification. The sin nature is not destroyed but remains fully wicked. The only way to walk in holiness then, is too deny inner dependency and surrender to a counteracting influence, namely, the Holy Spirit. 2)In general there are two groups of Christians: Carnal and Victorious. The former have been justified but have not learned or at least maintained the walk of surrender and are thus left to rely on their own impotent resources. The later, surrender, walk by faith, and enjoy true sanctification (though not perfectionism). 3)In terms of growing in Sanctification, one must aim to reject self effort, and ascend to the victorious Christian life offered by full surrender to the Holy Spirit. Secondary means of grace (i.e. Word, prayer, sacraments, etc.) are not dismissed, but main stress is surrender

Moses :
"You answered the question yourself. Surrender. Give up any thoughts of your own and do as your told. In other words; From the book "The Plain Truth About God-101" (what the church doesn't want you to know!) **God inspired the bible, he didn't write it. People base their lives around the manic scribbling of a bunch of desert baked primitives who ate bugs and honey! Of course they saw God! Or; ** The promise of eternal life is a powerful drug that is hard to resist. Bring the people in with promises of everlasting reward, happiness and the answer to life's problems, and then tell them that the only was this can be achieved is to follow your instructions absolutely. (What a way to get adulation and subservience from the great-unwashed masses. Become the overlords and protectors of the faith). A.W.J. Or; ** The bible states clearly that nobody can earn his salvation through morality and good deeds (Gnosticism) since we are all sinful by nature. We have the perfect catch 22 situation were only in the blind acceptance of Christ atoning for our deeds can we be saved. In other words, we are in a no-win situation against the so-called logic of the shaman; if we do not take his word for it then all is lost! –A.W.J. Or; ** If faith were the result of logical reasoning, we could expect that most intelligent people would by now be converted to one ideology or the other! –A.W.J. Or; ** It is the very disagreement over "what the purpose of it all is" that has given us so much strife over the millennia. Everyone thinks that they have a franchise on the truth, and the moment you start thinking like that, your belief system becomes self-defeating. (Negative influence) If there really is a Devil, (Which I doubt!) what better way for him to corrupt humanity than to turn our religious feelings over to the control of fanatics. It is they who undermine the original purpose of religion, from “communing with God,” to a tool for furthering human avarice and greed. -Allan W. Janssen Or; ** I was all screwed up on drugs until I found Jesus; NOW I'M ALL SCREWED UP ON HIM! --Cheech and Chong From"


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Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:36

A review of Ryan Adams' performance at the Keswick Theatre, near Philly. He's still stirring the pot...

Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:36

The first-ever Commonwealth ultra-distance and mountain running championships are to be hosted in Keswick in the UK, it has been announced.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:36

Classic Rock Central spoke with Doors founding members Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger last night as they performed as Riders on the Storm at the Keswick Theatre outside Philadelphia. According to Manzarek, superstar producer Dick Wolf, of the “Law and Order” TV series will be producing a Doors documentary for theatrical release in 2008.

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