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shae b :

Going to Kauai in a week :) I have been looking for interesting things to do, Any IDEAS? Help with a few questions please? Where exactly is the glass beach? Is there an offical name for the beach? I did not think Kauai had dark/black sand, but my info from the hotel mentions it in passing. Was it a mistake? Is there any way besides plane to travel between Islands? Thanks:)

PkrFan :
"How fun for you! Sorry I can't help with your question, but I needed to answer so I can look it up faster for I'm curious about the replies you get...going next year. :)"
mclewis_13 :
"Listed below is my favorite site to use when I travel around the islands. My company sends to look at construction sites that we have scattered on the islands, I normally have a day or two to run around and check them out, so this is what I use in my "spare" time. Hope this helps."
Vivian D :
"The book "Kauai Revealed" is the best thing for you to use to find answers to all these questions. It is very candidly written and will give you the truth about whether things are good, or not worth seeing. It also gives you directions to glass beach, as well as many other things that mostly only locals know about. I strongly suggest referring to the Revealed books when going to any Hawaiian island. It includes restaurant guides, shopping, reviews of shows, and beaches, and hotels, as well well as instructions on getting to the out of the way places."
taraloha :
"I live on Kauai! Here is a list I've compiled. I hope you find it useful! BTW, no way right now to get between islands except flying. As of July of this year, we are supposed to get the SuperFerry but no one here wants it! Aloha :) The pages I quote are from Kauai Revealed, 5th edition. Activities 1. (I used to recommend a helicopter tour here, but I don't anymore. We loved our tour but there have been so many fatal crashes lately that I feel it would be irresponsible of me to recommend one. Go at your own risk.) 2. Kayaking - either Wailua River or Nawiliwili Bay. Lots of companies to take you out. 3. Take an innertube ride down an old sugar cane irrigation ditch - Kauai Backcountry Adventures, Hanamaulu (p. 180) - we went on this tour about 3 months after the company opened its doors in Jan. 2003. They fill up fast now, so make reservations in advance, if possible. Totally worth doing! They drive you in a van to a point on Mt. Wai’ale’ale, the wettest spot on Earth, and then guide you down the irrigation ditches in large innertubes. The water is chilly but you don’t get too wet. I am pretty sure that spring suits (short wet suits) are available to rent if you’re worried about the cold water. You must wear Tabis or water socks and they loan you a helmet with a light on it for the dark parts. There are several tunnels on the trip and the longest one is a 1/2 mile! It gets really dark in there. Very neat ride. No rapids, just sort of a gentle float through the middle of Kauai. There is a stop where you can sit at a waterfall and they serve you lunch. Highly recommended! (The book says it's "semi-lame," but I totally disagree! I’ve done it twice and had a blast both times.) 4. Take a boat tour to see dolphins, whales, and other wildlife. Deli lunch is served on board -- I like longer tours better because you will get to snorkel and possibly see the Na Pali coast if you aren’t going during the winter. (From Dec.-March the seas are rough and the tour companies won’t take you to Na Pali because it’s unsafe.) Great views of Niihau (the “Forbidden Island”) and probably the closest to the island most of us will get! 5. Beaches - All of Kauai’s beaches are beautiful and everyone has his or her favorite. Poipu is crowded and has lots of rocks just off shore which makes walking in the water difficult and boogie boarding dangerous. North Shore beaches get pounding surf in the winter months but are gorgeous! East side beaches such as Wailua, Lydgate, and Kealia are great. Wailua doesn’t have much parking and is popular with locals. Lydgate is popular with everyone -- lots of parking and the park across the road even has a huge playground for kids! There are pavilions there and lots of people have barbecues or parties in them. Kealia is a great boogie boarding beach and the waves there are usually bigger and stronger than at Lydgate and Wailua. Polihale is an incredible beach on the far west side of the island. 15 miles long and rather difficult to get to, but you can take a car most of the way in. Locals drive their 4WD vehicles right onto the sand -- they let a little air out of the tires for better traction then pump them back up once they’re back on the pavement. Not too bad a hike from your car if the tire thing is not an option though. There is no shade here and the sand gets ridiculously hot, so be prepared! Best to take a beach umbrella with you if you plan to spend the day (takes a while to get to from just about anywhere on the island) so you won’t get fried. You’re really close to Niihau from this point and the views are fantastic. This is as far up the west side of Kauai you can go without a boat. It feels like you’re on a deserted island -- very beautiful. 