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Notes^ α: Around the 9th century, the Cheras fell from power. Several small kingdoms (swaroopams) formed under the leadership of Nair chieftens, filling the resulting political vacuum.Citations^ Early history of Kerala. Government of Kerala. Retrieved on 2007-05-16.^ McKibben B. "The Enigma of Kerala: One state in India is proving development experts wrong", DoubleTake, 1995. Retrieved on 2007-11-12. ^ a b c McKibben B (2006). "Kerala, India". National Geographic Traveller. Retrieved on 2007-11-12. ^ Douthwaite R (1999). The Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth has Enrich

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rostrumollur :

According to Gibbon, "Decline and fall of the Roman Empire", Alaric the Goth asked for 3000 pounds of Kerala pepper as ransom to free the Fathers of Rome. Earlier Pliny complains about the large quantity of Roman coins flowing out of Rome to India in exchange for Pepper and Pearls of Kerala. Gold and Silver coins of Augustus Caesar, Tiberius, Hadrian, Nero are discovered in large quantities in Kerala even today, esp. near places like Parur and Palayur. Roman amphore and pottery have been found in Kerala and Pondicherry.There are some references perhaps in the Bible about Solomon having contacts with Kerala. Are there more concrete evidences for Roman and Greek contacts with Kerala?

troika :
"It is very clear that Kerala had been a very important place of attraction for the tourists from time immemorial. Literacy works of those times extoll the beauty of the land. Kerala had trade relations with Egypt, Babylon, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome even before the Aryan incursion, which was between 2000 and 1600 B. C. However, popular legend says that the land stretching from Goa to Gokarnam was reclaimed by the mythical hero, Sage Parasurama and that was how Kerala came into being. But references from Hebrew texts give the evidence that Kerala had trade contacts with Phoenicia and Egypt, long before the Aryan incursion. Kerala's recorded history goes back to the third century B.C., and throughout the time since this special place in India has been a crossroad of trade and religious movements. Jesus Christ's disciple St. Thomas established his church at Muziris around 52 A.D., there was trade with Rome and Byzantium and Greece, and a Jewish colony was established in Cochin (Kochi) where it remains to this day centered around the beautifully preserved and still active Pardesi synagogue."
agnisharman :

Kerala is one of the sought after International tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala has a unique geographical features that has made and is still attracting tourist from across the globe. Kerala is the south west tip of India, enclosed by the Arabian Sea on the west and Western Ghats on the east. This coastline state of India stretches to about 600 Kilo Meters of clean beaches, serene backwaters, green paddy fields, swaying coconut lagoons, dense green jungles and hill stations. Kerala's rich and uique art forms and a highly literate society has always been a part of its Unique selling point. Kerala! the charming, seductive, serene, exotic and blessed land is no wonder called "God's Own Country". read more at>

rahul :
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ucmas2000 :
"Hi Pal. If you are person with strong links with Kerala then it is ok.If you are from another region of India beware of everything.The people from Kerala are known to be cunning."
neerajtis :
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shane_freeman164 :

can anyone help me i go to goa all the time i want something like goa but a bit slower. has anyone been to kerala as thats where i want to go dose any one know of any 2 or 3star hotel cheap ish to book for the 2weeks in jan not sure how to book a hotel for kerala as ive looked on the net and there is not much there...if one was to go to goa there is loads on goa but i want kerala.... dose anyone know in the uk where or that dose booked hotels in kerala for people hope you can help

Zain :
"Visit the following links for more details, you can find all the information that you are looking for. Welcome to Kerala, God's own country."
rawkeron :
"It all depends upon your budget.. 3 star hotels in kerala are very cheap.. in Trivandrum you can stay in any of the resorts based out of Kovalam or varkala, both beach resorts. The best option is Taj hotels, which is a very respectable chain in India. Else you can check out CGH earth resorts or Le Meridian Kovalam. For back waters, search for allapuzha and kumarakam resorts, again Taj n CGH offers the best. For cheaper business hotels you can check out Muthoot Plaza and south park in TVM, or abad n Taj in Cochin For the true kerala architecture n palace resorts, check out for KTDC resorts. KTDC hotels are qoned by gov. of kerala"


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Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest martial art is a unique system of self defense originated from Kerala,India.The fighters master the art through a systematic and vigorous training and therefore cultivating mental alertness and agility.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:49

Video of Thrissur Pooram, one of the biggest temple festivals in Kerala, India. Grand elephant pageantry and traditional percussion ensembles are highlights of this festival. The venue is Thekkinkadu maidan in Thrissur district of Kerala, India.

Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:49

gods own country

Date: 2008-02-05 13:15:49

A new variety of pepper of a wild variety has been found by the scientists from Kerala, India at the Agasthiyamala, Western Ghats.The scientists fondly call the new wild variety as "PMM", and the new pepper is notable for its pungency and its lemon-scented leaves.Kerala may offer quality instead of quantity with pungency from the new wild variety.

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