6. Waimea Canyon - Mark Twain nicknamed it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Very beautiful canyon on the west side of the island. You can drive right up into it and take various short hikes to scenic view points. Spectactular from a helicopter too! 7. Spouting Horn, Tree Tunnel, drive up waterfalls - All on the east and south shores of the island. Easy to get to and quite pretty. (The waterfalls are named Opaekaa and Wailua.) 8. Glass Beach (p. 115) - Port Allen area. Tons of ocean-smoothed glass bits from a dump (!) that is spectacular to look at. Not sharp -- you can sit or lie right on it as it has all been worn smooth. Very interesting and unlike anything else on the island! Restaurants, etc. 1. Hamura’s Saimin, Lihue (p. 214) - Counter-style seating, very local! Excellent saimin (kind of like Top Ramen but much better) with little goodies inside like Spam chunks, fish cake, etc. (I get mine with just the ham chunks and green onions. Feel free to order it how you want it.) BIG bowls, very inexpensive. 2. Java Kai in Kapaa and Hanalei - Really good locally grown coffee. They make the frou frou drinks too, which I love. Try the blended mocha anu -- it has coconut syrup in it! Mmm... 3. Lappert’s Ice Cream - Hanalei, Coconut Marketplace, Koloa - The BEST locally made ice cream, ever! Beats Tropical Dreams from the Big Island hands down. Lots of fun flavors; my favorites are Kauai Pie and Banana Fudge. Totally decadent and not cheap, but worth every penny! If you like it and think you’ll get more, be sure to get a punch card so you can get a free treat at the end of your trip! 4. Olympic Cafe, Kapaa - eclectic mix of salads, sandwiches, pasta...etc. Upstairs off of the main highway so you can watch the street traffic go by on one side or have a view of the ocean from the other! Open air and very comfortable. 5. Caffe Coco, Kapaa - Cute little outdoor restaurant with counter style ordering. They provide cans of Off to help you battle the mosquitoes and it's well worth it. Good food, inexpensive, great atmosphere outside among plants and flowers. 6. Kauai Pasta, Kapaa and Lihue (p. 213) - Really good pasta dishes! Very small catering co. with some tables inside. Friendly service and delicious food. Everything I’ve tried is wonderful but I especially like their pesto sauce on spaghetti. 7. Tropical Taco, Hanalei - taco place that used to be inside an old VW van! It has moved into a building and the food is great. A little more than you usually spend for tacos, but quite good. Be sure to stop at Kai Kane (local surf shop) in the same complex while you're there. They have great stuff to take home as souvenirs! 8. JJ’s Broiler, Nawiliwili - nice little burger/salad type place on Kalapaki beach. The food is decent but the view is spectacular! Quite pretty. 9. Kalapaki Beach Hut, Nawiliwili - be sure to get a table upstairs so you can take in the view of Kalapaki beach! Great burgers and sides. 10. Tip Top, Lihue - Local type place with a mixture of Japanese, Filipino, and Hawaiian food. Their loco moco is fantastic! (Rice, hamburger patty, gravy, and an egg on top! Filling, delicious, and full of carbs!) 11. Duke’s, Kalapaki Beach - Duke's is part of a chain that has restaurants on Maui and Oahu as well as in California. Very good food -- ono salad bar! -- and relaxed, slightly upscale atmosphere.  12. Tropical Burgers, Poipu - Trust me, this is NOT the same as the one at Coconut Marketplace! I have been to both and the one in Poipu is far superior. Seating is in a plantation style building, all open air. I have only eaten breakfast there, which is fabulous. I highly recommend the crunchy french toast with a side of Portuguese sausage. Make sure to get the coconut syrup and mix it with a little maple...MMM! 13. Kountry Kitchen, Kapaa - Very popular with locals and tourists. Only open until 2 pm (or thereabouts). Great breakfasts, cozy atmosphere with chicken designs everywhere.  14. Keoki's Paradise, Poipu (p. 219) - fun place! They have live music at times and it is almost always crowded, so make a reservation. Neat atmosphere. I got the best steak I've EVER eaten at Keoki's!  15. Roy's, Poipu (p. 222) - Fantastic Pan-Asian food. Roy's is a chain throughout the islands as well as on the mainland and we have loved every one we've been to! It's a bit pricey but totally worth it. This is the only Roy's on the island, so if you're going to Poipu and you want to eat GOOD food, Roy's is the best choice."
Rodney A :
"The black sand beach is very isolated to much work to get there.Rent a jeep when you get there and go up the mountain to see the veiws they are breathtaking and if you go hiking on a trail that is posted in a book be very cautios i did that and got lost for a couple of hours and it was some intence jungle i had to lay on my back and slide down hog trails that is how thick it is i wasnt to lost it was just so dang thick it would take you 20 min to move 20 feet ,Take a machete .Have fun!!!"
Just Me :
"This was similar to what I was going to ask. The answers are very thorough."
piotr :

I'm just thinking: If I have a lot of money. Kauai would be a good place to live? The turists take care of the island? The people are friendly? How crowd Kauai can be? Thanks I almost forgot: The crime levels are low? I want to knows this kind of things too.

jargent100 :
"Big consideration: It's a SMALL island. While it's beautiful, low crime rate, etc., you risk getting "island fever" pretty quickly. Even someplace that beautiful can become pretty stifling when it's tough to get out of there. I've had a few friends in Oahu go kinda crazy from it."
dad of four :

I am thinking of taking my family (4 kids) to Kauai April 2008. Where is a good and reasonable place to stay for a week? I don't have thousands to spend on a room, would rather spend on things to do (ideas wanted here too!) A pool is a must, and close to beach but does not have to be on a beach. Also, do I need to rent a car the entire time?

GoVisitHawaii.com :
"The Hilton Kauai Beach Resort has a special kids discovery deal going on, which actually looks like a pretty good deal. I'll link an article about it below. They have a free shuttle to and from the airport, so you actually wouldn't need to get a rental car for the whole time. But I would definitely consider getting a rental car for at least a day or two to drive from the end of the road on the north side all the way around to the Wiamea Canyon (grand canyon of the Pacific) on the south side...and stopping along the way to see the sites, waterfalls, beaches, etc. Alternatively, you might want to consider a condo. Many condo communities have great pools. I'll link another article below about the pluses of renting a condo. The best guide book that is well worth the money is: As for activities.... ziplining tubing hiking (free!) snuba fern grotto Enjoy your family vacation to Kauai"
sugarBear :
"My husband and i just came back from a relaxing vacation in Kauai :) We stayed at the ResortQuest Islander on the Beach. While staying there, I noticed that next door they have a Best Western & yes it is indeed right on the beach! was right next door to us, I was surprised. I think they charge $189 per night & that's probably one of the cheapest on the island for beach front & great for your kids. I would recommend the hotel we stayed at, but it's not kid friendly & you got 4 kids, plus the Customer Service of the staff wasn't that great. Your better off checking out Best Western, it's in a GREAT LOCATION in Ka'paa, right behind Coconut Marketplace. Take your kids to breakfast at The Eggberts at Coconut Marketplace. They have large portions & the most delicious fluffiest banana pancakes on the island. I love Kauai! so beautiful, much more of an island vibe, great choice if you like quiet, not too crowded of people vacations :) Here's the link: And, about renting a car the entire time, it would be a good idea b/c you want to drive your family around the island (which is indeed beautiful), you will be able to go site seeing, snorkel up at North Shore, stop by different places to eat, etc. I would recommend you put together a package & get it from PRICELINE.COM, it's cheaper & a better deal. Get the book called "KAUAI REVEALED", it will give you all kinds of good tips. GOOD LUCK! and have a fantastic time! Aloha!"
taraloha :
"The east side of the island is probably the least expensive part of the island to stay on. There are the Kauai Beach Hilton, the Waipouli Resort, the Marriott at Kalapaki Beach, and the Aloha Beach Resort as well as a bunch of condos. With kids, I think a condo is your best bet. I rode my bike past the Coral Reef Resort today and it looks pretty nice! Recently remodeled, nice little pool with a cool rock waterfall, and right next to a beach! Of course, there are lots of other condos and places to stay as well. Check out Kauai Backcountry Adventures for activities. The zipline tour and the innertube ride down an old sugar cane irrigation ditch are super fun! (I think people have to be 15 to do the zipline.) You can boogie board at Poipu Beach and there is a nice playground there for younger children. There is also a pond for little kids where Hawaiian Monk Seals sometimes take a break! Pretty cool."


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With a little bit of paperwork and planning, pets headed for Kaua‘i can bypass Honolulu’s quarantine station and arrive directly at the Lihu‘e Airport. The Kaua‘i Humane Society has teamed up with Hawai‘i State Animal Quarantine to welcome pets directly to the island, performing the necessary health inspections to ensure that

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yikes! Major rain and flooding.

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Hawaii Luxury Vacation Specials to Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, Halekulani. Call 1-800-330-8820 to book your vacation.

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Sales at a luxury condominium project on Kauai will be suspended and more than $1 million in deposits refunded to buyers because the developer is waiting for a building permit that was applied for nearly two years ago.The Royal Palms at Poipu Beach next month will stop sales and refund deposits of 10

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